Shoes Kapika

Shoes Kapika

About company

Brand history begins since 2009. During its existence, the trading mark managed to take an active position in its segment. Logo firm bunny personifies appeal to children.

Production of the brand is seen on the best factories of Russia and abroad (in Italy, Turkey, Moldova and China) under the direct control of the experienced technologists. The process of manufacturing the range obeys the Russian GOST. In the desire for perfection, the company develops models with a accumulated knowledge base: permanent studies allowed to choose the most convenient and wide shoe.


  • In the production of an assortment for children, the trademark prefers natural materials to create a favorable microclimate in the inside. To create pairs, the company uses skin, sprocket, natural wool and textiles. Natural rubber and PVC are used for rainy weather.

  • Natural components of the vertex are distinguished by excellent practical indicators. Special processing makes pairs wear-resistant and durable. In most products, an antibacterial leather insole that meets the hygienic requirements is used.Before launching in production, each sample is trying on a standard children’s foot to the convenience and beauty of design.

  • A wide range of Kapika’s shoes are designed for different age groups, starting with 16 size boosters for the first steps and ending with adolescent models. The emphasis of any line is made on the correctness of the design and convenience of putting on. The presence of lipochki in the younger age category will help to easily shove and shoot a couple, in conceit to independence.

  • All models are designed to reduce the impact when walking. Ergonomic shape of insoles with anatomical memory makes shoes for girls comfortable. The correct statement of the foot allows you to form a beautiful posture.
  • The entire range of models is designed specifically for Russian children in accordance with fashion trends. Each released collection is updated by more than 70%. The company is following the opinion of buyers, sometimes adding the models of previous seasons to new collections at the request of consumers.

A variety of lines includes touching booties for kids, the “first step” collection, casual shoes, demi-season closed pairs, summer and beach shoes.

The color palette of the shoes has no boundaries. Everything is available in childhood: in addition to ordinary monophonic pairs, shoes are shot by a variety of print colors, unthinkable combinations and decorative patterns. Tender white, beige, pink topics for the smallest ladies are not inferior to beauty more adult models. All Barbie’s favorite colors, combined with all sorts of butterflies, hearts, curls, flowers and bows workshops are embodied in each collection.

Actual models for kids were options with a high and durable heel, reliably locking leg. The harmonious combination of white and gentle pink shades makes in style summer lightness and airiness. Open side parts provide an additional air flow, and a durable block with a clear form will become good prevention of flatfoot. The big butterfly in the wear part will enjoy every girl, and small moths on velcro make putting on pleasant and independent.

Classic boats with an older girl clasp can have a minimum wide heel one third of all soles. The height of the height of the height of the height 1-1.5 cm recommended by orthopedic doctors will not get tired. This model is in great demand for both the youngest age group and for girls from 8 years old and older.

A bright summer print from butterflies in the contrast with a brown sole and the heel will not leave any little fashionable fashionista. The supinator helps the leg correctly form, and the designer fastener on the velcro and two locks becomes a highlight of a pair. White round buckles create visibility icons. Located on a fastener with a velcro logo, the company’s logo belongs to brand shoes.

Height of the height of the age depends on age. For crumbs, it is 5-7 mm, preschoolcars are offered options with a heel 1-1.5 cm, elementary school Reception height 2-2.5 cm.

Beautiful summer shoes in the sea theme breathe freshness. Striped print on the sole is repeated on a combined bath with a middle-anchor. Edging of the heel part and triple straps are made of blue skin in fine white flower. Outdoor sock will give freedom to fingers, and the decorative small red flag will give a feeling of a summer breeze.

Beautiful Classic Dark Blue Polka Dot Shoes Perfect for Elegant Dresses. Models are decorated with knotted bows of leather shoelaces. Charming perforated shoes with decorative floral pattern from lines become a sales hit. A contrast combination of color and varnish inserts make a pair of excellent choice, universally suitable for any outfit.

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