Filipok boots

Filipok boots

Felt boots – This is one of those unique items of shoes, which fashion literally gave the second life. Today, the boots are modern, beautiful, comfortable shoes, which is started to wear at the most gentle age. Moreover, beautiful fashionable felt boots can be found in the wardrobe any adult fashionista. Today, the manufacturers of shoes can be found in the manufacturers of shoes, offering boots collection. Our article will talk about the company “Filipok”.


What is the secret of the popularity of Valenok “Filipok”? It is practical, beautiful, comfortable and warm shoes. And what else you need in winter?

Filipian boots are designed for the most severe Russian frosts. Purchasing this shoes, moms and dads can be firmly confident that the legs of children will always stay warm. In the manufacture of shoes, exceptionally natural materials are used, so even with a long walk completely excluded the “greenhouse” effect. Legs will not freeze and do not stand up.

When sewing boots used natural felt and sheep wool. The cast sole is created from polyurethane by Anti-Slip system, preventing prompting and falling on ice. For the purpose of additional comfort and practicality, the front of the rovenka is equipped with a leather insert. It will keep the leg from the blotch, and the boots itself – from premature abrasion and wear. In addition, the leather thoughts gives the model additional attractiveness.

Another advantage of Wovenok is their full compliance with the recommendations of orthopedic and pediatricians. After all, competently selected shoes serves as a key to proper fitting. And this is very important when it comes to a growing children’s body.

Shoes should be comfortable. Especially winter, when the boots are put on warm tights and socks, here every detail should be thought out to the smallest detail.

Comfortable shoe – One of the undoubted advantages of Filipian woven. High rise of the flange and wide tops allow you to wear this shoes without any problems with a wide leg. Woolen insole Thick 3.5 mm will help keep heat inside boots even at the lowest air temperature. Some models for additional insulation have a sheepskin lining.

Children, especially small, it happens very difficult to cope with a complicated clasp. Curved zipper allows you to fasten the boots easily and quickly.

Valenki have an average height, so perfectly combined with different clothes: tights, rates, warm pants, overalls, and t.D.

With traditional Russian shoes, modern boots retained similarity, perhaps, only mostly material and title. Externally, today’s boots resemble, rather beautiful, stylish boots. In many respects, thanks to interesting variants of decor, bright colors, original models and T.D.

The brand “Filipok” offers the richest choice of various models for girls and boys of different ages. Felt boots are designed for different weather conditions. For regions with warm winter, quite thin felt felt boats. In areas with severe winters, do not do without insulated models with genuine sheepskin inside and trimmed with rich fur edge outside.

As for decorative design, his diversity allows you to easily choose a beautiful model for every taste. Valenki for kids most often decorated with snowflakes, christmas trees, ships, cars, toys, flower and funny animals.

For older children, boots are decorated with leather straps, inserts from other materials, beautiful embroidery, floral ornament and T.D.

In addition to appliqués and embroidery, boots are often decorated with fur pomp, bows, lacing, contrasting fur, metal decorations, and t.D.

Color gamut boots is also quite diverse. Practical, restrained colors are published: Gray, beige, dark blue, black. There are also brighter, saturated colors: brushing, pink, orange.

How to choose?

Buying boots for the first time, it is best to know in advance how the shoes should be selected exactly in size.

  1. Boots should easily wear and shoot.
  2. When walking boots should not fall from the legs.
  3. In the lumen between the heel of the child and the back wall of the felt, the finger of an adult should freely fit.
  4. When walking, your fingers should touch the front of the felt.

Incorrectly selected shoes (too close or too free) not only interferes with the child when walking and delivers discomfort, but also causes violations in the formation and development of foot.

To determine the correct size is necessary on a sheet of paper to circle a feet of a child. Then it is necessary to add 1 to the result.2 cm (“on the grow” and a stock for warm sock). Then this figure compare with dimensional grid and select the nearest size.

It is dangerous to do too big reserve “on the grow”. Flood-free foot in the boots is not fixed, and this can lead to injury when walking or running. The child has to constantly raise the fingers to keep the boots on the leg. This leads to the constant stress of the foot, the child is tired, and the walk does not give any positive emotions, except fatigue and irritation.

Too close shoes leads to permanent pain, breach of gait, posture. Moreover, narrow felt boots are transmitted to leg vessels, so it seems that the shoes are too cold and legs in it constantly freeze.

size table

Shoe size

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The dimensional mesh is useful to those who first acquire the Filipian boots. However, it should be noted that sometimes the length of the insole in the boots of different models can be slightly different. In any case, it is always necessary to fit.

How to care?

Filipok boots quite practical and do not require complex care, but the careful attitude towards them will help preserve their appearance for a long time.

After walking boots, it is enough to clean the dry closer or rub a slightly damp sponge if there are pollution.

Cleaning agent for carpets will help to get rid of severe pollution. It must first dilute, and then apply to pollution and thoroughly rub it. Then boots should be cleaned and dried.

For cleaning white felt boots, the usual semolina cereal is suitable, which can be labeled in shoes, and then shake the remnants of the manouses from the felt.

Valenki can not be dried on central heating batteries or heater. They dry well in room temperature.

To booties, as long as possible persisted in good condition, you should never wear not fully dealt shoes for a walk.

Before storing, the boots should be treated with a tool against moths, put in a box or package and remove into a dark dry place. So that the boots do not lose their shape can be fill with old newspapers.

Filipian boots – an excellent alternative to expensive winter shoes from foreign manufacturers, who in recent years literally flooded the Russian market. Beautiful, stylish felt models do not give way outwardly and in their characteristics expensive boots. And they cost much cheaper.

About the popularity of Filipian woven, numerous customer reviews posted on social networks or shoe providers sites.

First of all, buyers note the exact fit of the shoe dimensional grid. Although at first glance it may seem that the shoes are vital, in fact, it is not. The leg in a thick weaver is free enough in the boots and securely fixed in it. The child is comfortable, shoes do not fly.

A wide dimensional and model range allows you to purchase Filipian boots, starting from the smallest age of a child, which only begins to make the first chambers. Fucks comfortable, easy to fastens, sole durable, thick, not sliding.

Some models are additionally insulated with a fur layer. Such boots are perfectly suitable for the coldest winter days.

Undoubted advantage of boots, which celebrate buyers, is a very affordable price. Thanks to more than a democratic cost, you can buy several different models of boots at different temperatures or for different sets of clothing without prejudice to the family budget.

Among other advantages, there are hard heels, a wide, comfortable thoughts, a fairly wide top of the top, beautiful and variety of decorative decorations and T.D.

Review and reviews – in video.

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