Cherry dress – juicy and tasty image

Cherry dress - juicy and & quot + tasty & quot + image

When drawing up a personal wardrobe, stylists advise to acquire things of monochrome colors, such as black, white and gray. Using only the basic colors you are likely to avoid errors in the preparation of a casual “bow”. At the same time there is a chance to become the owner of the most boring and primitive wardrobe.

For those who are not afraid of risking, loves to experiment with clothes and stand out among others, the ideal option will be the color of the “ripe cherry”. This noble shade has always been appreciated by aristocrats and was in the Wednesday of the Royal People on a special account.

Color feature

The peculiarity of this color is that it is one of the red derivatives, from which the cherry inherited its inherent energy, activity and temperament. But unlike his own hence, the cherry does not look so vulgar and defiantly. On the contrary, the dress of this color can emphasize the nobility and the high social status of its owner.

Who fits?

The cherry dress will fit confident women, with a sensual and thin mental organization. The dress of this royal color is unlikely to have a simple ordinary person. Because it’s not so easy to choose accessories to it, as well as wearing it is not so easy.

Following the tips of the stylists, any woman is able to independently choose its shade of the cherry, and create an impeccable finished image.

Always choose a suitable dress for you. Do not forget that a properly selected model of the dress is capable of emphasizing the virtues of the figure. And, on the contrary, the wrong choice will make small flaws (if any) even more noticeable for others.

For full

Very often, women with magnificent forms prefer Dresses – Balahons, considering them with their wand-grinding for all occasions. This emerging stereotype often makes a figure of a woman’s size plus even more voluminous and completely disproportionate.

Wide hidden, for example, able to hide a cherry dress-tulip or a-silhouette. It will advantageously emphasize and the waist, and the zone of the neckline, and will not emphasize on the problem zone.

Spectacular combinations

Generating color combinations, worth sticking to simple rules.

The win-win option for any woman is a combination of basic color with accessories of adjacent shades. In the case of a cherry dress, the accompanying foundations of the wardrobe can be shoes, decorations and other auxiliary elements of pink, burgundy, as well as raspberry tones.

If the cherry dress has a rich juicy shade, then the pink accessories should be as bright and expressive. Your choice is a disheveled cherry tone dress, then auxiliary colors must be appropriate.

Top designers use in their collections win-win combinations of cherry with black, white, gray and beige colors.

Cherry color dresses are transformed when embroidered with gold and contrasting stones

The most popular models – a cherry dress with an overwhelmed waist, decorated with a black belt and a cute bow, which is almost always located immediately under the breast.

Another equally popular model of the cherry dress of the attached silhouette is made of cherry satin fabric in combination with a black grid, which is most often used on the sleeves. Such a model looks sexy and bold. It is the noble cherry tone of the dress that helps not to start the wrong face between sexual and vulgar.

What to wear?

More boldly considered combinations of primary color with opposite contrasting colors. For a cherry dress, accessories, shoes and other auxiliary elements of the wardrobe of various angry shades can be a good addition, as well as the objects of the color of the “sea wave”.

So, for example, the cherry-colored dress, which is more close to brown, is perfect for a jacket of a juicy herbaceous shade. Such a combination suggests nature itself.

Remember how a ripe cherry appetizer looks like a background of her own green leaves. Add image Dark brown briefcase bag. Such a fashionable “bow” will not name boring or ordinary. Although it will fit perfectly for both work, if your dress, of course, has the appropriate length.

Ultra-screwed cherry color dress, stitched from viscose or elastane, combined with guipure or lace, will be appropriate at a party.

In the summer, a favorable batch of the cherry dress will be a white jacket of the fitted cut, and in the fall – white coat. Office option – Cherry color dress with a small rounded neckline of a more dense fabric, which is perfectly combined with a knitted cardigan or a fitted jacket. Office dress can have a fitted or simple A-shaped cut. Inaction and asymmetric models of dresses are more suitable for meetings with friends or any access.

The dress-bandage of cherry color will make you a star of a secular event. One prerequisite when choosing a trendy dress bandage – the figure of a woman should be flawless. Complete the image of a miniature clutch and lacquered studs of black, white or gray. And the image can be considered completed.


It is advantageous to emphasize the shades of ripe cherries will help suitable decorations and accessories. Boldly combine cherry dress with gold or silver products. For cold color “Winter”, “Summer” is better fit decorations from such precious metals like silver, white gold, platinum.

For women who belong to the color views – “Spring”, “Autumn” gold jewelry will come to how it is impossible by the way.

Do not too diligently and put on everything and immediately. Dosing accessories – a pledge of a concise and harmonious image.


For the autumn-winter period, black or gray shoes, boots, and other insulated models of graphite shoe models, as well as colors “wet asphalt” are suitable for the autumn-winter period. Dark gray lacquers are successfully combined with a concise cherry dress.

In summer, a slight cherry dress is simply combined with brown wicker sandals on a wedge or flat sole. The easier there will be a cut dress, the intricate may be suitable shoes. After all, sandals with multiple elements of the decor are able to drag on all attention.

If the dress you chose has an asymmetric cut or tightly decorated, then classic black or bodily boats will always come to help you.


Undoubted addition and final emphasis will be bright juicy lips in the tone of the dress. If you dare to cherry lipstick, then it is worth paying due attention to the lips in advance. They should not be weathered.

Lipstick for stability is desirable to check in advance. After all, crushed bright lips look vulgar and not attractive.

At work, such bright make-up accents should be avoided. Here are more relevant to be neutral colors suitable for any woman.


The cherry dress almost always looks noble and expensive, therefore the manicure must be appropriate. The most elite to this day is classic french. If the “classic of the genre” no longer causes you with admiration, you can make color french. Just cover the tips of your nails with varnish, tone to the tone with your chosen dresses you.

Do not be afraid to experiment with clothes, because you can create a unique image that suits you.

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