Choose a shirt for feeding

Choose a shirt for feeding

Birth kid – not only the long-awaited and happy event in the life of the family. This is also the emergence of additional worries for all its members. Still, the main load goes the mother of the baby. From the first days it is important to organize your life so that it was comfortable and convenient and the child, and mom. Nightgown for feeding a child breastfeeding in providing comfort is not in the last place.

What should be?

Requirements for a set of three shirts, with whom a woman will go to the maternity hospital are not difficult:

  • Maximum convenience for mother and child+
  • Full security from the point of view of allergic manifestations+
  • Functionality and hygienicity (should stand in priority when choosing a sortie for feeding)+
  • Soft cloth and flawless processing of seams (do not allow sweepers of the mother and child skin).

Best options are considered Models made of environmentally friendly natural fibers. These are high-quality hypoallergenic materials: Calica, Poplin, Cotton, Sitz, Flannel.

Shirts should have free cut, not molding, but not more than need, size to ensure sufficient breast support. The woman should have the opportunity to quickly unbutton the shirt on the chest, especially at night, so as not to make a long time to wait for a screaming baby and immediately start feeding.

    If the shirt is “proper”, then in it feed the baby will turn out faster, and this will be added to sleep for sleep and full rest, health improves and the mood will rise.


    Modern designers developed at night shirt models specifically for pregnant women and for nursing mothers. A special cut makes them much more convenient and more practical than the usual female nightgown. A rich assortment allows each woman to choose a model to taste and opportunities.

    Optionally, you can pick up a kit from a bathrobe and shirts, from shorts and free Topic – who will like that.

    Consider some species of shirts for feeding.

    • Models with one (in the middle) or two (on the sides) zippers in the chest. Allow you to open the breast only on the one hand or completely on both sides.
    • Shirts with a fixing cup. Have a special design, due to which the low fabric does not prescribe on the open chest and the zone of neckline.
    • Breast lacing models.
    • Variants with a sublected bodice on a soft and elastic rubber band.
    • Shirts with folds Fabrics in front in the area decollete. Before feeding the baby, the fabric just moves to the side.
    • Models with 2 tops. Under a rather free top top, a second top with slots are hidden, through which you can free up for feeding nipples at any time.

        All species of shirts for nursing mothers provide convenient access to the chest when feeding a child.


        Modern trading networks are replete with comfortable, functional and beautiful goods for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

        We give examples of manufacturers of high-quality textiles that have increasing confidence in most women.

        • Ivanovo factories. The oldest Russian manufacturer, which has a wide range of not only in Russia, but far beyond. Verified materials, high quality, reasonable prices make Ivanovsky textiles with a worthy choice.

        • Anita. This German company has existed for more than 100 years, develops and produces special lingerie. German quality without complaints. Main specialization – prenatal and postpartum direction in textiles. Strict control at all stages of technological processes ensures the release of products in exact accordance with standards.

        • Hunny Mammy. The company is known for comfortable and beautiful models for future and nursing mothers developed by high-class designers and sewn on modern high-tech equipment.

        • Alles Mama. Polish company for the production of women’s linen and super clothing. Used exclusively natural raw materials. All products are convenient and practical, has a competently thoughtful design.

          These are examples of the most sought-after companies in the market. Of course, in stores there are products not only of these manufacturers, among which there are quite good models.

          Tips for choosing

          Unfortunately, the ratio of price-quality is not always justified, so several tips will be useful to those women who are preparing for a very happy event in their lives, as well as those who have already returned from the hospital home with an invaluable “gift” from the White Aist.

          For the period of feeding, the baby is worth abandoning shirts with decorative elements (Lace, Ryushi, bows, ribbons). They can interfere with the mother when feeding, cling to the gentle skin of the baby and even damage it.

          Best stocking in three shirts. For the maternity hospital, it is better to take a simple budget option, so that it is then not sorry to throw it (most likely, during childbirth, the shirt will come to inappropriate condition). Two other shirts will be conveniently used to use: in one feed baby, and another to wear to go into a shower or to the toilet, just go out into the corridor.

          If the long-awaited event happened in the cold season, it will be more correct to choose a shirt made of tissue warmer, For example, from the flannel, so as not to get up the chest, and the baby is more pleasant to eat among warm linen.

          The optimal is considered the length of the shirt slightly below the knee. This option is more convenient for inspection from the doctor and is not confused in the legs.

          Fascinating practicality, you should not forget about aesthetic component, After all, a woman should look stylish and beautiful even in such a difficult period for her.

          The following video presents a review of a kit consisting of a bathrobe and a nightlife for feeding and in the maternity hospital.

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