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Assortment of brand

Children’s shoes of the Zebra brand exists in the market since 2004 and presents high-quality models made of environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Products of this company give consumers a wide selection of various children’s shoes for any time of the year and any weather conditions. High quality at affordable prices and thoughtful design allowed the trademark to win excellent reputation and popularity in the market of modern children’s shoes.

Footwear For children, Zebra has the main characteristics necessary for small fashionists: beauty, convenience, safety and ease.

For boys

Comfortable and light sandals made of genuine leather and nubuck for boys are made in an attractive color scheme with a fashionable decorative trim and a contrasting stitch.

Soft and comfortable insoles with perforation allow the skin of the legs to breathe even with a long sock of sandals on a hot day.

Durable backdrop, fixing the foot in the correct position and the soft upper part of the sandals, ensure reliable fit to the children’s foot and allow you to avoid rubbing and unpleasant sensations in the sock.

The sole is made of high-quality polymeric materials, providing sufficient softness and flexibility, as well as excellent depreciation qualities when walking or running.

Wear-resistant and incredibly comfortable shoes for small mods from the Zebra brand are produced in the following colors:

  • Blue and gray color, perfectly combined with denim costumes and overalls+
  • Beige, who will look perfectly with light shorts of similar colors+
  • Classic black color for monophonic summer outfits+
  • Strict brown, combined with breeches and shirts of beige color or khaki+
  • Bright Salad, Saturated Color Clothes.

For girls

Little fashionists come delighted with flirty models of summer Sandals of Zebra, as they are not only beautiful and charming look, but also incredibly comfortable when sock.

Decoration of various details of genuine leather and metallized inserts will not leave indifferent any little fashionista.

Children’s models Sandals for girls from Zebra are presented in the following colors:

  • Models of saturated and gentle pink color supplemented with white inserts, perfectly suitable for light summer dresses and pastel colors sundresses+
  • White sandals with blue thin line lines, combined with jeans and shorts, complemented by monophonic or multi-colored T-shirts+
  • Fuchsia color sandals, decorated with leather flowers on top and suitable for bright and saturated T-shirts and bridges+
  • Models of poisonous yellow color in combination with white.

Models of summer lung sandals for girls “Zebra” boast not only a large selection of colors, but also high quality, which allows you to walk and play with hot summer days without feelings of fatigue or the occurrence of corns and unpleasant odors.

The first steps

When choosing sandals for the smallest fashion and fashionistas worth paying attention to how shoes are sitting on a nursery leg: it should not be too loose or too close.

It is better to choose Sandal models that have a thin and very flexible sole.

The upper part should be as soft as possible and high-quality, while the backstone, on the contrary, should be tight enough and reliable for the perfect fixation of the children’s leg.

For kids it is worth choosing sandals with a supinator that provides comfortable and safe landing of the legs, which is very important for the growing foot and spine.

Opinions of buyers

Based on numerous customer reviews on various sites, you can allocate the following advantages and disadvantages of summer sandals of Zebra:

  • affordable price+
  • Comfortable clashes and velcro, suitable even for chubby children’s legs+
  • Easy to fastened+

  • Attractive design+
  • Breathable surface of Stelek+
  • orthopedic supinator+
  • Light and softness+
  • Excellent wear-resistant sole+

  • Easy wash+
  • Reliable fixation of a children’s leg+
  • do not rub the corns even with long-term sock+
  • It is difficult to choose the desired size, since Zebra has its own dimensional grid+

  • Hard sole does not suit the kids who learn to walk+
  • It’s hard to clean the sole with the protector+
  • low rise, seeming many not convenient.
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