Shoes for girls on the platform

Shoes for girls on the platform

Big assortment of children’s shoes Pottit variety of models. Among them are extremely popular with shoes for girls on the platform. Thanks to a wide block, they are most comfortable and functional as possible.

Such shoes are practical, the most secure due to the low platform. The use of natural materials during its assembly allows you to create a favorable feet atmosphere.

Platform called flat thick sole. In children’s models, its most optimal indicator is 1 – 2 cm. Teenage versions shoes can be combined with a low wedge or small heel.

How to choose platform shoes?

Children’s shoes must meet hygienic requirements. In high-quality couple from eminent brands there is always an insole of leather. Often she has a supinator to support the anatomy of the foot. The inner part, made of natural components, allows the skin to breathe. Elastic sole allows maximum freedom of movements.

Practical shoes that serve not one season are performed from genuine leather. Reinforced sock and heel provide durability of the pair and contribute to the correct setting of the foot. It is better to emphasize your choice on pairs with an orthopedic slope, as they will help to form the correct statement of the foot and posture.

When choosing a children’s shoes worth paying attention to pairs, characterized by a slight weight: heavy structures will lead to constant fatigue of children’s legs.

The sole must have relief: it will save the child from a possible slip and will provide excellent clutch with the surface. This factor helps to avoid falling and protects legs from injury.

While girls have a foot, doctors recommend choosing shoes for their daughters to the following criteria: the height of the platform should not be big, as this may affect the fatigue of the legs and lead to the deformation of the foot. Girls of high schools can acquire their shoes on any platform, unless otherwise not recommended by medical professionals.


Among the wide variety of models, you can choose a pair for any direction. Such shoes can harmoniously add onions not only to sports slope, but also school, daily, elegant.

Beach Vietnamese (or slippers) with soft polymer soles are suitable for the summer image. Such models are often decorated with decorated belts and cartoon. Accessories used to decorate couples may be the most diverse.

Stylists do not recommend choosing for young fashionic metallic elements that may face leg (spikes, sharp brooches). Popular version of the series on a flat soles are ballet shoes.

Elegant and light pairs fit perfectly into school image. The best heel size, which is recommended by orthopedic doctors is up to 2 cm in the younger school group and up to 4 – in high school.

Closed leafers become a hit, they are much more convenient thanks to a small heel. Unlike ballet shoes, they have a wider sole that provides greater stability. Thanks to dark practical colors, suitable for anyone.

Option on a platform with a small heel solves two tasks: stability and elegance.

These shoes will decorate any bow. Given the huge selection of color scheme, pick them up to the objects of the children’s wardrobe are easy.

A variety of materials from which models are created will allow experimenting not only with genuine leather, but also textiles, especially important for summer shoes.

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