Winter suit for the girl

Winter suit for the girl

On the eve of winter for each parent on the first place in the list of cases, buying a children’s winter costume. And the choice of things for the girl is an even more difficult task. Winter set for young work should be not only high-quality and warm, and also stylish.

Buying clothes for the girl, you must certainly consider her opinion. Of course, the appearance of the product is more important for the child. But winter clothes, first of all, should be practical. Therefore, it is necessary to find such a thing that would like and mom and daughter. And how best to do it, read below.

Trendy models

Choosing the style of winter clothes you need to be guided by the age of a child. Models differ in appearance and its functionality. For the smallest perfect option will be a jumper jumpsuit. It is a warmed envelope equipped with sleeves and a hood. This model is convenient to use. One-piece overalls is worn without effort and does not limit the freedom of movements. In it a child can sleep in the fresh air and it will be warm.

For children who just learn to walk, the overalls of transformer is perfect. This style has a special cut and the system of clashes that allow you to make a comfortable suit from an envelope.

For more independent kids there are models that consist of a warm jacket and pants. This season, manufacturers tried to make them as comfortable as possible. Long pants whole cover shoes. They have comfortable coquettes on the chest and back, as well as straps that can be adjusted as needed.

It is interesting to look at the styles that have sides to regulate landing and size, as well as detachable parts.

For kids, it is booties, mittens or hoods.

For girls older costumes can be decorated with natural or artificial fur.

Children’s fashion has its trends and directions. First of all, these are modern high-tech materials and color gamut. Costumes for girls neutral, but bright. Trend of this season are pussy and noticeable drawings, as well as miniature prints. Butterflies, flowers, polka dots, cage – choose from what. It really looks pretty and stylish.

The last peak of the children’s fashion was the costumes in the “Game Style”. They are distinguished by cheerful cute ears, eyes, bows. Such clothes young fashionable worn with great pleasure.


Talk about the peculiarities of the most popular fabrics used to create children’s winter outerwear.

Top material and coating

  1. Cordura. Matte, hard fabric that opposes friction. It is durable and wear-resistant. Has lovely mud- and water repellent qualities.
  2. Nylon. Excellent unproduced and, at the fact that breathing material. Perfectly preserves the form. It does not require special care.
  3. Hemi Tec. This material is designed by the latest technologies. It is absolutely waterproof. Resistant to dirt and wind, misses moisture from the inside out, while maintaining the usual body temperature.
  4. Lavsan. Has the same pluses as nylon. The only difference is that Loven is not so durable.
  5. Active. Fabric fabric impregnated with special substance. Not the worst option, however, water-repellent properties at the average level.
  6. Bologna. Material that protects perfectly from water and dirt, but does not let air. For this reason, it is not too hygienic. For active children, he will not suit. In addition, it is possible to wear it only at a temperature not lower than a minus of five degrees.


  • Synthetic
  1. Syntheton. The most cheap type. However, he is known for its low quality. Quickly rolls, practically does not save heat. On the frosts such costume is not worth buying.
  2. Tiesusuut. Almost the perfect insulation today. He is lightweight, breathable, on heat-saving qualities will be comparable with natural down, but does not have its flaws. Permissible temperature up to minus thirty degrees. Differs good enough price.
  3. Hollofiber. Consists of hollow fibers, thanks to which I perfectly displays moisture out and delays inside the heat. This is the most popular insulation, because the cost and quality will be perfect in it. Hollofiber products can be worn at temperatures up to minus twenty-five degrees.

  • Natural
  1. Pooh. Distinguish several of his species. The highest quality is the Gagachi Pooh, after him goes goose. But duck is practically not used. Pooh perfectly holds heat, although it has a weighty flaw. It often causes allergic reactions. In addition, he stands notice.
  2. Sheepskin. Does not cause allergies. Has excellent thermo-saving properties, known for its longevity. However, this type is also not devoid of minuses. Things based on it are too heavy, because of what the child is inconvenient to move in it.

As a lining, cotton, nylon or fleece are most often used.

Separately, I would like to say about one of the most modern and efficient technologies to improve winter clothes. These are fabrics with a membrane film. They have many advantages. The membrane is well released sweat out. That is, a child can walk, play, run without risk to stand. At the same time, the membrane does not miss moisture outside under the upper clothes.

The quality and waterproof of the membrane is expressed in numbers. If you do not go into details, then you can say so: “The higher the number, the higher the quality of the membrane and the more reliable the child will be protected.

Brands and firms

Different countries have their manufacturers. Consider the most famous of them.

  • Finnish

These include brands Lassie, Lenne, Nels.

These companies perfectly presented themselves and enjoy in great demand. They produce safe and eco-friendly things. In addition, their clothes are unusually comfortable and fashionable. It is made of high-quality synthetic materials. They do not provoke irritation. Such suits are perfectly adapted to Russian winters. That is why Finnish costumes in our country are in great demand. They have a convenient dimension series that suggests about 6 cm. in reserve. By cons of Finnish winter children’s suits include their substantial price. Otherwise they do not have flaws.

  • Italian

The most striking representative is the brand Chicco.

About this brand should not talk much. He became famous for his quality far beyond his country. In the production of winter children’s clothing applies the latest technology. Italian models are presented in a wide range of colors and materials. But for sizes, then you need to choose very carefully. The fact is that the stated size often does not coincide with the real. Basically, Cycco’s costumes are bigger. If we talk about prices, then they are quite acceptable.

  • Polish

Represented by the brand Pilguni.

This is also a decent option. Brand Produces Cute, Practical and Safe Winter Costumes. Prices for them are average.

  • Domestic

The most popular brands of Timko, Shalun, Etty-Children.

Russian companies are not inferior to overseas and produce excellent quality overalls suitable even for Siberian frosts. Often the models are slightly, so before buying a suit you need to try. Prices for products presented brands are very democratic.

How to choose?

Talk about what you need to pay attention to when buying winter clothes for the girl.

Choosing a suit, first of all, you need to pay special attention to the jacket. Its length should be below the belt. The optimal length is the jacket until the middle of the hips. This model protects perfectly from wind and frost.

The quality of the costume is also important. It should be inspected by the product for the service of the buttons, lightning, the clashes and so on. After all, it is from such little things that the health of your daughter depends.

For girls very important suit design costume. Even winterwear should look especially. It should be stylish, bright, Pins, fashionable. Stylish embroidery or rhinestones can be used from decorations. In great demand, use models with furs.

It is important that the suit is good. Choose fitted patterns with belt. Prefer the double clasp, such as lightning and buttons. This will provide additional protection to your child.

The price of the product also plays a considerable role. Therefore, it is better to immediately decide what amount you are willing to spend on the purchase and come from it.

If you are still in doubt and do not know which model costume choose, from which material and with what filler, read the reviews about the manufacturers you are interested in. maybe, The experience of other people will help you better navigate and decide on your choice.

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