Sports bra

Sports bra

Sports bra (also called top or sconce) – the necessary attribute of the wardrobe girls or women actively engaged in sports. He should not impede movement when performing physical exertion, and at the same time it is obliged to keep the breast of motionless.


Sports bust – the subject of wardrobe, which is mandatory for a modern woman with an active life position. Sports bra while socks allows you to feel comfortable, and also protects women’s breasts from driven and appearance of stretch marks.

This type of underwear can be used not only during periods of intense training. With the intention of protecting your breasts from unwanted influence, you need to wear similar lingerie in dancing, gymnastics, yoga, while running or walking.

Athletic bra looks like a tightly pulling breast top with wide straps crossed on his back. Most often on it there is a brand of a particular sports brand. If you are confused by the appearance of the bodice, you can safely wear it under a sports top or shirt. Sports Woods can be replaced by a conventional bra or silicone cups, but in order to comfort during sports, this is not worth doing this.


In the process of manufacturing a sports bra, materials are used that passes air and remove moisture. Such materials also consume to create other sportswear: T-shirts, tops, leggings.

Good sports knitwear consists of two layers:

  1. The first (closely adjacent to the body) is a hygroscopic material that rapidly misses moisture and does not give her the opportunity to gather and irritate the skin.
  2. The outer layer (usually more dense) allows the sweat gradually evaporate, not causing inconvenience.

In order to protect your body from allergic reactions, sewing use special hypoallergenic material. On the shelves of shop windows often you can often see sports bras made of cotton.

Cotton fabric has a number of minuses:

  • Fast wetting (and based on this – unpleasant odor)+
  • The cloth becomes hard+
  • Cotton will not provide the necessary breast support with intensive exercise+
  • Cotton products are rapidly losing the form.

Mainly, the fabric from which a sports bra is made should be practically a nausea and immediately removing excess fluid.


The main task of sports linen is to create the conditions for the maximum maintenance of the breast alone due to the compression effect (compression – pressure, compression).

There are several varieties:

  • Weak Support (Bike, Gymnastics, Pilates)+

  • Average support (skating, rollers, skiing, dancing)+

  • Strong Support (Running, Aerobics, Fitness, Horse Riding, Zumba, Tai-Bo).

Be sure to try on the product before purchase. In the process of fitting, you do not need to stand still, instead you can admire your hands, jump, boil back. Stop your choice on a model that will not rub and transmit the skin, and besides, it will be tightly hold the breast.

Also when buying carefully examine the label on the product. It contains information about the degree of comfort of linen.

Fabric designation may be like this:

  1. Moisture Wicking – The bra is made from the matter well absorbent moisture. Recommend it to wear during physical exertion of any intensity+
  2. Anti-Microbial – Such a bra lifter sews from a web, which is saturated with a special antibacterial substance. Those who sweats greatly, such a bra will prevent the appearance of a bad smell. This underwear is worn when performing a high degree of intensity exercises+
  3. Compression is a bodice that has a strong retention action. It is better than all other keys and healthy fits women with large bust. In order to convenience, the models of brars of this type are often equipped with a fastener in front. Breast size representatives less than the third no need to acquire a brain of this type+
  4. OFF-SET Seams – This is a lingerie that does not have seams. It is recommended to wear people with thin and sensitive skin, since this type of bustier does not leave traces and does not injure the skin+
  5. Molded Cups – Sports Linen with Formed Cups. Such a bra is most often used during aerobics or running. He keeps his chest well and does not give her the opportunity to hesitate while driving. Often the bras of such a plan have Push-up effect. Basically, the liner that creates the Push-up effect can be removed.

T-shirt with an internal bra – another one of the sports facilities. In most cases, this underwear is dressed when planning to play sports. In turn, such a thing will be very convenient for ladies in the position, as well as nursing Mama Mama. T-shirt with a brain inserted into it – a practical and useful thing.

The structure of sports shopping bags was created taking into account the characteristics of the structure of the female body, and moreover, it takes into account the diverse position of the body during physical exertion. Cutting this type of clothing should not prevent the execution of masters and lifting with your hands, turns of the body and the fulfillment of other exercise.

Sports bra often has the kind of top with two tabs for additional breast support and minor simulation. As a result, the small bust will be tightly fixed and slightly increased.

T-shirts bras for pregnant girls and nursing mothers help them to adjust the changing forms of the body. This type of linen provides free tolerance of a child to mother’s chest. T-shirts with built-in bras many times more convenient than ordinary magicians, because we combine T-shirt and bra. Before breastfeeding, the mother can quickly and effortlessly sweep the cup due to special clasp.

At that moment, when you have to make a selection of sports clothes, recommend emphasizing attention on products of famous sports brands and labels, which produce only sports. These companies are conducting research in the field of sports, so their prototypes are made from the latest materials using the latest technologies.

  • Nike and Adidas (Nike and Adidas) – Favorites among sports brands. They offer a variety of sports models.

  • SHOCK ABSORBER – If you plan to actively run, then choose the brand brand bra. Bras of this brand hold inside the required temperature, thereby not overheating breasts.

  • Reebok (Ribok) – brand producing very high quality, but also relatively expensive sportswear.

  • Sports brand with built-in cups of the Panache brand (Panash) are designed mainly for holders of a large bust. They will provide good support for even 4 and 5 breast size, and the unique transmission insert between the cups will give sharpness.

When choosing a sports bra, also recommend paying attention to such famous brands like: Decaton, Enel, Anita, Freya, His, Tuulik Org, Calvin Klein, Triumph, Puma, Anita, Triaction Hybrid Lite P.

Color solutions

Among the variety of fitness models there are various color solutions, ranging from beige, finishing with bright acid colors.

If you have bright leather – pay attention to the underwear of pastel shades (pale pink, pale blue, ash rose.) If you are a representative of dark skin, then you can safely give preference to bright, juicy shades (red, lilac, salad).

How to choose?

Depending on what kind of sport you prefer, the choice of a particular sport bra model depends on:

  • The degree of chest fixation depends on the frequency of sports. (Cm. NS. Models) In high-quality products, the manufacturer denotes on the label and the purpose of the product and the level of breast support. In the process of fitting, you will notice the difference between the models.
  • Stylists advise to choose models with a wide breast pick-up line to maintain it in due.
  • Straps should not be very stretched, otherwise they will quickly come into disrepair. Their width should be at least 2.5 cm.
  • Carefully examine the structure of the cup. For maximum comfort, at a time when the body moves, the cups must move simultaneously with the breast. Sometimes additional inserts are added to them that provide even greater chest fixation.
  • The material from which a sports bra has been made, should be a light, output fluid excess.

If you want the lingerie to serve you for a long time, you need the right care. In most cases, sports bras are designed for machine washing, so try to stick to the desired temperature mode, and select the right powder.

Sports underwear dries quickly enough, so there is no need to dry with hot air. If you are actively engaged in sports, then change the old bra to the new one is necessary about once every six months.

Many wonder: Is it possible to wear a sports bra every day? The answer is affirmative if it does not pull the breast over the measure, and does not cause discomfort with a long-term sock. Doctors do not recommend wearing a bra longer than 12 hours a day.

In order not to make a mistake in the choice of a sports leafer, you should define your size in advance. The size of the bra is indicated by numbers and Latin letter. Girth under the breast is marked with numbers, and the size of the cup – letters.


In general, reviews about sports underwear positive. Consumers celebrate high quality, convenience, comfort, good breast support and excellent moisture absorption. Some noted that since the socks of sports laundry began to get up less during training.

Among the reviews, occasionally meets where they report insufficient comfort when socking a sports bra. This happens only due to the fact that the person when buying did not take into account all the characteristics and simply acquired a model not very suitable for him.

What to wear?

Sports bra can be worn both separately and under T-shirt, T-shirt or top.

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