Choose a silk female shirt

Choose a silk female shirt

Such a piece of domestic clothes, like a nightgown, belongs to the category of Must Have for the wardrobe of each young lady. This thing should be as comfortable as possible and pleasant to the body, as it is intended for resting and night sleep. Among women are greatly popular with products from Silka.


Silk night shirt is The optimal choice for those ladies, who seeks to make an indelible impression on their beloved man.Products from such material look really luxurious and very seductive. They create a beautiful and feminine appearance for fashionistas of all complexes and ages.

The undoubted advantage of products from a natural material is that It is not crushed while sleeping, so every woman may look perfect even in the morning.

However, on this list of advantages of silk shirts does not end. This is hygienic clothing, hypoallergenic. The material well regulates the temperature and has the property to absorb moisture. Silk models are durable and resistant to wear, durable to break and very practical.

Along with shirts, bathrobes, peignoirs and silk pajamas are very popular. Such clothes make the image gentle and easy.

Varieties of fabric

Silk fabric has a lot of varieties. They depend on the area of ​​origin of the thread and the conditions in which the caterpillars grew (in the natural habitat or in artificial). An important role is played by the leaves that these small insects are breeding – they can be oak, tide and t.D.

Here are just some of the most popular sulking varieties.

  • Tula. This material of the linen weaving is characterized by a gentle brilliance, high density and ability to keep the form.

  • Atlas. Satin weaving canvas, characterized by glossy glitter on the front side, smoothness and durability. Material soft and well draped.

  • Satin. Satin weaving silk material. Facial face silky, shine shimmering, the material is smooth and dense.

  • Crepe. For nightly shirts are rarely used. The material has a light glitter, can drape, almost not. On touch gritry.

  • Chiffon. Well draped, possesses mattiness, slim and extremely soft.

  • Organza. This silk canvas for the production of shirts are not used, despite tenderness, subtlety and transparency. Such material is characterized by rigidity, which makes rest in products from it uncomfortable.

Color spectrum

Most often, women’s night shirts are performed in a delicate color scheme: White, pastel, Nyudova. However, bright models Black and red the colors are not less in demand among the representatives of the beautiful sex – they are particularly relevant in cases where the lady wants to look seductive and sexual.

In recent years, you can find models more and more, Decorated with a variety of prints. Usually among them dominate the elements on the flower theme. The youngest ladies prefer shoils with funny pictures containing images of favorite cartoon characters.

Speeciously look at things on which not just images are placed, but also advanced inscriptions. For example, young girls will probably have to do a shirt with a picture of a fabulous beauty and a slogan “Princessems can be all”.

The lineup

The latitude of the range of silk shirts allows any lady to choose the model of a suitable style. If you prefer closed products, you can stay on a shirt with a gate and extended sleeves. And in order to bring a playful mood to your bedroom, it is worth making a choice in favor of a short shirt with a semi-open back and deep neckline.

Not so long ago, there were truly luxurious products from Chinese and Italian silk, decorated with octoral and rhinestones. If you wish, you can always find a shirt with lace in the store, it will not only emphasize the sophistication of its owner, but will add it to some mystery. Very spectacularly look at the model with a lace bodice, as well as guipure inserts on the hips and the back.

Fashionistims are offered a large selection of a wide variety of models of both translucent and completely transparent.

Society can be selected even in accordance with the bedroom style. For example, a frivolous open model is suitable for the direction of High-tech. The classic style is more appropriate a classic monophonic shirt. For a relaxation room in Indian Decor Choice is worth making in favor of bright silk things with floral prints. Japanese style harmoniously looks with monophonic dark models decorated with appliqué or embroidery.

How to choose?

When choosing a silk shirt, the first thing to pay attention to – This is the quality of the seams. Threads used to create them must be thin, in no case are not thickened, otherwise such a product quickly breaks.

Second important point – These are clay elements. The fact is that silk easily slides, and because of this, defective products are often coming across. Despite the diversity of shirts presented for sale, preference is better to give models of direct or free con. Draw attention to the fact that silk shirt categorically should not touch the skin of the armpits. The fact is that silk has properties to absorb sweat, and bring such spots is very problematic.

Clothes for sleep should not shoot freedom of movements, Therefore, it is best to acquire products for one size more. The most comfortable choice for night sleep is long shirts with large cuts on the sides.

Preference should be given to models, which are 100% consisting of natural materials without synthetic inserts, Since natural fabric is more comfortable, it allows you to adjust the heat exchange, absorbs moisture and has a good ability to pass the air.

Silk shirts will be a good solution for each woman. They will bring freshness to her life, fill with beauty, and in addition, will provide a full healthy sleep.

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