All about New Year’s dresses for girls

All about New Year's dresses for girls

Perhaps no one is waiting for the New Year holidays like children. For them, the new year is not just a change of numbers on the calendar, and the time of magic, gifts, the fulfillment of desires. And, of course, on the matinee in kindergarten or at school, any girl wants to be the most beautiful and elegant. And in this she will help her successfully selected New Year’s dress.


In order to choose a dress that is perfect for a small princess, you must take into account the following points:

  • Focus on the natural data of the child: a thin girl is suitable for a dress with a lush skirt, full – with a-shaped silhouette, vertical inserts and stripes+

  • Pay attention to the material from which the thing is sewn: it should be natural, pleasant to the touch, do not have coarse inner seams capable of deliver discomfort+

  • Do not learn the temptation to purchase an outfit in the online store, as in the case of children it is easy to guess – make a mistake with the size, style, so preliminary fitting is necessary+

  • never buy a new year’s dress without consulting with the girl itself – it should first like her, and not you+

  • Check suitable children’s accessories: rim, handbag, hairpins, gloves, jewelry.

Overview of Stamps

Speaking about the most popular and in-demand dressing of dresses for the celebration of the New Year, it is worth saying the following: the best will be the one that will suit the specifically taken girl. Color gamut, length, silhouette – all this should be harmonized with the external data of the child, complement, and not to hide the dignity. These styles are considered the most popular.

  • Ball gown. It has long been a classic. Luxurious outfit with a long lush skirt, lace, glitter will decorate the girl of any age, will allow her to feel like a real queen of Bala.
  • Dress “2 in 1” with a removable skirt – very convenient and practical decision. In a long dress, the girl will be able to come to the official part of the event, and in the short – on the disco.

  • Dresses in retrostile now at the peak of fashion. Especially good they are for thematic parties. For the completeness of the image, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the selected stylistics, that is, pick accessories, make makeup and hairstyle of that era, where the topic of the dress is taken from.

  • A-shaped silhouette. Another classic option. Thanks to a simple crumble, a-shaped dress can wear a girl of any growth, age and physique.

Colors and images

Color range of New Year’s dresses for girls extensive. The main rule that should be followed by the selection of the outfit is the absence of ordness, blossoms, unpleasivity. New Year – time of bright colors, sparkling glitter and rhinestones, lace and embroidery. And color, in fact, can be any.

  • Basic palette: white, gray, beige. Mute, careless tones will become an excellent background for various decorations: beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones, brilliant embroidered applications. To the base color dress you can pick up any accessories: necklace, bracelets, crown, bright fantasy belt.
  • Pastel shades: Nyudova, peach, gentle pink, light lilac, mint, blue. Suitable for girls of any age. Can be supplemented with a wreath of artificial colors in the tone of the dress. Such colors are good to create a fairy image.

  • Bright tones. Trendovy are considered red and its shades, yellow, purple, emerald green, blue “Electric”. Best fit adolescence girls. Juicy colors do not require additional faded jewelry, it is enough to dilute the image of beautiful serges, a fantasy breakdown or a fashionable handbag.

  • The palette of dark shades. These include black, ink, chocolate brown, “wet asphalt”. Such outfits are desirable to wear only high school students. Dark colors are very demanding to the selection of accessories, whether it is a necklace, massive earrings, diadem or clutch.

    As for the selection of the New Year’s image, it all depends on the subject of the festival and the preferences of the Girl itself.

    One only remains unchanged: the image must be thought out to the smallest detail. Dress, shoes, hairstyle, easy makeup, additional components – everything should be perfectly harmony with each other.

    Choose an outfit by age

    Choosing a dress, one way or another, will be due to the age of the girl. Consider options.

    Up to 2 years

    1. Elegant dresses for young children are best pick up with a lush skirt, just below the knee. If your mother or grandmother – needlewomen, they can tie a hook or spokes of a wing, and the baby will turn into a fairy or butterfly. Extra image will help the magic wand decorated with an asterisk.
    2. One girlfriend can be turned into sweet candy, Pose a bright pink dress in a multicolored pea, tied a big bow on his head.
    3. And two years will like the idea of ​​reincarnation in the granddaughter of Santa Claus itself – Snow Maiden. To do this, you will have to purchase a gentle blue dress, sheathe it with silver tinsel and complement the snow-white coupling.

    3-5 years old

    The girls of this age already have idols in the face of cartoon characters, so they can tell themselves to tell the idea of ​​the New Year image. Baby may want to become the queen Elsa, Rapunzel or Snow White, Accordingly, its outfit must be performed in the selected stylist.

    Children at 3, 4 years old and 5 years are still visited by a kindergarten, so they can be asked a certain topic of choice of the New Year’s dress.

    Most often the girls become snowflakes, and boys – bunnies.

    6-9 years old

    In the younger grades of the school, every child already knows exactly who wants to be for the new year.

    A girl at 7 or 8 years old is unlikely to want to put on the themed masquerade suit, rather, the princess outfit will be attracted.

    therefore The dress is best to choose a long, decorated with ribbons, lace, rhinestones, sequins. Diadem and high hairstyle with curls at the face will help. Makeups are allowed, blasting.

    10-13 years old

    Teenage age is a time when the girl begins to realize his femininity, she wants to like the boys, I want to look like “adult”. Therefore, for the New Year’s party, she should choose such outfits:

    • At the age of 11 or 12, for the celebration of the New Year, you can choose an outfit in style of 50s: a dress to the knee with a lush skirt in a large peas, complemented by a bright red belt and beads+
    • In 13 years, an excellent solution will be a greek-style dress with a bodice, covered with glitter and rhinestones+
    • At the age of 14 and up to the prom, as a New Year’snth, you can choose a bright cocktail dress to the knee or a little higher, with a fitted silhouette.

    The next video will tell you how to create a New Year’s dress for the girl do it yourself.

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