Boiled jeans or spectacular jeans

Boiled jeans or spectacular jeans

The phrase “boiled jeans” will most likely cause bewilderment among young people born on the border of the XX and XXI centuries. In order for the injecting the inconsisions, there were no questions, why do you need to boil jeans and how then there are, and this article will tell.

What is jeans-boa?

In the years of restructuring, the “iron curtain” with the West began to rise gradually, and one of the first from there was slipped, of course, fashion. Denim clothes with various prints became very popular among perestroika youth, but, unfortunately, was almost inaccessible. Therefore, the main mods and fashionistas were considered to be those who or whose relatives on debt for service were abroad, because from there it was possible to bring megamodnaya for the period of time.

But not everyone had access to foreign attachments. Very many imported things were sold from under the floors, since officially resale bought by the border of things was named speculation and punished by the Criminal Code. Illegally could be purchased almost everything, including very trendy, then listened jeans. But only units could afford them because of the fabulous value.

The desire of the girls from the 80s to be beautiful was so strong that they were looking for various ways for little money look stylish and fashionable. One of these inventions and are routine jeans. After conducting simple manipulations with a chloride bleach and ordinary blue jeans (by the way, the speculators were bought, but much cheaper than dealted), it was possible to get the most fashionable model of the pants from Denim, which in appearance was very difficult to distinguish from a real imported thing.

A huge advantage in the digestion of jeans was that the magnitude of white divorces and their intensity could be independently controlled during the cooking process, and even if the desired result was not possible from the first time, it was possible to repeat the entire procedure with another bleach concentration.

How to do at home?

According to contemporaries of jeans-boa, the ordering procedure is quite simple, and it is quite possible to spend yourself in the kitchen.

If you want to make a similar thing independently despite the fact that today in stores without problems you can buy any model you like, clearly follow the instructions below.

So, the procedure for jarging jeans conditionally can be divided into three parts:

1) Preparation

2) Holding

3) Completion

Let’s sequentially look every step.

Training. For self-making boiled jeans you will need:

  • Blue jeans
  • 7 liters of pure water
  • 1 glass of white or other concentrated bleach
  • Enameled pelvis, pan or a bucket of at least 10 liters
  • Wooden clamps, clothespins and tight gum
  • Plastic or wooden fixture for stirring (the usual strong stick is suitable)
  • Latex gloves.

All listed items must be clean and not highlight paint when contacting white or boiling water.

Pour into the enameled water container and put on fire. While water boats, prepare jeans. First of all, they must be dry and clean. The product should be selected from the present denim, since the presence of impurities in cotton fabric can give an unpredictable, and often deplorable, result.

To obtain a certain print, there are various ways of folding jeans during cooking. Vertical strips can be obtained by pulling pants tight rubber band+ For large strips and stains Gina should be fastened and fix it climb, and For thin strips twist must be especially tight. An interesting print will succeed in using conventional clothespins – catch them on the fabric, and beautiful bright stars are formed in these places in these places. Their size depends on the width of the clothespins.

Appearance. When the water begins to boil, you can start the procession of cooking. Since we are dealing with chemicals, there is a risk of getting a burn, so be sure to put in advance prepared rubber gloves. Measitate with an unused in the kitchen dishes 250 ml (faceted glass) whiteness and pour hot, but not boiling water. When boiling the solution in it you can lower jeans. Remember that the desired figure will be obtained only with the correct twisting of jeans, so it should be very gently putting them into the container without damaging the mount.

Duration of jeans of jeans – 15 minutes. But this figure can be corrected in a large or smaller direction, depending on the desired intensity of tissue clarification.

During the boiling process, do not allow jeans to surface. To do this, use a wooden shovel or special tongs for a semi-automatic washing machine.

Completion. Upon reaching the desired level of tissue clarification jeans, you need to get out of the pan and give a little cool. Next, it should be carefully crawled from the product bleach – for this, the rinse is first carried out in warm and then in cold water. Only after the whole chlorine from jeans comes out, they can be wrapped in the machine. When washing, it is advisable to use air conditioning for linen to soften the fabric and give her a pleasant fragrance. To finally get rid of the smell of chlorine, jeans need to be dried on an outdoor and well thought out.

The process of “cooking” jeans can be viewed in the following video.

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