An elongated jacket

An elongated jacket

Initially, the jacket was an attribute of a business image, but today it can become a fashionable focus in creating a fashionable and original bow, regardless of style. An extended jacket is now at the peak of popularity. Each fashionista tries to replenish its wardrobe with these styles, especially since the designers offer a wide range of.


Today in the trend a variety of extended jacket models. Designers are constantly working on new options that will allow each girl to feel irresistible and special.

Stylish jacket should not be black, on the contrary, the models of red, purple or white look quite effectively

An extended jacket can be decorated with different decor. For the embodiment of an elegant image, a model with a fur finish is perfect. Show your inner world will allow jacket with appliqué. Some girls like the models with big buttons.

Among the wide range of extended jackets this season should pay attention to:

  • Model without collar+
  • Jacket with V-neck+
  • Sleeveless option+
  • model with rack collar+
  • The product with a length of the middle of the thigh:
  • Dental or Direct Crazy model+
  • Jacket with spectacular false pockets or with lapels.

Each model is highlighted by an unusual cut and stylish design. Modesta is looking for extended jackets of bright and unusual colors.

For summer time, the model without sleeves is ideal. It approaches all the most beautiful sexes, allows you to hide the flaws of the figure and is distinguished by universality. Variety of models fascinates. They can be fitted cut, with a belt or expand to the bottom.

An extended sleeveless jacket is worthwhile to wear with pants with an overwhelmed waist and crop top. Such a tandem looks unique and fashionable. This model looks beautifully in tandem with different jeans. Stylish and practical. It can also be combined with dresses or skirts, leggings or shorts.

Long-legged sleeveless jackets of blue, turquoise or yellow color look very impressive. Fur pockets of large sizes are the original decoration.


The choice of fabric is one of the main criteria in choosing an extended jacket. The variety of materials is so big that every girl can choose the option that will satisfy her requests.

Today in trend Cashmere, wool, knitted knitwear and everyone’s favorite Denim. This season should pay attention to the skin, velvet, velveteen, as well as on materials with glitter metal shade. Each fabric will help create a unique jacket, give it originality and irresistible.

When choosing an extended jacket, you must familiarize yourself with the characteristic of each tissue, and what effect it produces on the surrounding. For example, for every day it is better to choose a denim jacket. For the embodiment of an elegant onion worth paying preference. To look exquisite and sophisticated, you should wear a velvet jacket.

Girls who are in venxality and practicality, prefer model from Venelvet. Laconic onions guaranteed due to knitted jacket. To look solid, you need to pay attention to woolen models. And, of course, do not forget about Cashmere, who attracts representatives of a beautiful sex with comfort and softness.

What to wear?

An extended jacket is perfect for business dress code. Business lady often wear it with white blouse and dark trousers or short skirt. Convenient shoes in tone jacket will help create a harmonious business image.

To create a restrained bow should pay attention to the combination of an elongated jacket with a male croo shirt and a pencil skirt. Also the rigor to your image will give a red jacket, put on top of a black blouse and a pencil skirt.

Jacket stylishly looks like trousers and with skirts. If you like dresses, then the elongated model will be simply indispensable for the embodiment of an attractive bow. Office option you can easily transform in the evening. Just add bright decorations and accessories.

Extended jackets allow you to visually lengthen growth or, on the contrary, shorten legs. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of shoes. Girls low growth worth give preference for shoes on heels. High fashionista can wear extended jacket comfortable and practical sneakers, moccasins or shoes on a flat sole.

Knitted jacket allows you to increase the top, so it is better to combine it with a narrow bottom. For example, you can wear skin jeans, pencil skirt or narrowed pants. Many like jackets from flowing fabrics. With such a model, the dress or skirt is perfectly combined. When choosing a vertex is worth the preference of the blouse, T-shirt, a sweatshirt or a T-shirt.

Stylish images

An extended jacket can often be seen on the stars of show business, because it allows you to look bright and stylish. So, a black jacket with a lining of leopard colors perfectly harmonizes with a black elegant mini dress. Stiletto shoes will help complete a stylish bow. In such an outfit, you can become a star party.

For hot summer, it is perfectly suitable for an extended white jacket. It is beautifully combined with shorts decorated with original print, and gray shirt. Bright Scarlet Sandals and Blue Clutch will be bright accents.

For everyday bow should pay attention to jeans and shirts. It looks like a black extended jacket in a tandem with a checkered jacket of classic cut and shorten jeans with holes. Exquisite heel sandals and a spacious bag perfectly complement bright onions.

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