Winter overalls envelope for newborns

Winter overalls envelope for newborns

Future parents with trepid and tenderness are preparing for the appearance of a kid. With a special concern, they choose things for their child. And before those who expect his birth to late autumn or in winter, among other things, the question arises about the choice of outerwear. After all, newborn children, as well as others, it is necessary to be in the fresh air, despite the weather.

Today there is an incredibly a lot of proposals. But what exactly choose? Recently, the envelope overalls have acquired great popularity. What is his secret? Let’s deal with.

What is the envelope overalls?

In fact, this invention has combined 2 things – overalls and envelope. From the overalls in it the upper part – hood and sleeves. And from the envelope – the bottom, resembling a bag.

Such clothes are very comfortable. Due to long zipper for the entire length of the product, the kid is very easy to wear. It is enough just to reveal it completely, put the child, put on the sleeve and fasten.

There are models suitable for more adult children. It is a transformer jumpsuit. In it, in addition to the sleeves, there are also pants. It helps quickly and effortlessly turn the envelope into a jumpsuit.


This piece of children’s clothing has many advantages, if you compare it with envelopes, overalls or blanket. This is:

  • Convenience and easy to use+
  • Dressing and undressing does not take much time+
  • Multifunctionality, the ability to convert an envelope into a jumpsuit+
  • Reliable protection from cold+
  • Long service life (envelope overalls can be worn not only to babies, but also at an older age).

What is better to take on an extract in winter: envelope overalls, blanket or jumpsuit?

Talk about the advantages of this or that kind of clothes can be long. They are all good in their own way. To determine the choice, you need to consider when the kid should be born.

  • If the birth of the child falls on September-October, the rational all will choose the envelope overalls. The first months to use it as an envelope, and later – as a jumpsuit.

  • For those who should be born in November-December, the winter envelope will be perfect. While the child can not hold the head and does not turn over, it is better to use the envelope for walking. In addition, he is cheaper than the previous version.

  • If the birth of a child is expected in February, it is not worth spending money on top clothes. The lobe in this case will be quite enough, both for extracting and for walking. In a month, it will be warm and better to take care of spring clothes.

  • Kids who will have 4-5 months for the arrival of winter, no sense to buy an envelope or transformer. In this case, it is best to purchase a jumpsuit.

Anyway, to buy your child – to solve only you. After all, every mom want her baby to be the most beautiful and fashionable.


Envelope overalls are divided into:

  • Winter. This is a warmed option. It is characterized by an inserted lining made of natural material. It can be sheepskin or fluff. These fillers are designed for severe frosts.

  • Autumn-Spring. These models are manufactured using synthetic fillers. They breathe well and prevent overheating.

  • Universal. These models have a removing lining. Therefore, they can approach both autumn and for the winter.

Also distinguished piecework and separate overalls transformers. The first are able to convert into envelope. The second contains two details – pants on straps and jacket. She has a hood and high collar.

Also distinguished piecework and separate overalls transformers. The first are able to convert into envelope. The second contains two details – pants on straps and jacket. She has a hood and high collar.

  • In order to make an envelope from a piecework overalls, you need to sweep the slippers and unzip the lightning on the sidewalls on the side. After that, it is necessary to fasten the snake located in the middle. Thus, the product resembles the form of a trapezoid. The final action will be fixing the bottom of the rivet.
  • Separate overalls can be transformed in various ways. It can be pants on suspenders, which are easy to make pants. Just just sweep the straps. There are transformers having snakes on sleeves. Usually these overalls with a removable lining. In them, the sleeves can be disseminated and a vest will succeed. Some models contain transverse zipper located on the belt line. In this option, the top can be worn and then when the kid will grow up and pants will become small.

Material and insulation

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of fabric solutions for basic clothes for babies. To be more accurate, this concerns fillers. The top coating is usually made from Cordura, which completely repulses moisture or nylon-polyester, which passes it only in part.

Consider what types of fillers.

  • More recently, it was most popular to use the products on the down. They are incredibly warm. Many people are able to keep the heat of the body of the child to -40 degrees!!! If your crumb likes to sleep on a walk – this is the perfect option. Pooh copes well with moisture and heat transfer. However, he has some drawbacks. First, it can cause allergies to the feather, and secondly, if the product is stitched poorly, feathers can pass through the cloth.

  • Another popular filler is fur. Products from it are the same warm, as well as down. Buying overalls-envelope from fur, you need to know how to store it. For example, fur products can not be washed in a washing machine. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to read the care instructions.

  • Next insulation is known for centuries. We are talking about wool. True today, this material is rarely applied in high-quality envelopes. First, it is a strong allergen. Secondly, the product on the wool will not save from a strong wind. And thirdly, during wetting it immediately absorbs moisture and dries long.

  • Beautiful alternative wool has become sheepskin. This material has the same advantages as the down, but its flaws are deprived. Sheepskin does not cause allergies and can withstand lower temperatures. It should be noted that the product on the sheepskin is quite heavy. In addition, it should have a protective inner layer, otherwise the sheepskin can roll.

  • Another famous filler is fleece. True, it is not used in winter things. This is a demi-season option. He perfectly absorbs excess moisture, not allowing the child to stand.

  • Syntheston – cheap, but not the highest quality material. For babies it is better not to use. All your attractiveness will lose the product on Sinytender already after the first washing, as Sinyppon simply knocks pieces. About the heating saving properties of this material does not have to speak – it is too “blowing”.

How to choose?

To purchase a high-quality thing that will delight you and your baby is not one season, it is necessary to accommodit about the purchase of an envelope.

  1. First of all it is necessary to decide how long the product should be. If you like the static option more, then select the size “0-3 m” or “52-68 cm”. If you want to buy a transformer, then it is allowed any.
  2. Further. It is worth paying attention to the color of the product. Envelope can be any shade. But the transformer is better to choose not china. Especially if the baby will start learning in winter.
  3. And the last. Carefully read the existing fittings. Find out how the clashes are strong, whether the zippers are working and do they not cling to fabric. It is also important how well the sleeves and the hood are lost, because it depends on it, whether the heat will heat your baby in the winter frost.

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