All about Scotch skirts

All about Scotch skirts

This model sometimes leaves several away from common style trends. But again constantly triumphantly returns to fashion. Meet your good acquaintance: Skirt-Scot!


The history of the Scotch skirt has no one hundred years. For the first time skirt made of wool fabric in the cage appeared in the mountains of Scotland in the 16th century. At first, the skirt was called “Big Kilt” and was a large piece of natural wool, which made it comfortably wrapped during the night sleep, she quickly dried, well warmed in cool weather, did not interfere with active movements, it was practical and convenient. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the famous entrepreneur Thomas Rusinson modernized Kilt, rooted him to his knees and turned into a small kilt, in this form this thing reached our time.

Skirt in a cell from natural wool – a symbol of Scotland, first she served as practical protection from cold and bad weather for shepherds, inhabitants of mountains, ordinary people, served to decorate for nobility. Gradually, this original thing spread throughout the world, has undergone some improvements and has become an indispensable subject of wardrobe of any woman. In ancient, the color of the wool, from which Kilt was sewn, showed the social status of its owner – a single-color with a very simple geometric pattern was worn by servants, two-color kilites could wear rural residents, three-color intended officers, kilt with a lot of colors could wear poets, to know, supreme representatives clans and communities.

Famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gauthier turned a wool skirt for men to his image and perfectly succeeded on this field. At the beginning of its history, the Scotland was only part of the male wardrobe, but over time was adapted for women. The skirt in the cage has its own characteristics, sews from two lanes of the tissue length from the waist to the knee, is going to a special way in the waist folds. Women’s Scottish Skirt has brighter color options, including classic colors – brown, black, red, yellow. Classic skirt option – bright red cage, which is duplicated with green, blue or black flowers.

Such a color palette for women is the most winning option, the skirt looks spectacular, catchy and interesting. It can be of different lengths – from mini to the ankle.


Each thing has its own unique features, our option is no exception. In modern fashion there are its diverse variations – a short skirt in a fold, skirt-shorts – for young girls, knee-length or midi magnificent for women of all age. For girls and women with shapes, the skirt in a fold can visually reduce the volume of the hips, and a properly selected color palette slightly and visually lengthens the figure.

Skirt-Scotland – an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any woman. The cloth in itself is already attracting the attention of others, and if it is laid in beautiful folds, has a bright catchy color, the aesthetic effect is provided! In addition, such a thing is suitable and a young girl and a solid lady. The product from the cell elegantly looks at the office, on the street, at a solemn event due to the classic color and traditional Crow. Options can be set, but the principle is one – a cell and folds.

Product length, width of folds, hidden in the seams of pockets, a wide or narrow waist belt, placement of lightning (rear or side), the presence of smell or coquette – everything only complements the already established classic version of the Scottish skirt.

Overview of Stamps

There are many styles and variations of the recognizable outcome of the wardrobe. This unique product can be put on any case of life – to school, work, walk, rest, celebration (provided that the fabric in the cell will be bright and unusual). Stylish styles in the plaid fold skots are popular for simplicity of cut and easy to use. Such a thing looks bullshit, brightly and draws attention. In the classic version of the skirt, the Scotland has a cone or cylinder form. It can be short or long, with a smell or without it, elongated in the form of a pencil, for full and slender women.

The modern version of the skirt from Scottish wool is a variety of shades of classic cell, styles, different variations of models (coquette, smell, skirt-shorts). In the color scheme traditionally dominated red, red-brown or dark blue colors with the addition of white. In general, the color palette of the plaid is extensive – the models in blue, pink, green and purple colors are perfectly looking. Such color variations are better suitable for young girls. Elegant and business-like school skirt for girls and young stylish ladies in a black and white cage. An elegant white blouse made of natural silk or cotton is ideal for such a skirt.

For visual effect, the length and style of skirts are not recent. The average length of such a product has about 50-60 centimeters from the waist line. Traditionally, the plaid sew from natural wool, but also popular cotton, flax, silk, polyester and other fabrics with admixtures of synthetic threads. Skirts with the addition of synthetics are better kept folds and shapes, there are fewer and deform.

Short model – the most popular and demanded option of this product. Such a length visually lengthens the shape and legs, a large number of folds hides the bulk hips and makes the waist visually thinner. Such a magnificent skirt looks great with a smooth riding in the form of a blouse in the style of classics or romance, with a ton of tone, even the top in the form of a T-shirt will be to the place.

Skirt below the knee or maxi – business card of each stylish woman. Such length is great for strict office style, it looks great at any corporate party or business negotiations.

Walk around the city, hike to visit – the perfect reason to wear a long scotch skirt.

Tulip skirt perfect option for slim girls of medium or high growth. For such a skirt, it is better to choose a large expressive cage. Patch pockets or hidden in side seams will look good. The waist folds are perfectly emphasized the shapes of the figure and if the woman is thin, add the volume in the thighs area.

Skirt-Scot Decpection – Universal Model for Girls and women of any age, with the help of such a style you can perfectly emphasize your style and good taste. The main thing is to choose the right and additional components of the image correctly (belt, jewelry, kosynka, bow).

Scottish-Sun with Plears Original Universal Thing, which will look great on any figure.

Scotch-eyed skirt looks sophisticated and elegant. Perfect office style. Usually, such a skirt has a length below the knee or to the middle of the caviar, the narrow strict cut is emphasized by the hips and visually slightly slightly.

Color palette

Any woman or girl can easily pick up a fabric under their face and shape, emphasize their individuality, show feeling taste and style.

  • Traditional palette of Scottish Kilt – Harmonious combination of red, brown, green, dark blue with white and black flowers.

  • Red cage – The most spectacular combination in the color palette of the plaid. The combination of red, black and white cells looks good in any model, and the folds add texture and volume patterns.

  • Magnificent combination of dark blue or green colors in black and white cell. Dark brown and yellow colors of cells are traditional and very in demand. For young girls and young women, a cage is suitable in pink, blue, yellow, lilac, purple tones.

  • There are several types of cells – Tartan, Chess, Scottish. The most popular colors – Tartan, natural dyes were used in the old days. In modern fashion, there are about five hundred tartan variations, the most popular combination of a red combination with black, blue with purple and green.

  • Chess – Original Plaid Option, Multicolored cells are located in a checker order. The chess cage is very popular and in demand, the main thing in it is a harmonious combination of colors.

  • Rainbow from Cage – Spectacular Scottish Option. The colors of the rainbow is very bright and catchy, it is better suitable for young girls. Ideal color combination – purple, brown, beige, sand.

Bright rainbow print will decorate any slim woman.

  • If you give preference Dark calm tones, then you can make your figure more slim.

How to choose?

So that the Scotland advantageously emphasized the individual features of the figure and showed a good taste of its owner, you need to seriously approach the choice of fabric. By itself, the fabric into the cage is already creating an extraordinary memorable effect. Young and young girls are better to choose bright catchy colors, solid ladies stylists advise the cage of muted beige tones. Several rules when choosing a plaid:

  • It is better to choose high-quality natural fabric+
  • Color palette Cells should approach the emotional image of a woman+
  • When choosing to pay attention to the color palette of the cell, the younger girl – the brighter the paints.

What to wear?

Scotch skirt has a huge advantage among other things of the female wardrobe. It is easy to make sets with it. Skirt with a non-latch pastel printing can be supplemented with a bright blouse with a bow, a bright cell balancing a white blouse or tanning tone. Closed shoes, sandals, table shoes from sails are perfectly suitable for skirt.

Scottage-pencil greatly harmonizes with white blouse and black classic hairpin shoes.

The skirt in a fold in a red-white cage is ideal for white or black blouse in a classic or romantic style, Shoes – High Heel Ankle Boots, Volumetric Stylish Bag in Tone will complement the image.

With a short skirt in a fold from the plaid, you can wear sneakers, sneakers, sports shoes, boats, ballet shoes.

Skirt-Scotland – a universal thing with which you can combine any clothes and shoes.

Stylish examples

  • A bright red skirt will become an accent of the entire image. Careful with accessories!

  • Even with traditional white riding can look different – from business and cute romantic style to Lady Vamp.

  • Ideal with knitted riding in the tone of one of the colors of the cage and simple large ornaments.

  • The combination for the bold urban fashionists who themselves set trends.

  • Excellent with trend models Overseas and leather accessories of rough-style, focus on contrast.

  • Scotland goes to everyone without exception. The main thing is to choose the right fabric under your color and model that will emphasize the merits of your figure.

About how to sew a scotch skirt, look in the following video.

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