Modern fashionroom has a choice among dozens of different options for outerwear. If you are not satisfied with the practical jackets, strict jackets, elegant coats and classic raincoats, the soul wants something more original, look at unusual models that combine the best qualities from different things. For example, pay attention to the cardigans-coat: they are as exquisite as the coat and the same light and cozy as cardigans.

In today’s article we will tell you about the peculiarities of this type of clothing. You will learn what your coat cardigans are and from which materials they produce them. You are also waiting for a master class on the alteration of Palantine and fashionable tips on the combination of a cardigan coat with other things.


Cardigan coat has many different incarnations: from light capes for a cool summer evening, to warm outerwear for a dubble offseason.

In addition, the coat cardigans may vary in style, style and silhouette.

Let’s look at the several most popular options for this item of the wardrobe.

  1. Opesez is one of the most fashionable models today. “Dimensionless” cardigan effectively emphasize the grace and fragility of the girl’s figure. In addition, he truly warm and cozy, it’s so I want to wake up to hide from cold weather.
  2. Asymmetric models always look unusual. The original cut and variable length allow you to draw attention to the chosen parts of the figure, for example, to a thin waist or slight legs.
  3. Maxi models love not all because they are not very practical. For example, being driving in a cardigan-coat up to fet is terribly inconvenient. But but the appearance of such models is simply awesome. Especially well they look at high girls.
  4. Poncho can also be considered one of the types of cardigans-coat. They are distinguished by an unusual cut: such cardigans are sewn from solid canvas, in which sleeves are formed or hand holes are done.
  5. Cardigans-coat with smell look very feminine and romantic. In addition, they visually make the figures proportions more correct, emphasizing the waistline. Such models can be worn like a belt and without it.


To create a coat cardigan uses a variety of materials. It may be not only fabrics, but also yarn.

If you want to tie and sew a coat cardigan yourself, when choosing a material, give preference to one of the following.


Twid is a kind of woolen material with synthetic fibers that make fabric soft and elastic. Its main advantage – interesting, relief texture. In addition, things from the TVID almost do not impair, so they do not need to stroke them.


Mochher – Another kind of material from wool, in its composition the main share falls on Angora. Mohaer is very soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch. Moker products look gentle and air.


Cashmere is one of the most expensive woolen fabrics. Its features a soft structure, beautiful appearance. This material is thin and almost weightless, but at the same time incredibly durable.


Knitwear – mixed fabric, which enjoys the greatest demand, as it has the most affordable price.

Knitted things do not require special care and serve for a long time. The disadvantage of this material is that it is tightly tightens the figure, emphasizing the ideas.


Wool – the warmest of all listed materials. Cardigan-coat, knitted from natural wool will warm you even in the strongest cold. However, it must be remembered that things from wool require special, careful care.


This is a material that is made from the wool of rabbits of a special breed. Cardigan coats from Angoras are distinguished by the fact that they are very soft and pleasant to the touch, and besides, perfectly retain heat. But be prepared for the fact that angor belongings are leaving thin Pushkin Pushki.


Material consisting of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. The highlight of the books of books is an unusual embossed texture, because of which even tight clothing looks like quite volumetric.


It is a cotton material that is used to sewing the lungs, summer cardigan models. Futter feature is that the facial and auto side of the fabric differ significantly: the first is smooth and dense, and the second – loose and soft.

How to make a palatine?

Cardigan – the thing is so universal, which is suitable for any time of the year and for different occasions. Cardigans from the lungs, thin fabrics can be worn in summer in the heat, for example, throw over the swimsuit to walk along the beach.

You can make such a cardigan with your own hands, while you are not necessarily able to cut and sew.

We suggest to turn into an original cardigan ordinary palatine.

To do this, you will need a big palatine and two minutes of free time. The whole process consists of two movements:

  1. In one movement we fold the palatin twice the length, and the second tie the upper free corners in a small strong knot.
  2. Deploying the Palantine, you will see that now he has two broad armies for sleeves – if you see in them hands, the knot will be on his back.

It turns out an unusual spacious cardigan, which, if necessary, you can again dissolve in the palatine.

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