Warm winter dresses for girls

Warm winter dresses for girls

Any girl seeks to look stylish and beautiful, even if it’s cold outside. Therefore, it is not necessarily all winter to dress up your daughter in jeans and sweaters, you can pick up a couple of fashionable winter dresses for her, in which it will be warm, and at the same time she can feel a real lady.

Tunic’s dress

Usually such free cut dresses, which is ideal for small girls constantly in motion. It can be worn with tights and leggings, jeans, trousers.

A nonsense quiet product is suitable for every day, and the festive option may have an unusual cut and rich finish. Well, if the daughter takes removable shoes with you, because the tunic is perfectly combined with comfortable and practical ballet shoes.

Sweater dress

Such a thing is indispensable in our region, because a dense mating will not definitely freeze. Dress Sweater You can also wear with leggings or jeans, or wear as an independent thing.

Under the short sleeve sweater, you can put a turtleneck or shirt, turning the sweater in the festive option. As for the shoes, the sweaters are perfectly combined with shoes, boots and even sneakers.

Dress shirt

This thing should be in the wardrobe of any fair floor representative, regardless of age. In combination with beautiful pantyhose, it will become an excellent solution for every day, or is suitable for the children’s holiday.

The dress shirt can be any style, especially popular models fitted on top with a lush skirt, or simple smooth models that resemble an elongated shirt. If such a dress seems to you too voluminous, you can always stand up with a thin strap.


Sarafan’s dress is a great option for the winter, because it allows you to look different every day in different ways. You can change turtlenecks, blouses or thin sweaters, staying in the same dress.

In winter, sundresses with thematic drawings are perfectly looking: winter ornament, image of a snowman, a deer or Christmas tree will decorate your baby.

With fur

Recently, fur is often used to finish sweaters and dresses. Especially beautiful looks a narrow fur collar, which can be sewn to a dress or be removable, which is always very convenient.

Fur collar can be picked up to a dress or be contrasting. It is usually decorated with long satin ribbons that are tied in front of a flirtal bow. Such an accessory is very popular and in an adult wardrobe, so girls who want to be similar to their mom, the dress with fur will definitely like to taste.

And so that the outfit is not an accurate copy of the adult, you need to choose the appropriate cut and style. Girls perfectly suitable for an outdoor silhouette, and bows and cute appliqués will help make it the most delicate and maiden.


Knitted dress will accurately warm your crumb even in the most bodied frost. It is universal. The verbidity of the model depends on the knitting and style you choose: fine or bulky, smooth or openwork, with decorative elements or without.

The perfect option for every day is a simple short model of a gentle shade. For a solemn event, a dress is suitable, abundantly decorated with bows and flowers from the fabric, with color lace, fur finish, expanded by sequins and beads.


Knitwear – Universal Material, which is perfect for winter. On the girls perfectly look at dresses with a straight or slightly expanding to the bottom of the skirt. Also popular classic fitted styles and models with an overwhelmed waist.

The length of such dresses is usually average, just below or above the knee. But with a length of the sleeves, you can experiment. In addition to the classic long sleeve, the population is the length of ¾, on the elbow or slightly below the shoulder, like on a T-shirt. Sleeve can make a hand or expand to the bottom. Beautifully looking lanterns, which are especially nice looking at children’s dresses.

Add a knitted dress with children’s accessories and decorations: small beads or pendant on a long lace.

With print

From fashion never comes out, which looks particularly successful on schoolgirls. The small cell is ideal for fragile slender girls, and a large suitable girl.

Dress in a cage can be made everyday, combining it with short cardigans or jackets. It is also suitable for a solemn event, especially if you add it to a lace white collar.

Leopard Print looks incredibly well on small girls. Dress with a leopard print can be with a lush skirt or with an overwhelmed waist. Augmented by a bow or flirty collar, it looks completely not going, but even on the contrary – elegantly and cute.

Make a variety of beautiful drawings and funny prints will help. Popular inscriptions and appliques in the form of numbers. Ask your daughter, what print I like it, for sure she will be able to choose a suitable drawing or an interesting inscription.


Always relevant black color, especially for schoolgirls. Black sundresses look great, which can be combined with white shirts and blouses.

Also in fashion bright color gamut: the color of the egg shell, beige, light gray. If you like brown, choose increhensive shades: copper, nut, chocolate.

If the educational institution does not imply a strict dress code, you can safely afford bright colors: yellow, caramel, blue, purple, red.

Some girls and their mothers prefer to choose reduced copies of adult dresses, someone loves exclusively children’s models. Thanks to the large selection of children’s winter dresses, you can satisfy any preferences, pick up your taste!

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