Dress from scarves – simple cut and originality

Dress from scarves - simple cut and originality

It’s no secret that the image of a modern woman should be bright and individual. Since the time of the USSR, Tremitsa learned to create unique dresses from the headscarves. The reason for this was the deficit of beautiful dresses. Initially, the scarves simply tied in a certain way, thereby creating a kind of sundress. Later, colorful scarves began to cut and sew the real trend dresses.


  1. Variety of colors allows you to choose an outfit for any event – from everyday life to any celebrations.
  2. The presence in the wardrobe dresses from the handles – the indicator of good taste and reveal its individuality.
  3. Only natural fabrics are present in the scarf manufactory. It is cotton, silk and wool.
  4. The possibility of combining with other materials.
  5. Incredible ease of materials.
  6. Ease of self-sewing.
  7. Budget, but beautiful dresses.


The presence of bright prints, flower motifs in the dresses from the headscarves makes everyday and solemn clothes of unique and colorful.

Dresses usually have a simple cut. This is associated not only with color, but with a scarf size.

From light fabrics sew:

  • Sundars on straps or with an American faith+
  • Dresses Tunic+
  • Cases+
  • Trapezoidal dresses.

Woolen warm scarves are relevant in the cold time, and therefore straight or a-silhouette dresses are closed. They are decorated with collars, hard folds, lanterns, as well as long or free crouting sleeves.


If there are small restrictions in a roll of dresses, then it does not apply to length. The longer the perimeter of the handkerchief, the longer the dress will.

So the options are abused to create the desired image: the mini outfit will present a look around the beautiful legs, the knee dress will emphasize the modesty of nature, and the maxi length will give elegance.

From silk blades

Colorful, overflowing silk – the best summer material to feel free and sexy.

The latter is achieved due to open back, bare shoulders, asymmetric skirt and deep neckline.

It is believed that dresses stitched precisely from silk scarves, occurred from summer cape – pareo. They are well sitting and openly look.

From Pavloposadskaya

Pavloposad’s scarves – always relevant and non-fashion classic. Decoration of Pavloposad Mousets are printed colorful motifs and floral ornaments.

Masters of the Pavloposad Filming Industry and to this day pleased with its original patterns. They are constantly upgraded, but, nevertheless, stylistic traditions retain. The background is often performed in black, red, dark blue and white colors.

Models from Pavloposad Cards are the most intricate options for execution of the dress.

The density and large size of the cards allow you to invent complex models and incarnate them.

The accuracy of the pattern is an important component of the painstaking work Couturier above the outfit.

On the beach such a dress is not put on, but for the evening celebration – the perfect option.

Long and short and silhouette dresses are also suitable for various thematic photo shoots.

Will make it possible to look different on the outfits of everyday life the range of dresses of bright colorful texture in the style of “A la Russ”.

How to do

Want a unique summer dress from scarves? Try to sew it yourself. It will not make you much difficulty and some fabulous costs.

What is necessary? Pair of scarves on your taste and tools for sewing. No need to have special sewing skills.

To sewing a simple summer dress, you need to make only a few lines on the shoulders and sideways from each side. The most important thing is the dress will become an exclusive thing in the wardrobe.

How to tie

If you do not want to resort to a sewing method, you can make a summer dress by fixing the headscarves with nodes. Yes yes, it is nodes! And this method is also very reliable and original. For example, slaughter a scarf around the body, and his tips neatly tie under the breast.

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