Choose a dress on corporate

Choose a dress on corporate

Corporate parties entered office life. In large organizations, they are held at least twice a year – for the new year and on the birthday of the company. Sometimes the whole team celebrates other holidays. On the corporate party, every woman needs an outfit, and, of course, he should be beautiful.

Contrary to the established stereotype, the corporate event is not necessarily adjusted to the evening dress, the most interesting or expensive. It is important to choose a dress in such a way as to feel comfortable and looks good at the same time.

If earlier were fashionable bright, fitting, emphasized seductive outfits, then Now dresses are relevant semi-waving dresses, with the arched skirts, original details – collars, sleeves, asymmetric cut and T. D. If you choose a lace dress or transparent fabric, it must have a natural color case. Deep cutout is preferable on the back, and not on the chest. Instead of a short skirt, it is better to stay on the uneven line of the heater with length drops.

With open back

Neckline on the back – a very exquisite detail, especially if the front dress is tailored in a restrained style. If you choose a cocktail outfit, it is better to stop on a fantasy cut. Straight naked back or banal heart is not in the trend, but the original triangular cutout on the semi-lifting, flying tissue, and even covered on top of a light frill suggests that the girl in this dress is perfect in modern fashion. Such a dress will be appropriate in any situation.

If you choose an evening dress, let him be open something one – either back, or breasts. Deep cuts on both sides make a style easier and rougher, and in combination with a short skirt – vulgar. It is unlikely that someone wants to make exactly the impression.

With corset

Perhaps there is no other detail in women’s clothing, which would correct the figure better than the corset. Modern corsets can be sewn into clothes, and can perform separately.

Choosing a corset dress for a corporate party, straightflower colors should be avoided – red, white, black. It is better to stay on complex shades:

  • Emerald+
  • lavender+
  • Marsala+
  • ocher.

Underlined the fitting top should not complement the short skirt, similar to only fashion parties and only young girls. Better to stay at the Midi or Maxi length.

The sewn corset is perfectly combined with so fashionable now navigated with open shoulders with sleeves and skirts-pls or uneven hemp on a combination dress.

With drapery

Very winning a festive dress with such a detail like drapery. It can be located on the shoulder, on the waist, on the back or thighs. It is with the help of soft folds laid down on the tissue of the dress, you can hide undesirable volumes, for example, a nonideal belly, or balance shoulders and thighs.

Dress made of flowing fabric in the Greek style with drapets can make any figure flawless. The main thing is to choose the right fabrics that will form soft folds, emphasizing the advantages of the shape and hiding disadvantages.

Very often, drapery in the dresses is combined with the smell. Complex cut of such products looks particularly effectively in such colors:

  • Ecru+
  • wine+
  • chocolate+
  • Golden beige+
  • graphite.

With american pruramy

Very spectacular is the American Proura. This diagonal from the armpit to the neck (neck is closed), at which the shoulders remain open. In itself, the presence of an American loan in the model makes it more elegant. It is often used in evening and wedding dresses.

Despite its advantages, such a line is suitable only to miniature girls with straight, but not wide shoulders. No one whose shoulders showed, nor those whose broad, nor those who have no waist or hips are overly wide, wearing such cut clothes are not recommended. Women with broad shoulders should choose something else, because such cut visually makes the shoulders even wider.

Evening dresses with such a premium look very good with gloves. But You need to comply with two requirements: gloves must be opaque and long.

And, of course, you need to wear them only when they are provided by the dress code of the event.

With asymmetry

There are two types of asymmetry in dresses, and both of them are very spectacular. First – asymmetry in the face. Lenadas of length or uneven hem, two-layer skirt, one sleeve, shelves of different configuration and t. D. The options cut today is very much, and each of them can be quite attractive.

Second – asymmetry in color and texture. For example, a dress or jacket, which are two different halves. Such outfits require short courage, because, putting on this, you need to wear it as if it is the most simple and utilitarian of things. Only then can be achieved the right effect.

Choosing an asymmetry as a main barcode for a corporate party, you can not doubt that you will not be unnoticed.

With incision

Perhaps the most provocative detail of a female dress is a cut. It doesn’t matter where it is located, in front, behind or on the side, the incision always attracts all the views. Therefore, when choosing a dress with a cut on the Podol, it is necessary to carefully weighed everything for and against before purchasing it.

Trying on such a dress, you need to walk in it. And not a neat gait that girls are used in the fitting room, and their usual. Perfectly, if someone decides to the phone, as a cut behaves – it is not too smashed, whether the hem does not “crawl” if the skirt is not. Must be taken into account the presence of wind – natural or artificial, so that when he fits, did not have to pick up the scattered parts of the hem and convulsively place them where they should be.

High incision – a thing at the same time and spectacular, and risky. It is advisable to “experience” such a dress and in dancing – no one sees in the cabin in the cabin, dance as you plan to dance.

Make sure that the hem and incision behave as it should be that they do not have to wrap after each energetic movement.

Materials and colors

There is no such shade in which it was impossible to sew or buy an elegant dress. Would you like black stylish? No problem! Want red to floor? How much please! Or maybe you need print? And this is enough – from watercolor abstractions to African solar palette.

If there are certain trends in the tissues – for example, More often than others for elegant dresses choose atlas, soft, flowing knitwear, silk, chiffon, crepe-chiffon and other flying, pleasant to the touch materials, then the variety of colors is so great that trends are difficult to single out. Of course, every year it includes certain shades, while others come out of it, but if a woman is sapphire blue or coral, what’s the difference in trend or not?

If the dress is sewn from the fabric of trendy color, but does not fit the girl in the color, on temperament, per feeling, it will never decorate it.

Diverse length

The original dress can be chosen any length – from very short to very long. The choice is always for a woman.


Dresses in the floor are unusual, but not always appropriate on corporate. The event format should be clarified when choosing a dress. Maxi-dress – not always the evening, it can be a booho style model, in a Greek style or with a skirt with an uneven line of hem, with a sewn corset.

Such styles will be appropriate almost on any corporate.


Perhaps this length is the most demanded for everyday models and for cocktail. It can be a New Look dresses, with an ideal landing on the shoulder and waist and a wide skirt with a wide skirt. Models in the style of “Vintage” – cover in the 1940s, with small floral prints. Such dresses are good in combination not only with shoes, but also with boots. Hairstyle in the style of Victory Rolls and alaty lipstick will complete the image.

The outfit can be designed in the spirit of the 1970s, that is, in the style of disco. You can beat it with the help of large curls, brilliant makeup, huge overhead eyelashes and shoes on the platform.


Very short skirts better leave for other events. First, in a dress that can easily go unnecessarily to climb, few people will be comfortable. Secondly, corporate – it is still a working event, even if in an informal setting. Therefore, it is not necessary to show the extra centimeters of the body to colleagues and leadership.

But the dresses are slightly above the knee, although they are also called mini, look much more restrained, remaining nevertheless short. They will allow demonstrate slender legs, but at the same time, without going beyond reasonable. It should be remembered about the golden rule: open either top or bottom.

If you choose a short skirt, the top of your dress should be as strict as possible and emphasized closed.

Options for full and for pregnant women

Delusion is the assertion that a woman in anticipation of a child or the size of Plus-Size can not look spectacular. Moreover, in our days, when future mothers almost before the kindestrians remain full-fledged employees, performing absolutely all their labor functions: meet with customers, presenting presentations, handle a large number of documents.

As for the festive dress, a pregnant woman does not need to dye belly. Better to stay on a Greek-style dress with an overwhelmed waist or choose a “Cocoon” style, tapping to the knees. In such orders will be comfortable, nothing will squeeze and drag.

In addition to the dress, a woman in the position need to think about the shoes that she puts. Studs are excluded, especially on a large period of pregnancy, sandals with an abundance of thin straps or lacing. In shoes should be convenient to walk, stand and sit. Often for the sake of a spectacular appearance, many neglect comfort, but a pregnant woman should think not only about himself, but also about the child.

That is why during the waiting period, the baby is better not to expose his body at risk, getting on high thin heels.

Full ladies often look perfect, well-maintained and fresh, choosing outfits that level the flaws of the figure and emphasize the advantages. First of all, these are drapery, hiding everything that I would not like to set a deposit. For girls with a fit of the type “Apple”, the Table “Cocoon” will be very suitable, hiding fullness in the abdomen area and emphasizing the beautiful knee line and slender legs. Women- “pears” are recommended dresses with an arched bell skirts length up to the middle of the knee or below. Ladies with big breast no need to emphasize it additionally, it is better to try to balance the silhouette.

The ankles and wrists in chubby girls should always be open, it gives ease of silhouette.

How to choose a dress?

When choosing a dress, you need to consider a number of important points.

  • Like any other clothes, a dress should be measured. Moreover, since the corporate party is an event that contests can assume, dances, active movements, then just put out the outfit and see how he sits, not enough. It needs to be like, move, make several dance passes. Dress should not squeeze, dug, unbutton, it should be comfortable to breathe in it. If you choose a fitting style, be sure to check whether the hem has no hearing. It is unlikely that the fabric is hard to improve the mood at the festival.
  • Any knitted, silk or chiffon product can accumulate static electricity. It is important to clarify this moment before you go for the holiday.
  • Of course, when choosing a dress, you need to think about that you put on with it. If the model is open, you should take care of a flowing elegant cardigan and a calantine that can be thrown by entering fresh air.

Than supplement?

Shoes and accessories are an important part of the ensemble, they can be complemented to complement the image and destroy it. Therefore, you should try in advance the dress with shoes in which you plan to go to corporate party, as well as with a handbag, decorations, a belt, other accessories that you will option.

In order not to get won with unsuccessful sandals or bag, it is better to look at the combinations of similar things on the Internet or fashion magazines. There is a huge number of recommendations on the combination of colors, models and textures, so eliminating possible style errors will not make problems.

Beautiful examples

You can always be repelled from ready-made examples:

  • Black can be very different+

  • The gradient on the fabric looks unusually spectacular+

  • It doesn’t matter whether you choose or color champagne, unnoticed you will definitely+

  • Drapery, slaughtered skirt and non-binding color – all components of success.

How to choose a dress on corporate party, look in the video below.

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