Slingokurtka 3 in 1

Slingokurtka 3 in 1

Cold autumn came, the winter is nearing and in front of a young mother stands up the question – what clothes to choose for myself and your little crumbs so that both it was warm and comfortable? The answer is simple – of course, Slingokurtka. It is great for protecting and mom, and baby from cold wind and low temperatures. Of course, you can use conventional upper clothes and wear a child in your arms, but why, when such a beautiful thing is already invented?

What is Slingokurtka 3 in 1?

It is important to understand that the Slingokurtka itself is not intended for carrying a baby, it is complete with a sling.

There are several variations of Slingokurtok, but perhaps the most practical and functional model is Slingokurtka 3 in 1. She is well suited for pregnant women. Special insertion or gums on the waist carefully maintain a growing belly.

Slingokurtka 3 in 1 – the perfect solution for young mammies and babies. It is enough just to replace the insertion insert for sling and ready for a comfortable jacket for mom and baby. And when the child is growing, you can simply remove all the liners and this model will turn into a conventional winter jacket that can be worn daily.

Slingokurtka does not accidentally take great popularity in future and, especially, young mothers. Sling is the perfect solution so that the chest kid was always next to her mother, while mom remained completely mobile. And if the sling is perfectly used in the warm season, the Russian winter makes its own adjustments. You can warm the child to wear and put it into the sling, and you can proceed easier – put the slingokurt. First, the usual sling slides on the clothes of the mother, and secondly, the sense of sling is lost – the child’s body is no longer accepting the natural pose.


One of the most important and important advantages of the Slingokurta is its ease. As a filler for it, a synthetic filler is used – fleece, tinsules, holofiber or other materials. These are high-tech fillers of a new generation, which is perfectly preserved heat, without having lost the thing.

Another advantage of the model is its multifunctionality. That is, with special inserts or rubber bands, the jacket is used during pregnancy, for walking with a baby and as a regular jacket. Inserts help to expand the space under the jacket to fit the child there in the sling.

Such inserts are additionally equipped with snacks or tightening rubber bands, in order to fit the volume of pocket under the growth and weight of the kid. For the convenience of a child, inserts are equipped with special slots through which you can pull out the handles and legs.

And unconditional advantage of such a jacket is the comfort of mom and child. The child is not necessary to wear in a warm jumpsuit, sufficiently cheaper clothes: and mom is easier, and the child himself.

Slings for Sling Cross

Slingokurtka is perfectly combined with the most different types of children’s carrying. It can be a sling backpack, and a scarf, and the Malling and other models. Baby can be located on the mother’s chest, on the back, in a vertical position.


Slingokurtays today enjoy so much popularity that every year you can find newer and improved models.

Despite the seeming bulkness of the product, the modern Slingokurtka allows you to look like a mother with a baby very stylish and beautiful.

Slingokurtka can have a different length. Women of low growth best to turn their attention to shortened models or medium length sling. In such models they will be comfortable to move, the clothes will not shoot and shy movements.

Slingokurtka can have a straight or fitted silhouette.

Depending on the season, all Slingokurts can be divided into several groups:

  • Fleece. Soft, comfortable slingokurtka resembles a cozy sweatshirt. Such a model is perfect for the first autumnen days or cool summer.
  • Demi-season. Designed for the Autumn-Spring Period. Perfectly warm and possess a high level of moisture protection.
  • Winter. Such jackets are designed for very cold and windy weather.

As a rule, Slingokurtka has a skeleton or a gum on the bottom of the product and cuffs. Some models are equipped with hoods and transformer collars. All this is done, in order for mom with a child or pregnant woman comfortably and cozy to feel in any weather.

Insulated Slingokurtka 3 in 1 is designed in such a way that even cold autumn or winter is visually lost to the future mother. The jacket sits on the figure and does not add extra centimeters or kilograms.

No matter who the Slingokurtka is acquired – for a future mother or for mom with a baby, she should not look boring. Model lineup of the jacket allows you to easily choose an elegant, bright, stylish thing in any color scheme. In fashion shades of mint, coral, purple, turquoise color. Monophonic or decorated with bright prints. It may be a traditional plant ornament and a fun applique on the theme of the fast appearance of the baby, for example.

For those who prefer more restrained, classic models, it is recommended to stop your choice on a jacket of emerald, dark blue, chocolate, coffee or black. Beautiful fittings or original decor will make such a jacket brighter and noticeable.


Every year, manufacturers of clothing for future mothers or mothers with young children come up with new models of slingokurtok, complement them with auxiliary elements to ensure comfort or even applied in a set of cute clothing items for the future kid. For example, a cap-hood, a manica, insulated liner from fleece for sling and t.D.

Among the most popular manufacturers of this clothing include the following brands:

  • VMeste. This brand has proven itself as a manufacturer of reliable and high-quality sling clothing. For sewing jackets, only the highest quality and warm materials are used – Merinos wool and thermophyn insulation. This material has hypoallergenic properties, it is very light, perfectly holds the form and is suitable for low temperatures.

  • Babyidea. For sewing Slingokurtok, the company applies microfibra, and a double fleece lining with a Pul-membrane is used as a heater. Such a jacket is perfect for long walks and active pastime on the street.

  • Yammy Mammy. The company offers a wide selection of slingokurtok designed for autumn, spring and winter. Models are made in the form of parks, down jackets, jackets, raincoats and even coat. The color scheme is very diverse: from cream and dairy color to dark blue, red and sea wave.

  • Echidna. A young company who for several years has become a fairly serious enterprise for the release of clothing for and nursing mothers. The range of the company presents several hundreds of various models of slings, slingokurtok, carrying, and clothes for moms and children. The company’s products are known far beyond our country due to high quality and wide range.

  • I Love MUM. Under this brand there is a large number of slingokurtok, down jackets, winter sets and clothes for pregnant women. Products are distinguished by high quality, suitable prices, modern design and trendy colors.

  • Diva Outerwear. Slingokurts manufactured under this brand have been developed specifically under the climatic conditions of our country. They are very easy, practical, perfectly withstand very low temperatures. The set to the jacket includes a removable gragging station, a manica for a mother and a hood for a kid.

How to choose?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of slingokurta, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties:

  • The jacket must be chosen at the season. Do not buy a winter model to wear it in spring or autumn. The child and mom warmed each other well, and there is no sense in an excessive warm jacket.
  • Insulation. The more dense insulation, the more low temperature is calculated jacket. For winter, the density of the insulation should not be lower than 250 – 300 g / m2.
  • Selection of material. It all depends on what time it is planned to be carried out in the fresh air. If it is long-term long walks, then the jacket with the density of the insulation from 300 g / m2 is obligatory. If in the fresh air is planned walks related to active movement, then you need to choose the option easier, for example, a jacket with a membrane coating. It’s breathable material, he will not give moisture to linger under the jacket.

What put on under the slingokurt?

Slingokurtka – a very warm thing, so we can wear it in the spring-autumn period you can put on a T-shirt or shirt. In the cold season, under it, of course, you should wear warmer things – the jumper, turtleneck, sweater.

It concerns mom. Child need to wear too warm enough. No need to forget that the baby is transferred to the heat of the mother body. It is enough will be light fleece or cotton blouse, tights or pants, warm socks.


Slingokurtka relatively recently appeared in the female wardrobe, but so quickly and firmly took their niche that now no one is no longer surprised by a young mammy with a baby dressed in such a jacket.

Among those who purchased Slingokurtka 3 in 1 and have already managed to displacing it during pregnancy and after childbirth, most often you can hear positive feedback. First of all, buyers note the functionality of models. Slingokurtka can be worn in different times of pregnancy, it is easily transformed under the growing belly, while remaining very stylish and comfortable.

Among other advantages of the customer note the convenience of the jacket in operation. The child is fully protected from the wind and cold, while the detachments allow the baby to free up the handles and legs, and mom at any moment can correct something if necessary.

Pleases moms and a large selection of models. Slingokurtka can be shortened or elongated, demi-season and winter, with insulation and without it, supplemented by different auxiliary elements and T.D.

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