How to choose a shirt in the hospital?

How to choose a shirt in the hospital?

For each woman the most long-awaited and responsible event in life is the birth of a child. To this important stage, it is necessary to prepare well, considering everything to the smallest detail. Future mothers should pay special attention to the choice of shirts in the maternity hospital, It must be comfortable in the sock and comply with all the requirements of the medical institution.

What is myself?

Generic shirt is a special type of clothing designed for future mothers and recently born women. She is often called a nightie for childbirth. To feel comfortable during the appearance and feeding of the baby, the future mothers need to have a minimum of 3 such shirts: one simple style, to wear in Rodzal (this is a one-time version, since after childbirth it will be in disrepair) and two postpartum (in the process of socks one will be replace another.

Women’s shirt should be spacious, comfortable in feeding infants, not to have odor, synthetic fibers in the composition and have sufficient softness.


Currently, manufacturers offer a wide selection of shirts for childbirth, which can be both disposable and replaceable. You can also meet kits, including different types of shirts and a bathrobe. We list the most popular options for this type of clothing.

  • With a sewn top. This is a pretty comfortable model that provides free access to the chest and well supports it. It is best to wear at the first attachments of the kid.
  • With a bra inside. This model is characterized by the presence of special clips on the straps, which allow one hand to close and open the chest. The edges of the cups in such shirts are trimmed with rubber bands, it allows them to adjust them under the body.

Manufacturers also sew a special cut shirts intended for nursing mothers, they have a neutral design and look pretty elegant. To feed the crumb, it is enough to raise the front top, under it there is another top with slots, providing access to the chest.

Materials and colors

Pregnant women who are preparing for childbirth, you need to prevent the shirts that you have to take to the hospital. Such products must be sewn exclusively from natural hypoallergenic materials. In addition, you need to choose a fabric that is easily erased. Most often for sewing such nightgowns use cotton, knitwear or coarse.

  • Cotton. Characterized by good breathability, ease and durability. This material after washing does not occur and is not inclined to shrinkage.
  • Tricat. It has high elasticity. The fabric is able to quickly take the original shape, it has a durability and uses well.
  • Biaz. Is a dense fabric that has ecology, hypoallergenia and easily erased, strokes.

Buy shirts in the maternity hospital better from one material. As for coloring, it is better to give preference White Color, Light Shades Pink, Blue.

Night shirt must have a neutral design, large and too bright drawings are not allowed.


In the clothing market for pregnant women, a huge range of shirts in the hospital is presented, but when they choose, first of all, you need to focus on quality. It is best to trust proven manufacturers who are well known with their products and received a lot of positive feedback.

  • Sewing factory G. Ivanovo. Night shirts for pregnant women from this manufacturer are considered the best choice. Products are available affordable price and high quality. In addition, you can find a wide range of models designed for both childbirth and breastfeeding.

  • Alles Mama. Women’s shirts from this Polish company are sewn exclusively from high-quality material of natural origin. The model range is presented for future and nursing mothers.

  • Anita. This German manufacturer specializes in the production of sleeping shirts that are ideal for tooling the baby and the entire postpartum period. The only drawback – for high quality it is expensive to pay.

What to take into account when choosing?

During preparation for childbirth, women need to take into account many moments, one of the main is the acquisition of shirt. It should be a simple style, out of modala, viscose or cotton. Its size is selected in such a way as to the belly and chest did not give anything. It is best to go for the purchase on the eighth month of pregnancy, since on this period the size of the breast will be exactly the same as after the appearance of the baby.

Another nuances are important.

  • Season. On the selection of cut and tissue density affects how much the future mother. For example, one women are suitable shirts with short sleeves, and others – long. It is important to remember that after childbirth, my mother cannot be cooled and overheat the chest.
  • Easy access to chest. It is advisable to buy models with a special system for comfortable feeding. They are very comfortable in the sock and well support the chest, keeping her form.
  • Doctor’s testimony. If a cesarean section is conducted, then you need to choose models with easy access to the stomach. Perfect option – Lightning shirts for fen.

Besides, It is important to pay attention to the presence of comfortable fasteners, all kinds of smells and double tops. These additional details give a shirt elegant appearance, make it easier for the preparation for feeding the baby and hide intimate places from prying views.

For childbirth, you need to choose a one-time shirt, as it will have to throw it later.

About what is needed to take in the hospital, look in the following video.

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