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About brand

The brand “Kotofey” is engaged in the release of children’s shoes since the early 1990s. Since 1996, the Egorievsky factory has been working in collaboration with the Italian company IGI. High-quality materials of the foreign supplier and the introduction of new technologies helped the manufacturer to reach a high level. The increased demand for the products of the domestic producer allowed the factory to abandon the minor orders of other companies and make an exclusively to its line.

Thanks to the successful work of the enterprise in 2001, the company’s logo appeared and the trademark “Kotofey” was registered, which belonged to JSC “Egoryevsk shoes”.

Features and advantages of children’s shoes “Kotofey”

The joint development of a children’s assortment is held with the Department of Technology of Leather Products Maudt. Scientific studies have allowed us to study the peculiarities of the growing leg and formed the basis of the release of the right, “healthy” shoes.

The Russian trademark is one of the few in its segment, releasing prophylactic shoes. Line of children’s shoes are made taking into account the recommendations of orthopedic doctors. The main purpose of this shoe involves the prophylactic function of pathologies with the correct statement of the foot.

The entire range of shoes is certified and implemented in strict compliance with the requirements of Russian guests.

Comfortable shoe, designed to meet the recommendations of scientists, ensures reliable fixation of the foot. The process of assembling products is under the rigorous attention of technologists.

Before running the model into mass production, it is subject to thorough check. Materials involved in the creation of a design, possess depreciation and hygienic properties. Inside the shoes, a healthy microclimate is formed, and the children’s foot can breathe in it.

Quality components of the children’s assortment provide resistance to abrasion about the cloudy surfaces. Thanks to good levels of resistance to moisture and cold, children’s shoes Kotofey does not crack in the cold.

Mark releases shoes taking into account the characteristics of the growing leg. Wide pad with high lifting simplifies the choice of shoes for children. This is especially important for the first steps when the kid just meets shoes.

The Russian brand produces products that meets high quality standards. Products are pleasant to the appearance and good practical characteristics. In recent years, the company has significantly expanded the boundaries of its range.

Assortment of manufacturer

Domestic brand releases a wide range of children’s shoes for different ages. Annually, the company offers more than a thousand new models, of which about half make new. The rules are represented by a variety of options, starting with couples for kids who master their first steps.

The range includes different textile and interchangeable models, summer shoes, shoes, autumn half-boots, sneakers for outdoor activities, rubber boots and options with membrane. Complete collection of children’s shoes Warm winter boots. The membrane shoes of the Russian brand differs not only convenience, but also a stylish designer idea.

How to determine the size of children’s shoes?

Tradingmark advises to measure the children’s leg every time before buying. This is due to the fact that the leg of the child grows very quickly.

To accurately determine the size, it is necessary to disseminate the paper sheet on the solid surface. Then ask the baby to get up onto the leaf and gently outline both feet with a pencil. In this case, the pencil should keep strictly vertically to measure the measurement as accurate as possible. The distance between the feet of the legs should be at least 10 cm.

The maximum length of the foot will correspond to the size of the child. Next, it is transferred to centimeters and rounded to the nearest size in the right side. After you can use a table of sizes.

Size chart

Most of the reviews marks matching the dimensions of the declared parameters. In the development of the range, the company takes into account the difference between the foot length and the insole. Products are divided into different seasons, so it should take into account the difference between summer and winter shoes.

Using the dimensional grid, after selecting the required size in the table, you should choose shoes with a margin from 0.5 cm – 1cm. Storage of the foot allows you to choose shoes on a wide leg, even with a warm toe.

In the column “Size Metric” you can see the length of the foot on which one or another is calculated. Count “Length of insoles” will show the actual length of the insoles, to which 0.5 cm should be added.

Orthopedic doctors do not recommend making a reserve more than 1 cm, as the purchase of shoes “on the increase” can negatively affect the correct statement of the foot.

Shoes “Kotofey” for a girl

Russian developer shoes will allow a small lady to look in any situation stylish and comfortable. Imitating mom, child seeks to beautiful. The choice of beautiful and comfortable shoes will help in the future to form a relationship to style. Therefore, it is extremely important to approach the choice of a couple for a girl not only from the practical side, but also with aesthetic.

Footwear for girls from the Russian manufacturer includes booties, models for the first steps, shoes for kindergartens, school and sports, as well as beach options. Designer decoration makes shoes with an orthopedic bias of stylish and attractive. Decorative elements in the form of leather inserts, colors give children’s shoes unique and colorful. The elegant couple will delight the baby and gives her a positive mood.

Every season makes your paints in creating a new collection. Due to the wide range of small fashion models, the models reflect current moods.

  • The line for the smallest presents the attention of the buyer model by ankle. Use in the assembly of lipuchku helps to teach a child to independently putting on and removing the shoes. Materials used in the development of collections are environmentally friendly. This eliminates the possibility of the development of allergic reactions. The reinforced heel reliably fixes the foot in the right position.

Booties for small crumbs are offered in a light and warm version. Summer versions for infant age are suitable for a walk in the stroller. Winter booties on the fur will be the first warm kid boots.

The line of textile shoes is perfect for not only for first walks with its legs, but also for stays in the room. Without delivering discomfort, these models do not constrain the movements of kids. Thanks to the special properties of the sole, the textile shoes do not slide on the smooth surface and leaves no traces on the floor.

  • Yaseous options play bright and cheerful children’s colors. White, Pink, Red, Print, Blue and Many Others Decorate Shoes Little Lady. Velcro clasp allows you to choose a model for any completeness of the legs. The sole of thermoelastan provides lightness, and soft cuffs create comfort and do not rub the legs. The weight of the shoes will not tire children’s legs and will allow comfortable operation.

School shoes have a concise form, more practical shades and are perfectly combined with a school form. Thanks to strengthening sock and backs, shoes have elevated wear-resistance. A distinctive feature of the heel is its strength and resistance to deformation. Properties of the soles provide leg protection from injury when walking.

Provided fasteners regulate foot coverage fullness. Strap with Velkro, make it easy to shoot and wear a couple and securely fix the leg. Flexible anatomical sole accurately repeats the bends of the foot of the foot. The molding method of fastening the sole makes it as strong as possible.

Natural leather insole dubbed with a special foamed material with hygroscopic and air-permeable properties.

Wearing part can have through holes, which provides an additional air flow and support for a favorable microclimate inside.

  • Summer options with anatomical soles contribute to the prevention of flatfoot, the correct position of the foot. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the formation of the spine. In the summer they can be a wonderful pleasure option, and in winter – practical and beautiful shift shoes in the garden and school.

  • Sports collections are characterized by good clutch. The use of innovative technologies provides maximum safety when load. Lacing reliably fix foot.
  • Demi-season and winter options are insulated with soft material that maintains heat.

Reviews about Children’s shoes “Kotofey”

The Russian manufacturer receives a lot of positive responses that make the range of brands in demand and desired in the children’s wardrobe.

Buyer notes the quality of models, strength and practicality. The variety of the proposed range allows you to choose a footwear in a harmonious combination with wardrobe items. Reliability and anti-slip indicators, supinator and orthopedic properties have become the main criteria for which parents choose good shoes for their children.

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