Choose kilt for a bath

Choose kilt for a bath

In the bath towel you can wrap up, but there is no guarantee that it does not fall from the body with an awkward movement. Such warranties give kilt, as it has reliable fixing elements. All other kilt functions perform as a regular bath towel: they are wiping after the soul, it is laid out as a litter on a steam shelf.

What it is?

Men wearing skirts still in ancient Rome, the Greeks called the FASTENELLY, were skirts and in the wardrobe of Vikings. But Bath accessory took his name from the clothes of the Scottish Highlanders, it was called – Kilt. It was performed from woolen fabric into a cage or stuffing sheepskin. The skirt made it easy to move on hard mountain trails, and in winter, in a set with stockings saved from the cold. The deployed kilt was a small bedspread that could be covered, spent the night in a hunting house.

Modern bath kilts sew from terry, linen, bike materials that absorb moisture well and provide excellent air exchange.

Kilts are a natural rectangular cloth with an assembly on a rubber band along the entire length (on the waist) fixed by velcro. Unlike a bath towel, tied by a dubious node, Kilt gives confidence that the confusion situation with his owner will not happen.

Bath clothes for women and men look different. In men, she is fixed on the waist and goes down to the knees. Women’s cloth attached above the chest and also goes down to knees. Kilts are good for the bath and sauna, they can be used after the shower and bathing in the ordinary bathroom. They perform many functions and are endowed with different advantages:

  • Transform into a bath towel or litter for shelves in the sauna+
  • quickly absorb moisture, have good air circulation+
  • endowed with reliable fasteners+
  • Made from natural, tactful pleasant materials+
  • Do not shift movements+
  • Perform hygienic functions+
  • are comfortable clothes for visiting a bath in the company+
  • reliable, wear-resistant and practical.

All these advantages refer to a qualitatively seeded product. But some types of bath clothes are claimed.

  • The most unsuccessful can be considered universal products intended simultaneously for men and women. As a result, for women, clothes are too short, and men in a baggy product with pockets at the very floor look comical.
  • Velcro is poorly combined with a terry cloth and leave the weight of the hook.
  • Wafer fabric, flax, or flannels are quickly wedged, impass and can shine.

Review of species

Despite a simple appearance, resembling a towel or a terry sheet, kilt has certain differences of a cut, intended for men, women, children. Besides, Products differ in the method of fixation, have fasteners of Velkro, ties, velcro.


Before the appearance of the first kilts, men were wrapped in towels who slipped and skipped movements. It is enough once to feel a comfortable pleasant canvas with a rubber band on the waist and a reliable clasp, to forever refuse to wind up the sheet that does not have a retainer.

Male kilt differs from female options by parameters. The rectangular canvas of the male product is wider, but shorter, since it is worn from the waist, and not from the chest. Models can be 2 species – to the knees and below the knees. The canvas is comfortable pan and fixed with velcro, fasteners or buttons.

The product can be selected with a large pocket or without it. As a decor on a male kilt, a concise embroidery is often present.


Female kilt is sometimes called Pareo, since his prime goes from the clothes of Polynesian Island Tahiti. Islanders wear it in different ways: fixing on the belt, on the chest, under the mouses. In our culture, only the last option passed as a bath clothes. The canvas is quite spacious to cover the lady from the armpits to the knees and guarantee reliable fossil. Pareo for sauna sometimes decorate ribbons, bows, embroidery.


Kids and adolescents can use killet after bathing in the bathroom, receiving a soul or during a family campaign to a bath. Manufacturers have developed a ruler of comfortable colorful products, taking into account age and gender of children.

As an example, we give a bright positive kilt for boys from 3 to 7 years from the collection “Funny Dwarfs”. The model is endowed with a deep smell, a convenient retainer and is designed immediately for several sizes, which allows the baby to grow up with clothes. The bath product is decorated with a contrasting white edge. In the same style, you can buy a hat with a pompon, towel, terry slippers, a rug and other soft pleasant things from this collection.

Pay attention to the second set – kilt with a children’s towel, in which you can conveniently wrap up after receiving the bath. Beautiful two-color products of solar color will surely like the kids.


Terry bath accessories will not surprise anyone, but they are not cheat. There are other, more budget fabrics, of which sew towels and clothes for the sauna. Consider in more detail what materials are used for sewing kilt.


The most popular bath canvas, as it is dense, fluffy, pleasant to the touch, absorbs moisture well and perfectly passes the air. Mahra warms on drafts and does not keep warm in the heat. She is durable, practical, has a large selection of textures and colors. Taking advantage of the terry killet, you can run out of the pool several times from the pool, shoot and put it on the wet body again. At the same time, Kilt does not have to wind out if it happens with thin fabrics. But a strongly fluttered product will dry long. It weighs more thin tissues and costs more.

Waffle cloth

Significantly inferior in the density of terry fabric, but has its advantages:

  • Easy+
  • quickly dries+
  • endowed with hygroscopic properties+
  • Hypoallergenne+
  • It is inexpensive.

Wafer product can be treated in a bath, massaging muscles to improve blood circulation. The biggest disadvantage of the fabric is its rapid wet.


Is a natural, dense wear-resistant cloth. It has good thermal conductivity, dries quickly, not stretching. But at the same time linen kilt is easy, quickly wines, also shines.


The viscose bamboo fiber, especially in a cotton mixture, is extremely suitable for bath accessories and kilt in particular. The product consists of fluffy threads, is a good thermostat, can absorb and keep a large amount of moisture. The fabric is durable, durable, does not collect odors, it is easy to erase, it does not melt and does not give shrink during washing. Kilt from bamboo canvas provides excellent air circulation, it is impossible to freeze, stand or overheat.


Cotton is the most common fiber on the planet, it is added to many natural and artificial threads. Kilt from pure cotton are soft and pleasant to the touch, “breathe”, quickly absorb moisture, have good hygiene properties, it is inexpensive. But Cotton is easily crushed, sits down during washing and dries long.

How to choose?

In specialized outlets, you can buy not only suitable kilt, but also a whole set, supplemented with bath accessories from one collection. There are nominal sets with beautiful embroidery. Makes it difficult to choose a large assortment of color and fabrics. In order not to regret the purchase, you need to pay attention to a number of moments.

  1. The main task is to choose a comfortable kilt. He must sit so that during the location in the bath you could forget.
  2. It is important to correctly calculate the size, pay attention to the magnitude of the smell, then Kilt will not shoot movies and dispel in the pose sitting. Length is chosen to taste.
  3. Fabrics need to have hygroscopic properties, maintain a good air exchange, do not concentrate odors, not shun away and not frightened.
  4. It is preferable to choose white or beige shades, since the poorly fixed dye on the tissues can be imprinted on the body.
  5. Gum and fasteners should be comfortable. Velcro can create a problem with a lip cloth, tightening. Kilt on rubber band and strings serves longer, the velcro over time loses its functionality.

Choosing a product, you should pay attention to its quality:

  • Good kilt is made from bilateral terry fabric, with 100% cotton thread+
  • models need to possess plasticity, beautifully sit, keep the form+
  • In the creation of high-quality products, Overlock is not used, the edges must have closed seams, replenished twice – then they will not appear over time+
  • good models have corners on the canvas are handed to manually, cut off excess fabric so that they are not thick and rude+
  • Not bad if Kilt has a loop on the belt – then it can be hung on the hook in the shower.

Good kilt will provide a comfortable stay in the bath. He can also become an excellent gift for friends and loved ones who love to get into the sauna.

About what kilt is and what better to choose, look in the following video.

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