Knitted scarf for girls

Knitted scarf for girls

Knitted scarf is an integral attribute of autumn and winter children’s clothing. It helps to keep warm, protecting the child from the cold. Today, the scarf has become not only the subject of wardrobe, but also acquired aesthetic orientation. Now this is a fashionable accessory that complements the children’s image. Without changing its functionality, it becomes decoration and gives the uniqueness and originality to children’s style.

Today, children’s scarfs not only give comfort and warmly, they please and endow small fashionistas positive mood. Each girl dreams of beautiful things made with mother’s care and love.

Knitted scarf for a girl acquires a decorative direction. Some models are created from yarn, others from thin knitted materials with bright and colorful colors. What options are the most relevant today?


The smallest fashionistam is offered scarf. It is easy to perform, easily dresses, and sufficiently warms not only the neck, but also the back, and the chest of the kids. Designer design of such an accessory is performed in the form of knitted decorative elements or applications.

No less popular in small fashion fans Original scarf-bow. Constructively, it is a scarf having one of the ends of the loop in which the free end. Such a crossing forms a view of a bow. Often, this model is performed from various materials in bright contrasting color combinations. Scarf-bow well warms the neck and breast due to crossed ends, protecting kids from wind and hypothermia.

A new kind of rapidly gaining popularity in a children’s fashion can be called a scarf-shed. It is warm enough and comfortable. Often performed from yarn implying a large volume. Knitted elements are striking with their beauty and diversity. The size of such a model can be both minimal and large. It all depends on the age of the girl and the necessary degree of convenience. Often it makes up an ensemble with a hat made of the same material.

More elder girls, and teenagers, a variety of models are proposed close to adult templates, emphasizing the special status and individuality of the image. The main emphasis on which the fashion designers pay attention is the correct combination of the ensemble: the scarf’s color solution must elaborate with shades of clothing elements. It is necessary to correctly and harmoniously emphasize the expressiveness and uniqueness of Luke.

Colors and prints

Today in teenage fashion is relevant volumetric models with an ornament (cell or strip). These can be wide long scarves, versions of bulk yarn. Lighter options are presented from silk and chiffon.

Collectible novelties are decorated with a cheerful and cheerful, colorful color palette, jacquard patterns, harnesses, brushes and pomposi around the edges. Among the huge designer solution there are models with hoods, versions in the form of animals and even toys.

How To Wear Decorative Scarves for Girls?

The main rule can be called comfort, so the scarf should not deliver inconvenience. Each scarf model implies its features. Toddler options should be under the upper clothes. Snulls can be used as an accessory over the jacket. Method of tying for kids choose parents, based primarily from the direct appointment of this element. It must be warm, comfort and comfort.

More “adults” models provide a wide range of ensemble. It can be winding around the neck, as well as options with throwing on the shoulders, wrapping the head. It all depends on preferences and mood.

Successful steps entering the world of fashion, a knitted scarf for a girl becomes one of the first accessories attracting children’s attention to the beautiful. How to decorate and emphasize your style, young fashionista decide on their own, sometimes giving this accessory new forms and color combinations with wardrobe objects.

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