Winter overalls for newborns

Winter overalls for newborns

With the birth of a long-awaited child the question arises: what is the best thing to wear a baby for a walk in the cold season. Such a comfortable thing as winter overalls is endowed with the best quality of the envelope for newborns, but at the same time it is a full-fledged clothing. To the choice of this product you need to be submitted extremely responsible, because the comfort and health of the baby depends on it.


The advantage of the winter jumpsuit is that it is not necessary to correctly correct it on the child and worry so that it does not blur. Mom is easy to wear it on the newborn, and this is an important moment, because babies are capricious during long fees for a walk. But we note that this thing is ideal only for a certain age period: when the baby begins to take a break to the pot, you should move on separate clothes.

Consider the main varieties of winter overalls for newborns:

  • Jumpsuit bag. The top of the product looks like an ordinary children’s jacket, and the bottom resembles a spacious insulated bag. The advantage of this garment is that it can be put in it right in the blanket. In addition, babies, taking into account their still imperfect thermoregulation, feel comfortable when their legs are together.
  • Traditional overalls (Jacket and pants are a single integer)
  • Transformer – Combines the first two options: a bag with a lightning, if necessary, is divided into two pants, while it increases slightly.

In winter, the weather is not always the same, so overalls can be divided by their heat resistance:

  • Actually Winter – with a sewn thick sheepskin or fluff that will protect the baby from the frost.
  • Demi-season – Suitable for cold late autumn and winter thaw. Such a model is equipped with a warming synthetic insulation, which has the ability to skip air. If the baby was born at the end of winter, then it is quite possible to do this option.
  • Universal – with a modern insulation that will not give frozen in the frost and protect the child from overheating into thaw. Such a product often has a detachable lining.

Winter overalls for newborns are fastened in front of the zipper (more convenient, when there are two of them), be sure to have a hood, which is dragged into the scene. Products are also supplemented with warm mittens and booties, removable or crawled.

Separately, it should be mentioned about warm winter envelopes to extract the child from the maternity hospital. If the usual warm blanket used for this purpose, modern envelopes for newborns have a kind of sleeping bags with a hood with a lot of fasteners. Such an envelope is unbounded without any problems and turns into a warm blanket. There are also winter envelopes overalls – with sleeves that do not limit the movements of the kid handles.

Material and insulation

When choosing a winter overalls for a newborn, pay attention to the material, From which the thing is made. After all, the convenience of the kid depends on this. In addition, unwanted problems when washing the product. Always Carefully learn the label. As for the top, then it is usually usually made of polyester – modern synthetic material. He is durable, practical, not blown away and at the same time he does not delays moisture.

No less important composition of the insulation. The range is large enough: sheepskin, fluff, artificial fur, synthetic fillers (from outdated synthetic winterizer to innovative technological materials).

  • Sheepskin will warm the baby in any frost. However, the thermoregulation in the newborn is still imperfect, and in such clothes it can easily overheat, which is dangerous.
  • Natural Pooh Keeps warm and protects against moisture, but many children it causes allergies, besides, it is not too easy to leave (from machine washing can roll, dries for a long time).
  • Hollofiber (type of polyester, fibers are similar to the springs) is not allergic, very light, keeps warm, does not absorb moisture, it is easy to wash.
  • Tinsulyt – does not lose its thermal insulation properties even with significant wetrations.
  • Syntheton – Soft and elastic synthetic fiber. Such products are attracted by their low price, but they do not withstand strong frosts (suitable only for warm winter), in addition, they poorly pass the air that is unacceptable for infants.


Traditionally, parents choose the color of the overalls oriented on the floor of the child: blue and blue models buy newborn boys, respectively pink – girls. Clothes can also have a neutral shade that will suit a baby of any floor: white, beige, light green. It is often found combined overalls, they can be decorated by a poorly print.

According to psychologists, the baby should wear a saturated color in clothes, since visual contact with bright colors is developing a brain bark.


Winter overalls for newborns produce both domestic and foreign companies.

Russian versions are traditionally in demand due to their affordable price. So, for example, our domestic brand I Love MUM engaged in tailoring for pregnant women, as well as children of different ages. Product Design Works out young designers from Russia in collaboration with Italian colleagues. Multi-level control aims to use the best raw materials and innovative technologies of progenicity and packaging of goods.

Another domestic enterprise Kiko Develops models of overalls for infants, comfortable in the sock and as simple as possible in the dressing process. Note that products are produced in the PRC, but Russian quality standards are strictly observed.

Russian brand “Kurnosiki”, Related to the well-known company “World of Childhood”, specializes in the production of goods for newborns, including winter overalls of catchy stylish design and good quality.

A worthy quality is distinguished by models of overalls for infants, released in countries with the same cold winters, as we, for example, in Finland. So, trademark Kerry Known high level of quality and wear resistance. Of course, due to the fairly high prices of children’s overalls, not all families can afford them. However, you can purchase a model from the last collection with a specific discount on the sale.

Another proven Finnish brand – Reima. Children’s clothing of this company is resistant to precipitation and can even be operated in severe frost. Overalls are often equipped with unfastening insulation, which makes products demi-season.

Manufacture of company Huppa (also Finland) focused on three main sectors: especially strong things for active children, classical clothes of everyday socks (economical option) and tech – products from ultra-modern membrane materials.

Products of Polish manufacturers also deserve attention. For example, Mark Pilguni Releases high-quality overalls transformers on sheepskin with removable insulation. The outer material of the product has a special moisture-resistant impregnation.

Italian brand Chicco produces overalls for newborn children with an insulation of a gagache fluff, as well as from a modern thin material – thermo (for walking with a strong frost – 15 º). The upper part of such products, as a rule, is made of practical nylon or microfiber: they are durable, do not absorb dirt and easily washed.

How to choose for infant?

Choosing a winter overalls for a baby, pay special attention to the neck of the product, as well as on sleeves and pants. The collar must reliably close the neck of the kid, while not to sign the chin. Cuffs on the sleeves should not be too tight. It is advisable to find a model with rubber bands or clasps for mittens, then they will always be at hand. Pants can also be with convenient rubber bands that are attached for shoes.

Remember about the hood: too small not torn on a hat, And too big will fall out from the child’s head. Be sure to check the presence of a hood resistant.

Nelishes in the children’s jumpsuit will be pockets where you can put a pacifier or napkins.

Since the times of the Soviet deficit In our country, the tradition remains to buy clothes for growing clothes. But the newborn will not be comfortable in such a jumpsuit: Too big thing will be worse to keep warm. In addition, it is impossible to predict how the child will grow: after all, someone at first the legs grow faster, and then the handles, and vice versa. The optimal solution in this case is to buy a product that has a 1-2 size stock, especially if the baby was born at the beginning of winter.

Choose a winter overall model based on your funds. The company model from modern materials with an innovative insulation will cost several times more expensive than a simple version on the Sintegone. If you are constrained in the means, stop your choice on the domestic manufacturer or track sales from foreign brands.


Judging by the reviews of parents, really excellent quality have the above-mentioned Finnish winter overalls (Kerry, Reima). Children in them are walking even in twenty-graduated frost, and only a thin blouse is dressed under the upper clothes. Also young mothers pleased that these products are very soft and pleasant from the inside. Minor minus overalls from Finland, in their opinion, is a small range of colors.

Convenient and Polish Products with Sheepskin Firm Pilgunu. Moms are satisfied with the quality of sewing and the fact that the removable rise makes the overalls of universal – you can use it in the fall, winter and spring.

Many positive feedbacks have so-called overalls bags. They are convenient for the transport of children in the car: have slits for belts, such as HUPPA model. However, a similar model from the British brand Mothercare has some disadvantage: the bottom of the bag is fastened to the buttons, and if you take the baby on your hands, then cold penetrates.

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