Cropped sweater

Cropped sweater

Looking in Wikipedia, we learn that the sweater is a knitted product for the top of the body that has no fasteners. His distinctive features are long sleeves and high collar, tightly fitting neck.

However, in everyday life under the sweater, we mean other knitted products – jumpers, pullovers who have no collar.

Therefore, in this article we will consider sweaters specifically in such a wide context.


Seeing somewhere a shortened model of the jumper or sweaters, we immediately begin to think as it is correctly called. In fact, quite simple –Cropped sweater or crop-sweater (from English “Crop” – Cut).

A short sweater belongs to the category of solid knitted clothes and has its own distinctive features:

  1. Length. Maximum it reaches the waist, but can be significantly higher – barely cover the blades. Young girls often prefer a length slightly above the navel, which allows you to demonstrate a flat tummy.
  2. Sleeve. Maybe long or shortened. It is interesting to look “stretched” models in which a long sleeve covers a hand brush.
  3. Material. There are no restrictions in the choice of material. It may be thick yarn or a thin openwork, depending on the time of year.

Who fits?

The shortened sweater is perfect for slim girls with a boyish figure. The same applies to the owners of the figure “Triangle”, who have narrow hips and wide shoulders.

Sleepy girls with a figure “Hourglass” can also be worn by wide sweaters, putting them with narrow pants or skirts.

But the owners of wide hips and brightly pronounced buttocks a shortened sweater will not fit. The only exception, if you put it as a lower thing, sketching the elongated cardigan from above.



Volumetric free models still continue to be popular. The baggy shortened sweater looks very stylish and sexy on slim girls. The volume may be easy or quite significant. If you are very thin, it is permissible to wear a sweater, which seems to be more than 4-5 sizes. Models with “stretched” effect look especially interesting. In a word, a wide shortened sweater – Must Have a Wardrobe Fashion.

With long sleeves

In fashion shortened sweaters with long or even extended sleeves. The image of “Piero” is well suited to skinny girls, and long sleeves will not give the hands to freeze. If you forget home gloves, hands can always be hidden in a knitted canvase.


It is interesting to see a crop-sweater with short sleeves. Also enjoys the length of the sleeve length ¾.

One of the fashion trends is a multi-layered, therefore such a sweater is especially stylish, put on top of the shirt. You will get a look, in which it will not only with the bottom of the shirt and collar, but also a significant part of the sleeve. It looks very unusual.

Textual viscosity

In the fashion volumetric bits and unusual texture. It can be a geometric weave, braids, harnesses, a variety of patterns. It is best to combine from with pants or skirts with smooth texture. For example, with jeans or leather leggings.

In fashion, dimensionless sweaters that we have already written above. The volume allows you to simulate the figure and hide disadvantages in the upper part of the body. Especially worth paying attention to the models in the style of grunge 90s.

If you like this trend as a multi-layer, a shortened sweater can be worn over a shirt or blouse by sketching a cardigan or jacket from above.

Today asymmetry is relevant, so it is worth paying attention to the models of the unusual cut, which will look very original.

The most fashion trends are elongated or, on the contrary, shorten sleeves, high collar or bare shoulders. Hit the season – bulk sleeves that are well preserved heat.

As for the invoice, in fashion a wide variety of options, so each fashionista will be able to pick up a sweater to his taste. Pay attention not only to bulk mating, but also on smooth models with applications, beads, rhinestones and large beads.

The decor should look bright and contrast with a common range of products. Such a sweater will allow you to emphasize your individuality and stand out among the others.



Wool is considered the best material for a warm sweater, it retains heat well even in a strong frost. However, a sweater from such a material is not suitable for allergy-makers, which is better to give preference to artificial materials. For example, acrylic, with which the wool often combines today.


Cashmere is also a natural material that is thinner and soft. It is made from the undercoat of cashmere goat. Sweater from such material is very warm and pleasant to the touch, it is perfect for the autumn-winter period.

For the winter, a warmer option is suitable – the combination of cashmere is usually wool. Sweater from such a mixture will be warm, soft and not barbed.


It is often used for sewing shortened light sweaters, since it is light, natural, breathable material. Such a sweater is perfect for warm offseason.

It does not warm well, so it is not suitable for winter. However, cotton is quite a thin material, so such a shortened sweater can be put on a jacket or cardigan.


Sweaters from acrylic are very popular. They look very fashionable and stylish, it is inexpensive and keep warm well. The only drawback acrylic in its rapid wear. However, the service life is fully justified by its value.


The most popular and universal color is black. It is suitable for any occasion and looks great on girls with any figure.

White shortened sweater is also very popular. It is remarkably combined not only with jeans, but also romantic dresses and skirts, allowing you to create an air multi-layer image.

Calm color gamut either never comes out of fashion. This year give preference to cream, beige and other pastel colors.

Blue Crop-sweater fits girls of any age, it looks very beautiful and stylish. Dark rich shades are suitable for work, bright colors will be appropriate in a casual wardrobe, and pastel color gamut is suitable for a romantic date.

All shades of green are popular, they look very attractive, instantly refresh any image. Choose saturated deep shades, and bright “acid” leave up to better times.

Red sweater is suitable for a business and festive image, he instantly attracts attention. Give preference to bright red or saturated burgundy.

Bright yellow-orange color gamut entered into fashion: orange, canary, lemon, brick. Such colors will raise the mood even in the most cloudy day.

What to wear?

With trousers or jeans

Short sweater if you wear it as an independent thing, it will be great to look with jeans with an overwhelmed waist. Make sure that the lengths of the sweaters are enough, it is permissible that only a small strip of skin can be seen between the belt and underol.

This is permissible if you have a flat tummy, otherwise give preference to the crop-sweater of such a length that would come into contact with the belt pants or jeans.

With Skirt

With the skirt, a shortened sweater looks no less attractive. As with the previous case, necessarily the condition – the presence of an inflated waist. The most common option is a pencil skirt, but it also looks good with a skirt trapez. In this case, give up the surround sweater in favor of the fitted model.

With shirt

If you want to wear a crop-sweater to work, put it on top of the shirt. This season, it is fashionable to exhibit not only the head and collar, but also the cuffs. As Niza, you can use pants or jeans with a high waist.

With a dress

Creating a romantic image, put on a shortened sweater over a light dress. It is desirable that it was with a floral print. But the sweater to him need to pick up a one-photon, but made in the same color scheme.

Crop-sweater easily combined with the most diverse top clothing. The most optimal option is a jacket, bomber or a jacket-root. Any of these options will help you create a truly fashionable and stylish image!

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