Choosing a lace female shirt

Choosing a lace female shirt

There is almost every woman’s nightgown. In such an item wardrobe convenient to sleep or drink coffee in the morning of the day off. And if the model is complemented by laces, the image created with its help can drive from the mind chosen on a romantic date. And the very representative of the beautiful sex will be pleased to feel elegant and seductive in beautiful clothes, emphasizing the virtue of the figure. What are the lace female shirts and how to choose the appropriate option, our article will tell.


The considered variety of underwear appeared in the XV century. The first models were sewed from elite fabrics, so they cost expensive. Sleeping in such shirts exclusively representatives of the highest estate. Over time, this item of the wardrobe became increasingly popular and affordable. Today, you can find options for shirts from different fabrics. Diverse and styles and colors.

Of course, the most beautiful is the products decorated with lace. Openwork material can be located on a porch partially, as a spectacular inserts. You can purchase and fully lace model. It all depends on personal taste.


Natural silk products belong to the category of elite. The material flows and overflows in the rays of light, creating a charging image. Fabric is pleasant to the touch. On hot days it gives a feeling of coolness, and if it is not so hot in the room, retains a comfortable body temperature. Natural silk products do not grow much that is another plus.

Even after sleeping in such a shirt, the girl will look great.


This is another brilliant material that is pleasant “cooling” the skin on hot days. Many confuse him with silk due to external similarity, but satin things are more affordable by price, as natural notes are not. This fabric misses the air so well, but it can look very worthy, so enjoys great popularity.


The first 2 options (silk and atlas) are ideal for romantic dates, as well as family life, if a woman wants to look gorgeous in any situation. Cotton products inferior to them in beauty and luxury. Even decorated with lace, such models look robust.

However, many women love cotton shirts for their naturalness and comfort. The material is pleasant to the touch, it is convenient to sleep in it. The body in such clothes “breathes”. At the same time maintained the optimum temperature. Today, you can find charming cotton shirts with floral and other prints for young girls and monophonic models for adult ladies.

If you wish, you can purchase both a product with a floral or other print, resembling summer sundress and an airplane model in retro-chic style.


This modern fabric is widely used for sewing shirts. It is distinguished by strength, soft and elasticity, perfectly combined with lace. Such things do not throw movements. They are light, thin, ideal for summer time. At the same time, they practically do not impenet and look great.

Products are available at a price, and the design variations are a great set. Depending on style, Such a shirt may look modestly, elegant or even flirtary and honeycomb.


This is a lightweight air material from which tender night shirts are obtained. Despite the grace, Fabric is pretty durable and wear-resistant. She misses the air well, does not cause irritation, it looks great. Often such products are decorated with embroidery.


This is a rather dense velvety material. Usually they sew pajamas from it, but sometimes used to create shirts. As a rule, in such cases, saturated shades are selected. Pluses of fabrics can be called no fermentation and softness. However, it is worth it in mind that On hot days in velor clothes will not sleep too comfortable.

Color spectrum

Modern manufacturers offer women’s night shirts of all sorts of shades.

  • Snow-white products Create fresh and romantic images. A woman in such a dress seems young and tender. Especially expressively white models look at tanned skin.

  • Beige shirt – Perfect Casual Option. Like white, this color seems gentle, but not so contrast. The same can be said about the pale pink shade.

  • Black color fascinates with his mystery. He manites, excites a male imagination. The owner of such a shirt looks bold and irresistible. To create a “fatal” images of women choose exactly the color. Judging by the polls of men, and they also like more than others.

  • Chocolate tones look noble and elegant. Excellent option for those who want to purchase dark linen in warm gamme.

  • Red and burgundy shades Suitable temperamental individuals. For everyday use, such clothes are not too suited. But to diversify intimate life such underwear can with great success. No man stands in front of a bright beauty. The main thing is that the outfit does not oversee the appearance of his owner.

  • Blue and blue Colors for creating linen are not used very often. However, if a woman is the owner of heavenly azure eyes, such a shirt will effectively emphasize.

  • Green color goes to the owners of the eye of the same tone. It can be a sea wave color, fresh grass, turquoise or emerald.

Also on sale occur Two-color models with contrasting lace inserts and print options. Most often with laundry manufacturers are used floral motifs.

Night sets

Very convenient considered beautiful Night kits consisting of shirt and peignoir or bathrob. Both things are performed in a single style and color solutions. This allows you to not change clothes in the morning immediately, getting out of bed, and just throw the bathrobe and go into the kitchen to breakfast. At the same time, the appearance will remain flawless.

Also in such a set you can meet the lover if you have a special evening.

Criterias of choice

Choosing a shirt, it is worth deciding with several points.

  • Material. It is worth navigating the purpose of the thing. If you need a convenient model for sleep, you can take a knitwear or cotton version. If you want to impress a man, choose a silk, satin or completely lace shirt.

  • Style. Think what the length of the product is preferable for you, whether the sleeves are needed. If shirt is selected without them, it can have thin or wide straps. Usually the first option is selected by slender girls with a small breast.

Ladies with appetizing forms more often give preference to models with wide straps. In this case, the shirt can be fitted, tight or free. It is also worth focusing on the features of the figure and personal taste.

  • Color and decor. As already mentioned, it is better to choose a product of neutral tone for everyday use. Bright and contrasting models worth leaving for special occasions. Also, when choosing, you need to remember that too long models, as well as options with a large decor (ribbons, rollers, several layers of fabrics) are more suitable for romantic evenings, and not for sleep.

  • Having a bathrobe included. Although such sets are very comfortable, not all women are worn. Of course, one shirt will cost cheaper, so if the bathrobe is not needed, then it makes no sense to overpay.

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