Choose a dress for a photo shoot of pregnant women

Choose a dress for a photo shoot of pregnant women

Pregnancy is an important period in the life of every woman, so these nice impressions want to keep for life. Thanks to photos, you can forever leave the wonderful moments. Often girls enjoy the services of professionals. A photo session can occur in a variety of places, the main thing is to convey the feeling of joy and positive emotions.


Many pregnant women choose dresses for a photo shoot, because they help create a beautiful and charming image. Usually girls pick up such a style outfit that will help hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the tummy. The dress can be made of soft thin fabrics, they are fine tangible tummy, additionally you can make drapery with soft folds.

Knitted dresses are in great demand, since this material stretches perfectly and does not cause discomfort. You can also put on a dress from the “flying” fabrics (Silk, Crash, Chiffon and T. D.).


When choosing a dress for pregnant, it is worth considering fabric and color gamut. Tight materials will help to emphasize the rounded belly, but do not forget that comfort should be in the first place.

Depending on the color of the skin and hair, it is worth picking up such a color of the dress so that the image in the photo looks like a contrast. So, blondes can wear a black or blue dress. Girls with black hair will be more suitable blond color solutions. Every girl can pick up a bright color that she to face. Such photos are obtained very spectacular.

Rent for one day: We are looking for rolled

If you want to look luxuriously in photos, but you do not have the opportunity to purchase an elegant dress, then a successful solution to the problem will be the rental. Some pregnant women do not see the need to buy a dress for one day. If you rent clothes for a photo shoot, then you can look for the affordable price.

Some girls even rented several dresses at once to use different stylish images on photo shoots. Today, many salons offer rolling outfits, so it will be easy to find the perfect option.


Pregnant girl in a dress made of light lace looks gently and feminine, so this outfit is often chosen for a photo shoot.

Thanks to the lace, you will not need additional accessories to create an elegant image. Such a dress is perfectly to go around the figure, so it will help to emphasize your “interesting” position.

Opening belly

Often the girls on the photo session are shown their tummy, because such a photo looks natural and beautiful. Some models of dresses allow you to open the stomach, and the long loops give elegacity and mysteriousness.



Dresses in the floor for pregnant women on a photo session – this is a good solution, they allow to emphasize the natural beauty of a woman. Long outfits can be fitting or free, the choice depends on the preferences of the pregnant.

Cutting the cut will make an image of a future mother more attractive. Thanks to a variety of accessories, a long dress will be complemented, and the image will be interesting and original.

Many girls apply a tape that tested tummy, creating a luxurious bow. Long dress in this case looks very impressive, and the tummy looks like a real gift.


Lovers of bright outfits can stop their choice on a short dress. This outfit is perfectly combined with bright heel shoes or high boots.

Although many argue that the length of mini is inappropriate for a pregnant woman, but you can choose a length of a little above the knee, and the free cut will allow pregnant to feel free.


White dress is a popular choice for a photo shoot, because this color allows you to create a romantic, light and gentle image, emphasizes femininity. Girl in white dressing will look beautiful on any background.


Pregnant woman in a red dress will look bright and beautiful. This color gives a girlfriend of confidence, charm and beauty.

It is perfectly combined with other tones, so you can use a different background during a photo shoot.

Blue and blue

Blue dresses usually choose girls with blond hair and light skin.

Dark dress will help to hide the flaws of the figure, it looks elegant and stylish. Blue shades will make your image bright and interes.

Place photo shoot

Photographers offer a huge list of possible places for a photo shoot, but when choosing it is worth considering factors such as weather, photos of photos and, of course, pregnant.

In a studio

The most first option for the photo shoot is a photo studio, because it is here that you can get many advantages over other places:

  • Studio allows you to retake and tune in to positive emotions.
  • The weather has no influence on the photo shoot.
  • In the studio there are always the necessary accessories and attributes to decorate the image of pregnant and place.
  • Cozy and comfortable room allows you to talk a belly to create unforgettable photos.
  • In the photo studio can be realized in reality any idea.

The photographer is much easier to work on his workplace, because it has the necessary lighting to create clear and bright images, can use any scenery to embody the specific idea and achieve the desired result.


The home photo session is of great popularity among pregnant women, at home they can show preparation for the future meeting with newborns. In the home atmosphere, the girl can fully relax and look natural and naturally.

In the park

An excellent solution is to hold a photo shoot in the park, because there can be as close as possible to nature and at the same time do not go far the concentration. The picturesque seats of wildlife will become an excellent background. You can sit on a bench, stroll through your favorite places and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world.


In summer, many pregnant women spend photo shoots in nature. You can choose a field, forest or park, near River or Sea. The beauty of the environment will emphasize the beauty and naturalness of the girl waiting for the kid.

It is in nature that you can make bright, cheerful and colorful photos. But it is worth considering natural conditions: if it rains, you will have to transfer the date of the photo.


To show your individuality and make bright colors in the color range of photos, you need to use more diverse accessories. You can use fine hats, light shawls, pareo or scarves, beautiful gloves, extraordinary beads or bracelets, dear decorations.

Which props may be needed?

A professional photographer always has many details that will help to decorate the place of photography and make an image of pregnant brighter and unusual.

Among the huge variety of details, soft toys, children’s clothing, flowers (live or artificial), plates with original inscriptions, paper butterflies and more.

The trendy trend is to create a funny drawing on the tummy thanks to special makeup or body art. These paints are harmless, do not cause allergic reactions. Variety of drawings just amazes and surprises. Your stomach can decorate a funny smiley, bright butterfly or small karapuz. In order for the drawing longer to maintain its original look, it should be covered with a special retainer.


  • Preparation for the photo shoot: Clean body and hair, manicure and pedicure, excellent makeup and good mood.
  • So that the face looks fresh, it is worth refraining on the eve of salty dishes and not consumed a lot of liquid.
  • Be sure to sleep well before such an important event, since the photo session will take a lot of time and effort.
  • Think out the composition of those who will take part in the photo shoot. The participation of her husband and their children is welcome.

In the preparation of the article were used photos from the site Dashakirillova.Com

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