Shoes for Girl Pablosky

Shoes for Girl Pablosky

About brand

PABLOSKY is the leader in the shoe industry market in the production environment for children and adolescents. The success of the trademark is due to their incentive demand and feature of the age category. Mark was created by Juan Pablo Martin-Caro in 1969.

A distinctive feature of the brand is the development and manufacture of shoes for children. Such an approach allows us to focus on the characteristics of the structure and growth of the children’s leg. Family business of the company for 50 years already happy children with high-quality and stylish products performed taking into account fashion trends. The manufacturer is proud to produce children’s shoes. The entire range is sewn in Spain.

The study of the peculiarities of the children’s leg was helped to accumulate the knowledge base, which was based on the development of models with an orthopedic slope.

Features and differences of company models

  • The range of the company is made taking into account the prevention of children’s flatfoot. Accounting for the opinions of orthopedic doctors is made in each pair.
  • These products contribute to fastening the foot in the right position.
  • The reinforced heel securely fixes the leg, excluding the side slide. Its density does not allow strain, and anatomical insole has hygienic properties.

  • The use of natural materials of the top and the inner part contribute to the formation of a favorable microclimate, allowing children to “breathe”. Good air exchange excludes sweat and unpleasant odor.
  • The use of a special patented PABLOSKY technology allows you to achieve the maximum result providing leg protection from injury.
  • All materials involved in the assembly are tight control and meet high quality standards. The coma of that, they possess antibacterial and absorbent properties, given the increased activity of children.

The laboratory of the enterprise is engaged in the development of unique patterns that provide maximum convenience and comfort during operation.

Every year the range of children’s innovations is replenished with models corresponding to current fashion moods.

Purchasing beautiful stamps shoes, parents can be sure that this product reliably protects children’s legs and helps them develop correctly. It is important when the posture is forming.

Brand products are widely known in more than 40 countries around the world.

Assortment of models for girls

Any presented model is done in such a way that the girl can move freely in it, run and jump. In this case, the pair does not run legs and will not be crushed, thanks to the reinforced ass and convenience of the pads.

A wide range of models from 20 to 38 size allows you to choose a pair to different age from very small ladies and to teenagers. A large spectrum of lines allows you to choose the model you like, picking up its color from several options. A variety of dimensional series will make the choice comfortable and easy, which is important when buying shoes for very little girls.

Orthopedic slope of models in the lines can be performed not only with the help of a supinator and a reinforced heel. Sometimes the height of the heel itself varies.

Models for kids often resemble the style of princesses: all shades of favorite Barbie colors were embodied in brand line for small crumbs.

Summer pairs of leather differ not only by a variety of light paints, but also an extraordinary texture of the material, as well as a variety of print colors (floral and animalistic). Beautiful white, pink, cream, powdered shades are often replaced by silver or gold, emphasizing the nobility of little lady and princess status.

Separate attention is worthy of steam patterns combined with monophonic inserts on the sock and straps.

Smooth crossed strip, perforation, starfish, circles, geometric prints, butterflies, flowers and hearts – shoes are replete with designer diversity. Such a reception masterfully decorates pairs, and decorated elements in the form of bows, metal fittings, hearts, multilayer leather flowers and compositions become concluding emphasis shoes.

Open caramel collection sandals with wide coffee-colored soles will be a harmonious choice for a summer ensemble.

Beige leather insole with supinator adjusts the features of the foot, and the durable straps with velcro adjust the volume and fix the leg in the correct position.

Model in coral or white decorated with a logo located on the belt over the velcro. The decorative connection of the straps in the form of a thread of hearts, ending the drop, will allow pairs to be combined not only with an elegant dress, but also a dynamic rhythm of sports style.

Classic colors will delight girls older. These collections represent models that are perfectly suitable as school shoes.

Options for schoolgirls are presented in black, brown and blue color. Some options are offered in burgundy tones specifically under a similar form.

Thanks to the anti-slip sole, freedom of movements is unlimited. The sole relief will provide the maximum clutch with the surface, and the straps will be able to adjust the foot by volume. Velcro on shoes make models comfortable, allowing you to quickly remove and wear a couple and re-overflow after physical education lessons.

Such shoes will decorate any set of school uniform, whether it is a trouser costume, a sundress, a dress or a jacket with a jacket. Different texture of material in a special way will complement the style, giving him solemnity.

Beautiful black boats from a combination of lacquer and sparkling leather will make an elegant of any form of schoolgirl.

Varnish inserts on the back and sock, deadlocks, not only shadow the noble glitter of the model, but add the strength to shoes. Little knotted leather lace bantum and logo in the side of the logo will become the final strokes of the couple. Black soles will be the most practical, Saving a presentable and neat appearance for a long time.

Couples Color Bronze with Python Skin Print perfectly suitable for compiling a set of shape having beige or brown tones. The brilliant base of the shoes has a matte edging along the boat and the matte color of the sole.

Beautifully look at the children’s leg of a boat with a small wide heel of 1.5 cm.

They are very stable, and the wide block perfectly repeats the shape of the foot. The novelty of the season has a curly slice of the tongue, and the decorative brushes on the front will add an imperious style. This model emphasizes the individuality of the child and its uniqueness. The inner part, made in bronze colors, give the model nobility.

Some shoes have perforations on the sides. It provides additional air for the legs. Bows in the form of butterflies with rhinestones will fall asleep every young representative of the beautiful floor.

Such an accent gently emphasizes perforated skin texture. Flower motif remains a favorite theme of small fashionistas.

Often, shoes are decorated with a pattern laid out of the smallest metal elements. Such a pattern dilutes dark practical tones.

No girl will remain indifferent at the sight of Linek brand. The correct setting of the legs, the presence of an elastic subterval cushion and mysteries for the protection of children’s fingers from the blows make products of the company priority in the choice of high-quality shoes for children.

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