Shoes for teenage girls

Shoes for teenage girls


At the earlier age, small princesses who will have charming girls in the future, begin to get used to the beauty. Children should see her in everything, but most importantly, in itself. Still in childhood for the girl it is important to be the most beautiful.

Starting from kindergarten, babies seek to imitate their moms, tack out of cosmetic bags of lipstick, having fun with pleasure ..

To help the child be confident, it is necessary to provide her fashionable children’s shoes.

Stylish shoes for children have a huge amount of advantages and has no disadvantage. Of course, when choosing shoes for girls, including adolescent age, you need to consider some rules.

The main criterion is the age of the child. The anatomical features of the foot change a little as they grow. Properly selected fashion shoes for the girl will give her a sea of ​​pleasant emotions and will not cause the slightest damage to health!


Mary Jane

Fashion World Change. Trends on shoes are constantly changing, however, with children’s shoes, everything is much easier. Model called “Mary Jane” for many years already occupies a leading place among young fashionistas and their parents.

These shoes are nice to consider classic. Many girls appear in them at school classes, and also use for walking with girlfriends.

Exterior Shop Mary Jane’s shoes For more than twenty years, it remains unchanged that once again confirms the excellent quality of this model. What advantages possess these trendy shoes for girls?

That invariably attracts buyers?

  • At the ankle, the product is located a strap, thanks to which a reliable fixation of the leg is ensured. This quality will first appreciate parents of mobile children. If the girl loves active games, the strap will guard her from all solenits.
  • Buckle is responsible for fixing a different kind. It prevents the shift of the joints and the development of flatfoot.
  • Looking shoes very pretty. Visual component – the path to the children’s heart!

Shoes on platform

If a teenage girl dreams of heels, present her stylish shoes on a low wedge. This is an excellent alternative to a heel, contraindicated in too early age. A steady tank will not cause problems with posture, and the schoolgirl will feel more attractive, raise self-esteem.

If the girl since childhood suffers from the disease of the spine, the platform shoes are allowed, however, it is strongly not recommended to wear them daily. Will be enough two or three times a week.


Loafers are in great demand among students of the younger School. This model is designed specifically for strict school uniform. Losphers contribute to the creation of a serious, almost office style, which helps the girls morally tune into the acquisition of knowledge and the desire for high estimates.

The model is classic shoes endowed with a neat low heel. It can be either rounded or square. Often, designers decorate the leafers with a variety of decorative elements, for example, metal inserts in the form of flowers.

Stylish colors

Tone all the image sets the style shoes and their color. What colors are most relevant?

  • Luxurious black color is useful for any life situation. Black shoes will enter the perfect symbiosis with dark and light clothing. A huge plus is practicality. As you know, it is known for children everywhere to find dirt, and on black coloring shoes it will take away from the eyes of other people.

  • Beige products deserve attention. They form a gentle, air bow. In them the girl will feel elegant. Nading beige color shoes with body shadt pantyhose, you can achieve the effect of visual lengthening of the legs.

  • Pink shoes no girl will leave indifferent! This cheerful color is mainly applied at solemn events. Pink models will be wonderful at birthday celebration or concert. Combine such shoes with dresses decorated in gentle pastel colors.

  • The list of sought-after options includes brown shoes. Lofer from brown material will be advantageously looked in any situation. Shades of brown harmonize with a huge number of other colors.

Right models for different ages

The appearance of the tufels, of course, rushes into the eyes first, but not worth judging about the book on the cover.

Take into account the parameters when choosing shoes for girls to avoid health problems:

  • Seven-year-old fashion guards can turn in shoes whose heel does not exceed one centimeter. Otherwise, the child’s non-formed feet will be susceptible to grave tests.

  • From ten years, girls are allowed to wear shoes with a heel to three centimeters. Such a heel will have a positive psychological effect, aimed at ensuring that the young lady has no problems with self-esteem. No troubles will not deliver shoes.

  • Having achieved fourteen years old, teenage girls are not enough such a low heel, especially if the example of the older girlfriend is shown by the side. However, at fourteen years, it is impossible to switch to high heels and especially hairpins.

Despite the fact that girls feel completely adults, the body continues to develop, and the wrong shoes can spoil health. Permissible heel is recognized in four centimeters.


Material is of great importance. Low quality material is easy to notice immediately – shoes look ugly, cheap. The money spent, such shoes are not worth – after a few days, shoes can come into disrepair.

  • Leather shoes will give the foot as comfortable sensations. Genuine insole ensures constant skin access to oxygen. The girl will be able to spend a lot of time on the legs, and then not to experience painful sensations from fatigue.
  • The cost of lacquered shoes is much less leather products. Materials for creating artificial, but look shoes attractive. It is better to wear them only in special cases.
  • Varnished shoes are predominantly used on matinee in kindergarten or at concerts in junior grade. Such models can instantly cause a child’s festive mood and attract the attention of others.


Parents who stopped the choice on high-quality and fashionable shoes for kids and adolescents, did not find a single reason to be dissatisfied! Shoes for girls are characterized by the highest level of comfort, because, as they say, all the best – children.

Leather models for a long time retain a presentable appearance, not deformed under the influence of dirt and weather conditions.

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