Shoes for girls for school

Shoes for girls for school

How to choose?

When choosing shoes it is worth paying attention to the following criteria:

  • the size. It is best to purchase shoes on a centimeter more, because the leg in the child grows quickly, and in too much shoes, the girl will walk uncomfortable+
  • width. Shoes should not harm or crush. If this happens, then the acquisition of this pair of shoes is better to refuse+
  • Availability of ventilated insoles+

  • refusal of artificial leather+
  • Elasticity soles. The sole should be well stuffed, but not to be too thin+
  • High-quality clasp. The child constantly have to wear and remove shoes, so it is necessary that the shoes do not bring the girl any problems when fastening+

  • heel. For girls it is very important that the load on the foot was uniform. Therefore, you need to acquire shoes with a small platform heel. So, for girls 8-10 years old, shoes with a heel 2-2.5 cm are suitable, for 10-12 years – heels up to 4 cm, from 14 years – 5-6 cm+
  • weight. Shoes should be light+
  • sole. Shoes must have a non-slip sole to prevent the injury of children on change+
  • Exterior design. Shoes should like the girl and at the same time have the appropriate style.

Bugs when buying

Not always parents choose shoes for girls for school. Next errors should be avoided:

  • Narrow socks. Such shoes will deform the fingers in connection with the squeezing of the foot and, as a result, – the growth of “bones”+
  • high heel. By purchasing this type of shoes for a teenager schoolgirl, parents guarantee a spoiled posture to her child, which will cause back pain+

  • Heavy models. Such shoes will rub corns, which will lead to the rapid fatigue of the student+
  • Shoes without a fastener for primary classes. This approach can lead to the fact that during changes, shoes can fly from the legs of a little fashionable, and, in the end, it will be injured. So better to buy shoes with clasp.


School fashionmented it has long been time to adopt those rules that treats them the educational process and the moral mood of parents. Casual school clothes should not only like a schoolgirl, but also differ practicality, security and respond to all hygiene requirements. Especially trembling girls belong to their shoes, which over time become a highlight of everyday use and do not always correspond to school appearance.

Consider a number of models of children’s shoes, which have gained incredible popularity among the younger generation and thereby earned respect not only from parents, but also from teachers.

So, among the huge number of shoes for girls, the following types of school shoes are distinguished:

  • Losphere+
  • Mary Jane+
  • Kedy, Snickers+

  • Slipons+
  • Moccasins+
  • Topsiders+

  • ballet shoes+
  • platform shoes+
  • Oxforda.


This model has become especially popular in 2016. It is a closed shoes with the “tongue” at a low heel, and the finishing material using tassels and fringe will complement any image of conciseness.

Shades of black and brown leafers are recommended for the school toilet.

Mary Jane

The model series is distinguished by a rounded sock, a pleasant strap on the rise and a small heel that gives the stability model.

Mary Jane models are made mainly of leather and suede, and can also be combined from these materials, which will very elegantly harmonize with strict school outfit.

Footwear is good in combination with sundress or dress, as well as shortened pants.

Color shades for school fashionnits recommended the following: black, white and brown. However, you should not forget about the color of the school dress: perhaps interesting will be the options for shoes of gray, dark blue or burgundy.

The advantages of this model range:

  • Many designer solution options+
  • classic style+
  • Foot fixation+
  • convenience.

We also note that Mary Jane wear not only the girls of 8-12 years old, but also adult fashionable, for which maintenance of business style is a highlight of everyday life.

Kedy, Snickers

Such shoes attracts little fashionista exclusively with its impact and practicality. After all, there is nothing better light and energetic shoes.

However, these models are suitable only for physical education activities, since the sports style in school use is practically not welcome.


This range has become popular due to its simplicity and grace. The design of the slips is made in a classic style and is a shoes on a thick sole with rounded nose.

The material of the shoe is varied: manufacturers produce slips from both leather and suede and textiles.

Trend directions are combinations of this model with trousers, sundresses, dresses and even with skirts. Especially winning the shoes of dark shades: black, gray and brown.


Features of this type of school shoes:

  • convenience+
  • Soft sole of rubber+
  • leather or textile top+
  • Semi-chain decor on the front of the shoes+
  • A variety of color color.

We are usually given by this model of shoes in combination with skirts, sundresses and pants. Thanks to various colors, moccasins can be selected under the color of clothes or backpack – this approach will look very impressive.


Features of this model range:

  • Sports shoes resembles moccasins and sneakers, however, due to their individuality has a number of differences+
  • Uniqueness of the structure of the sole. Due to the peculiarities of the lower part of the shoes, its clutch with a wet surface occurs+

  • wearing on bare leg (children to avoid skin problems, you can wear thin socks or golfs)+
  • Uniqueness of lacing. The fact is that the shoelaces in this shoe serve the decorative component. However, if it is wrong to tie them, then the foot will not be under reliable fixation.

Classic colors are considered brown, white and blue. However, thanks to the expansion of the model range today, the shoes received a second life, and now it has many diverse shades.

You can wear topsiders with shortened pants, sundresses, sports jackets and even with vests.

Ballet shoes

This modification of the shoes is distinguished by a flat sole, which is not very convenient from the point of view of a healthy lifestyle, since the load on the foot is distributed in this case incorrectly. They can be worn, of course, it is possible, but in no way abuse.

Ballet shoes are produced with both rounded nose and sharp. Both modifications are very popular among girls. Material – Suede, Textiles, Matte or Laccus.

When choosing a color, there should be no problems. Strict black or glamorous beige tones will fully fit into the overall picture of school rules.

Take such shoes are recommended with skirt, pants or sundress.

Platform shoes

Undoubtedly, this option of shoes is much better than heel shoes, since the distribution of the load on the stop occurs evenly. However, the sole is also not worth overdo: the thickness should be moderate for good sustainable walk. Another additional plus shoe on the platform is that it adds to the growth of several important centimeters – this will especially be relevant for girls of small growth.

By purchasing this type of children’s shoes for school, do not forget about the school dress code. Therefore, you choose shoes from black, beige or white.

This lineup is recommended to wear with wide trousers, jeans, skirt or sundress.


This type of shoe resembles low shoes on lacing. Initially, the model series was exclusively male, however, today it is wearing female sex.

Shoes are suitable for those girls who prefer strict business style. In combination with dress or skirt, with shortened trousers or sundress, this model will look very aesthetic and restrained.

From the color scheme, it is best to look at the dark shades – it will emphasize the rigor of the common bow.

Brand shoes

Brand Chessford – releases classic school model shoes for the entire range of age. Among them you can find shoes from both genuine and artificial leather. Special attention is paid to the production of stelc: here is used exclusively natural material.

Andaninies – specializes in natural material solely on school shoes. Mostly, the company produces a classic, however, in a number of models you can see another production dynamics aimed at expanding the image of schoolgirls.

BaibleLuna – budget option for schoolgirls of any age. Here is a bias on the development of orthopedic shoes.

Elegami – Engaged in the production of multi-armed shoes with attractive design and high performance.

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