Chanel Jackets

Chanel Jackets

The image of a woman in the style of Coco Chanel is a combination of elegance, femininity and eccentricity.

Jackets “Chanel Style” – this is a beautiful and elegant thing in your basic wardrobe.

A bit of history

Speaking about the characteristic features of the jacket, about his combination with the basic things of your wardrobe, as well as accessories it is impossible not to say a few words about the history of the masterpiece.

Taking the basis of the male jacket, Coco Chanel in 1916 added 4 pockets to him. As a material, she chose tweed.

Only in 1936, Chanel introduced his jacket. First, such jackets were decorated with fur, but due to the unstable economic situation during the Second World War, Shanel’s fashion house began to make short-fitted jackets without fur.

To add elegance to your models, Coco began to use woolen threads for edging jacket

Golden buttons with a house logo Chanel will be a characteristic sign of her jacket a little later. But the edging in the form of a pigtail along the edge of the jacket jacket koko borrowed from the hotel staff.

What is this model?

Like any thing in the style of Chanel, the jacket has a number of characteristics for which you can easily recognize it among thousands of other models.

  • Distinguishes such a jacket straight cut and the perfect fitting silhouette.
  • Rounded cutout and complete absence of collar.
  • As a finish in Shannel jackets, a braid, canvas or braid cord.
  • Classic Chanel Jacket has 4 patch pockets. Although. At the request of the customers or intention, Couturier could become less.
  • Tissue for classic jacket uses tweed or wool.

Jacket Chanel always sits perfectly on the figure of her hostess. Due to the special competent cut, you can easily move in it


With chain

The chain in the form of decor was originally intended for balancing jacket. The thing is that tweed is a loose material and to preserve the ideal proportions of Coco used a chain.

With a short sleeve

Coco Chanel style implies elegance. Because in jacket with shorten sleeves, you can easily demonstrate your decorations in the form of bracelets or expensive hours. Koko (Gabriel) herself loved the decorations-bracelets and demonstrated them with mild grace.


Tweed Soft Croy Jacket often happens with natural silk lining.

The lining is sewn manually.


Channel’s knitted jackets look also elegant as twisted. All because the threads of the tweet are similar to the threads of woolen. Products are perfect. They are beautifully sitting on the figure, and this is the main thing in Jacket Chanel.


Before Coco Chanel began to apply knitwear as a basis for sewing jackets, in a higher society such a tissue was considered material for the poor. It was she who managed to combine low cost and elegance in one product. Especially relevant such a choice was during the war.

Shorten jackets

Taking as the basis of Chanel’s jacket, many modes of the modes are represented in their collections shortened jackets, in which there is only two pockets on the chest and rounded neck. Most often such models are presented with shortened or short sleeves.

What to wear?

Universal and elegant jacket can be an excellent addition to different styles.

So, for example, for the style of Casual, wear a jacket with jeans skinnie or classic.

Pencil skirt in combination with Jacket A la Chanel will make your image elegant and feminine.

For evening onions, choose dresses from taffeta, from chiffon or silk in combination with jacket. Such a duo will give your bow to Paris Charm.

Color palette

Classic jacket is presented in black and white colors, where the game of contrasts creates freedom of style

Over time, the world changes. Changes and attitude to the color palette of jackets. Delicate image will help create jackets in pink colors.

Talk about his bright and cheerful mood to help green colors of jacket.

Black with a bright finish will help to declare a wise and elegant nature, about bright thinking and unbridled character.

Whatever the color of the jacket you have not chosen, remember, then chasenel jackets are designed for women of all ages.


Jacket A la Chanel implies elegance and style. Therefore, we recommend wearing it in combination with classic shoes without a heel boat, or heel shoes. For autumn weather, choose widespread ankle boots.


Coco Chanel preferred elegant bracelets and clocks and with pleasure they demonstrated. Therefore, connecting the clock with a large dial or gold bracelet with a jacket, you will look even more gorgeous.

Choose brooches from expensive metals with natural stones, earrings to create a classic image of a la chanel


Clutch will be appropriate for evening bows. For everyday or office style, choose large bags into your jacket or classic black.

Spectacular images

Light jacket with geometric finish, heel shoes on heels are created on camera. Easy onion. As accessories she chose a gold bracelet.

Total White Look will help create a lung white dress with ruffles and a classic jacket on the castle. Two pockets on gold buttons resemble the style of Chanel. Add a metal bracelet and high-heeled shoes to its bow.

Gray tweed jacket with gray edging on sleeves and shelves Beyonx prefers to wear in a duet with pants-cushion, a large bag and a knitted openwork cap.

Olive tweed jacket with pockets and buttons decorated with straps. Give femininity to such an image can open cape boots. Skater Skater Tone Jacket and Knitted Bracelets.

Knitted jacket in black and white tones with jeans look spectacularly. To complete the image, the silver bracelet and the belt with crystals. So your style Casual will gain elegance.

Romantic image will help create a pink jacket and a classic black skirt like Natalia Vodyanova. Tow shut shut on a thick heel and a leather beige handbag will become an excellent addition to your image.

A chic decision will be fur jacket a la chanel with sleeve ¾. Such a jacket is better to wear with a big belt and leather gloves. To make your bow graceful and feminine wearing a metal bracelet over gloves. Choose a bag from a natural material, for example, from suede.

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