Knitted dresses for girls

Knitted dresses for girls

Dress is a purely maiden clothing, so in it even baby will feel a real lady. And this quality is undoubtedly useful for her later life.

The range of children’s knitted dresses is not inferior to adult with its wealth and diversity. However, the choice of the outfit should be approached very responsibly, pay attention to the style, tissue density and its composition.


  1. In a knitted dress comfortable, because it is a comfortable and elastic material.
  2. It is practical, it can be running and frolic in it, not afraid to remember, break or stain, because after washing and ironing traces from “adventures” the crumbs will not remain.
  3. If the dress is sewn from natural fabrics with a small admixture of synthetics, it will allow him to stretch slightly, but the skin of your daughter will breathe in it and synthetics will not cause allergies.
  4. Dress is beautiful, especially if you choose a successful model that will hide the flaws of the figure.
  5. Knitwear is appropriate for any weather. Cotton dress is suitable for summer, and in the cold season, a wool outfit will be appropriate.
  6. Dress from knitwear – perfect choice for a hike in kindergarten. With that, if there will be several models in the wardrobe, then you can easily pick up the outfit every day, for a holiday or matinee.



The girl who has not left the kindergarten’s age is perfectly suitable for a short dress for the summer, because it is probably an active-looking amateur.

For every day a simple, practical and comfortable dress, which must be complemented by a bright print. For children, the favorite characters from cartoons and books are very important, so do not deny the baby in pleasure.

Also there will be no extra pockets on the dress, in them you can put your daughter a pack of napkins and children’s lip balm. Well, it will already complement the contents of different things.


In winter, you definitely need dresses or long sleeves. If the kindergarten is very hot, you can bring a daughter in a warm overalls and disguise into a cotton knitted dress with a funny print.

Also pay attention to the warm dress sarafan, which can be worn with a shirt or sweater. It is very convenient, because the sweater can be changed every day, and the sundress will be the same.

Be sure to pick a dress in size so that the girl was comfortable and comfortable in it.


Dresses for school must be more restrained and elegant. Externally, they may well resemble adult outfits.

Well look at models like long and short sleeves. Here, too, the version of the Sarafan dresses is perfectly working, which can be put on school blouse, and on top to sketch a strict jacket.

If your school is not necessarily wearing the form, you can give preference to a tunic dress or a dresser. Conveniently, because the autumn can be worn with leggings, and when it becomes very cold, wear with pants.

On every day

The optimal version for every day is a knitted sundress. This is a comfortable and beautiful clothing that is absolutely universal.

Where to go in such a sarafan? Anywhere! Yes, it is suitable for walking, for a trip to the grandfather with a grandmother, for kindergarten.

For every day fit and tunic dresses, and slaughtered silhouettes. They can all be with bright expressive prints that will differ from each other. For example, always relevant polka dot, strip and floral pattern.

The more daily daily dresses, the better. After all, even babes love to dress up in front of the mirror, so you can deliver a lot of pleasant moments, buying many beautiful outfits.


About festive dresses are worth talking separately. Do not necessarily buy a dress-cake to nicely dress baby.

It is much better to buy a knitted dress made of a pleasant to the body of a fabric with a fitting bodice, a lush or skidded skirt and a beautiful finish in the form of embroidery, appliqués, rushes and bows.

But it is always better to stay at a minimum than to overdo it. After all, an extra inappropriate bowl or too voluminous flower can spoil all the impression. This may be at first glance a simple dress that has its own highlight, for example, an unusual type of mating or an interesting color gamut type “Ambre”.

As you can see, a knitted dress is the perfect outfit for a girl of any age. In the summer it is easy and comfortable, in winter – warm and cozy. You can choose the models for every day and for special cases. Instill a good taste from childhood, and then she will grow up a real fashionista who can dress stylish!

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