Vellar bathrobes

Vellar bathrobes


Femininity and elegance should accompany not only business or street clothes, but also home first. Art look well-groomed and tightened home – not from the lungs. Modern textile industry indispicable representatives of the beautiful floor.

Girls and women of any age, like appearance and figures can easily choose a home bathrobe to their taste. Especially loved cozy velor bathrobes. Unlike slippery and impractical silk bathrobes, which can be put on only in the evenings, meeting her husband from work, Vellar home products are extremely convenient and practical, They can be cleaning, messing in the kitchen, they are easy to wash them, they almost do not impair and besides great.

The model range of velor bathrobes is quite extensive – bathrobes on buttons, on zipper, with a smell + free or fitted silhouette, as well as fitting products + long “in floor”, medium length and mini-splash, barely covering hips + with sleeves of full length, three quarters, short or at all Sleeveless + postponed collar, collar-sock, collar-rack, no collar + with a belt and without + sleeved, fitted shoulder line, finishing by flocks, rushes and braid, overhead pockets, fun appliqués, hoods with funny finish, contrasting inserts Bocames, Picky and Cuffs.

Vellar bathrobes please their owners with bright saturated colors and cheerful prints. Sometimes modern designers even combine velor with silk, chiffon, lace or atlas.

If you need a bathrobe in which you don’t have to perform daily duties on the housework, such as washing dishes, cleaning or cooking, take a bright product of calm shades, such a velor bathrobe is useful as a bath. Well, if he has a hood, then you won’t need to wander your head towel after the soul.

What else is a product, like a velor bathrobe so loved by future moms? Especially appropriate will be such a subject of wardrobe in the hospital, It is multifunctional, attractive and even able to distract a pregnant woman from disturbing thoughts to his cheerful appearance. Manufacturers try to satisfy any female whim – why thank you very much.

Fabric structure

Translated from the French Velours – Velvet, T.E. Fabric with velvety surface formed by a soft short pile. Velor knitwear is made on the basis of natural cotton With the addition of polyester or viscose silk, resulting in a dense, wear-resistant, unmounted and pretty warm material with thick, low and soft pile – pleasant and practical in all respects. Velor compared to the velvet has a layer of cotton, unlike velvet velor does not lifted, does not wipe and does not pull.

Vellar canvas has a soft structure that gives the product a characteristic tide and a noble glitter. High-quality velor is wonderful, does not shine, does not “sits” after the washed, it is perfectly holding a form, does not need a ironing, well absorbs moisture, does not fade, Therefore, it has a variety of incarnation in all types of clothing, both for adults and for children. Adding Elastane gives velor tissue of elasticity, which, in turn, contributes to even greater springs of products from it.

There is only a couple of shortcomings – high density and complex structure of cloth of cloth spinning do not contribute to the fast drying after washing, and various dust and threads cling to the dysples surface, but velor cloth is quick and easily cleaned.

It is important to pay attention not only to the quality of sewing velor bathrobe, But also on the quality of the fabric, from which it sews – often manufacturers, having cheaper production costs, add to the composition of too many synthetics, better if it is not more than 20%.


The question of the length of the velor robe is important to solve for itself, Based on the features of the type of shape, physiological heat exchange and purpose of the product. Short mini-colabers will decorate the young owners of slim legs. Bathrobes “to the floor” are suitable for “distress” of high growth, as well as as bath. And the “midi” length will be optimal for girls and women of any age and growth, in such a robe nice to do household, he does not constrain movements, but looks quite attractive and humble enough.

Women’s velor bathrobes of big sizes

Women’s velor bathrobes of large sizes are very popular, from 52 to 62, and even 64 sizes. A woman of any complex loves a velor bathrobe for its softness and comfort. Depending on the style, such a product will help hide the imperfections of a full figure – full legs can be hidden behind a long bathrobe to the ankle and below, too wide hips will disguise the broken style, owners of a chic bust. Free croes sleeves.


Manufacturers like domestic and foreign people love to work with velor, they appreciate his unpretentiousness in processing and high demand in the market. Bathrobes can be absolutely different purposes: from baths to universal home. Most available at the price of Russian factories, for example, Moscow Viltex and Evateks, St. Petersburg Vivat, Oryol Pikanto, Production Company “Sinel”, Kazan manufacturer Lilians. High Quality is distinguished by Laete brand products in Japanese equipment, consumers value it for the original design and excellent European materials. It is widely known that the best fabrics in Russia, including velor, are manufactured by Ivanovsky textile factories: Vilana, Serenade, Margo and many other trademarks please us with a unique design, good quality and democratic price.

Veryer products from Italy (NIC-Club) and Turkey (Five Wien and Mia-Mia) remain more expensive products. Turkish bathrobes are made mainly from high-quality cotton, which has passed complex processing in production. Such bathrobes can be an excellent gift for a celebration, for example, on an anniversary or a wedding.


As for feedback on velor bathrobes of famous manufacturers, they are very positive in the bulk. In most cases, consumers are satisfied with the quality of the fabric, the quality of sewing, softness, color saturation, reasonable prices and a wide range of products presented in the market. About uneven seams or sticking threads can only be heard from buyers of low-quality Chinese velor bathrobes, besidesE-site manufacturers are often used for sewing pure synthetic materials, which are electrified, linen, do not give the skin breathe and cause allergies.


A similar velor bathrobe is practical for a deep blue house will decorate any fine sex representative. Unusual cutout gates, broken sleeves three-quarters, practical overhead pockets and underlining waistle – all this creates truly sophisticated female image, quite suitable under the atmosphere of home comfort.

Naughty and cute “Girl” image will help create a shortened velor bathrobe. Frivolous pink, leopard finish, funny applique and unchanged hoods for sure will come to young girls.

A pair of stall velor bathrobes – Mast Have of any modern couple. How nice in the evening after the soul View your favorite movie, brewing your favorite fragrant tea and looked into a cozy bathrobe!

In such a velor dress, a coat will not be ashamed to appear in front of the guests. Teddy fabric texture, elongated style, wide shielding collar, large pearlescent buttons and fitted silhouette create truly aristocratic image.

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