Winter boots for girls

Winter boots for girls

Winter – relevant time to choose warm shoes.

The model range of this accessory is huge for both children and adults. Manufacturers do not stand still and invent more interesting and original models. Here and the little fashionmented you can pick up shoes for every taste.

Trendy models

Footwear for children is changing in shape and material, respectively, age characteristics.

If the kids are up to the year, shoes serves to insulate and not necessarily wear-resistant, then for active kids, the main indicator is their permeability. At the same time, for teenagers, shoes are a fashionable accessory and a way of self-expression. But girls of any age appreciate the beauty.

The model range is diverse:

  • Snowubuthes – shoes consisting of three layers: removable woolen boot, membrane and polypropylene layer. Keep warm even in thirty foardous frost.

  • Leather and suede boots – the classic of the genre – suitable for fashionistas, are not designed for drops of temperatures than inferior to other warm “counterparts”.

  • Membrane boots – Lightweight, waterproof and warm boots produced by modern technologies. Inside there is a warm fur lining.

  • Boots from felt, boots – today they will die in coloring and decorations, giving originality to their mistress. Therefore, girls are happy to wear such a Russian folk vehicle.

  • ONTA – leather boots, the top of which is covered with a sheep fur, which provides warmth and comfort, eliminating the child from raw legs.

  • Moon Boot – Cosmonaut Style Boots. They are light and comfortable, their practicality can be envied, they are resistant to ice. Little beauties like such shoes – it is convenient to run in it and they are not limited to the number of colors.

For beauty lovers, there are sickness:

  • Multicolored – give the image of a child brightness and confidence. Girls love to wear shoes under the color of jackets or hats, in turn it helps to develop a sense of style and measures. White, turquoise, silver colors boots look fresh and stylish+

  • With embroidery – Sequins – one of the favorite jewelry of small amateurs of all shiny. Also girls love when their shoes are decorated with embroidery with all sorts of flowers, berries, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons+

  • Glowing – Such boots choose girls in preschool and younger age, they are attractive and look bright, especially on the background of white snow. The secret of such beauty is small light bulbs built into the sole. It is worth noting that they will protect the night walk or the evening return home – after all, in a twilight, it’s hard to notice the child on the road.

Modesta over 12 years old choose boots on the heater.

But there is a more steady – platform. Due to the combination of heel and the feet, the girl can feel confidently and not be afraid to crawl on the first bar. The main thing is not to overdo it with a height. The optimal version of the Girl Platform – 3-5 cm. Such an option is kept heat, due to the fact that the platform forms a greater distance between the feet and snow. More beautifully these models look when their length ends at the knee, and it looks stylish and allows the girl to feel feminine.

For parents, the orthopedic component of the shoes is important.

They may not only be a way to treat foot disturbances, but also preventive support for the child’s legs. They reduce the load on the spine of the child due to the correct shape of the sole. Children have a right gait and beautiful posture. The best first shoes for kids will be this particular option.


Length of boots for fashionistas is the most diverse – from short half-boots to long knee.

In winter it is worth paying attention to long boots so that the snow can not get into them, and the child does not swallow his feet. But too long in height boots interfere with the child to produce gait. Acceptable and convenient height for the girl – 15-25 cm.


The most preferred material for the girl-fashionista – leather. This is a natural, breathable product. Not deformed and does not miss moisture.

Suede is not enough inferior to leather boots, but there is a minus – such shoes flogs and quickly crashes. Needs constant cleaning and care. That is, she is not practical for children.

Another material burst on the counter – polyurethane.

Most practical for children. It is lightweight, waterproof and keeps heat even in a latter cold. Another plus is a solid sole and boots, which increases wear resistance. But there are also disadvantages – the sole on such boots does not always allow steadily to hold. It is designed for three seasons, depending on the temperature only the lining changes.

Fur shoes – traditional boots and new products – Uggs. Present warm and light shoes. Minus and those and others in the water permeability. If you can still wear galoshes on the boots, then with UGGI, this will not work. But natural and high-quality uggs are able to withstand a shock.

Color and print

Shoes on the shelves Pottit with various shades – from ordinary black, to combined in several colors. You can pick up shoes under clothes and mood. Girls love bright things, and especially well, if they look beautifully on the leg.

Light shoes are suitable for girls older, but for naughty, the shoes are darling, either.

Little princesses love when the cartoon characters are “live” on their shoes – princesses, animals + various flowers and butterflies. All that makes them different from the rest of the girls.

How to choose?

An important function of winter shoes is to maintain heat, so you need to take a serious choice.

First of all – this material from which shoes are made. The perfect version of the leather shoes with natural fur – it stretches and passes the air, allowing the leg to breathe. No less warm materials are suede and felt.

On the material there should be no extraneous enclosures, cracks and spots. Next, we consider the seams – no damage and breaks should be. It is also important to consider zippers and velcro on boots, they must be integer and fit tightly. At the same time, the child must try to cope with them, because he will be worn.

It is important to take into account the material for the insulation:

  • Natural fur – warm and light not toxic material. To determine whether the fur in the shoes of your chad, you need to push the fur and see what it is attached. If it is a fabric, then you are not natural fur, and his substitute. If it is attached to the skirt, it means that you are natural.
  • Tinsulyt, Isoft – new among insulation. It is lightweight and allows you to protect the leg from frost even in -30 degrees, allowing the child to actively move. The popularity of this material is growing every year.
  • Membrane – the best material, according to many parents. His demand is that the membrane allows you to regulate heat exchange, due to small holes in the insole. And then the child’s leg does not overheat and is in dryness to any weather. What is well suited for active kids.

Sole boot should be soft and flexible, with a good tread, to save from falls in ice.

Nowhere should be glue. The insole must be warm and preferably attached to the sole, so as not to interfere with the child when walking. You should choose shoes with a small heel, in order to avoid flatfoot in a child, or choose shoes with a supinator.

Next, check the size.

Here there is a “one finger” rule – the child puts on boots pushing tightly fingers to the sock, and you push between the heel and boot. If the finger passes, it means that you are not mistaken. Do not forget that winter shoes are worn with a warm sock, so you should not take it right. Fit and buy it is better to do after lunch, because when walking the legs swell and become more, which makes it difficult for the morning shopping.

No need to buy shoes “on the grow out”, shoes will be uncomfortable and the girl will stumble and fall.

Considering the activity of children, it must be borne in mind that until the time when the shoes will be at the time, there may be no beauty or heat from themselves.

It is best to acquire shoes in stores – there and warm, and the guarantee for shoes will be given, and in the case of which it will turn.

It is important not to forget that your future girl is growing. It means that it is important since childhood to instill a feeling of taste and measures. Coloring and decorations can be any, the main thing is that they look beautiful and fit under the clothes in which the child goes.

What to wear?

Snowubuthes, Moon Boot, membrane boots – all this sport type shoes. Therefore, they look beautifully with bologne pants and children’s ski costumes.

Uggs, boots and boots-unts are nice looking with a children’s fur coat and a long jacket.

Bright boots look good with smoke-like jackets, or balanced with a man with a hat and gloves with a scarf.

Leather shoes and suede looks winning both with hats and long jackets.

The main thing is not to forget about the sense of measure, and combine shoes with the upper clothes of the child.


Children’s shoes – often discussed accessory, because every parent is experiencing health and comfort of his child.

So, many parents emphasize the practicality of membrane boots and Snowubuts. Highlighting wear resistance, waterproof and heat. Another plus – low price. At the same time, it often sounds minus some models – an unstable sole, it is difficult to stay in ice on them.

But Uggs and Valenki, on the contrary, upset many parents by the fact that, despite their convenience, quickly flush.

For Moon boot boots only laudatory reviews are fixed. The only thing to what can be frozen is low boots, respectively, the snow quickly turns out inside.

Classic leather boots carry positive feedback, but many parents are simply a pity to give such expensive shoes on the confusion of their fides. Mostly it is shoes to exit than for everyday socks.

As for the fastener, there are opinions here.

Some solid top, because he protects against snow, when others say that such boots are inconvenient to wear, and the heel quickly flies from constant pulling. Not many voted for Velcro, because with time, from constant wetting and ingress of all kinds of garbage, their effectiveness is lost. The most acceptable option is zipper, but also a minus – if it is located on the side of the boot, it is quickly wearing and through it can fall melting snow. The optimal option is considered lightning in front. And even better if a gum is extended at the top of the shoes, which can be tightened using a special retainer.

The shoe row has always fascinated by the “uneven” to the shoes.

To date, the price and model diversity are increasingly attracting buyers. But at the same time, from a huge selection, sometimes it is difficult to stay at a qualitative version. Therefore, the health of your child depends on the choice of this element of the robe.

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