Dress with corset – for the perfect image

Dress with corset - for the perfect image

The dream of every woman about a thin waist is successfully implemented using corsets. Dresses in which the upper part is represented by the corset, add grace and seductiveness of any female figure.


Modern dresses with corsets are convenient and made of soft materials. Corset is the top (put on top) and the bottom (located under the layers of the fabric). Most often, the corset can be seen in evening dresses, but there are also models of casual dresses with corsets.

Corsets are distinguished by the form, the presence of bones, as well as their location. This allows you to create many corset dress options.

Dresses with this element are of different lengths – and with a mini skirt, and long in the floor. Find a suitable model of a dress with a corset for any occasion and for any type of figure.

A bit of history

The first “corsets” appeared in the wardrobe of women in the 12th century. It was the usual lace, which could be narrowed out the waist and slightly raise the chest. His usual view of the corset acquired at the beginning of the 16th century. First, the frame for the corset was made from metal rods, and later whatened whalers began to apply, making the product more sparing for the female body.

In the 18th century, the corset dresses were distinguished by a pomp (their skirts were on hoops), and in the 20th century the corset itself became lower (stockings began to secure him.

Nowadays, the corsets are no longer so common, as women like more comfortable clothing. However, the scope of the corset has become much broader.

Who fits?

A dress in which there is a corset will suit a girl with any physique. There are models with underestimated, as well as with an overestimated waist line. Such a corset will help in the correction of silhouette. A real find can be called a dress with a corset for girls with a lush figure.

The main advantages of the presence of a corset in the dress:

  • Helps make focus on a thin waist.
  • Lifts bust.
  • Helps hide extra volumes.
  • Improves posture.
  • Makes a girl more confident.

With a lush skirt

Models of corset dresses with an arched skirt are very common as a dresses for solemn cases. They are presented in a wide range and sew from different fabrics.

Similar dress will be a good choice for prom. Especially attractive outfits in which the skirt is multi-layered.

Lace Corset

Putting on a dress with a lace corset, a girl can visually make his bust volume. Similar Dress Models Choose Women with Little Breast Size. Such corsets are often decorated with beads.

Separate attention deserve lace dresses with a corset. They are incredibly feminine and attractive.

Transparent Corset

Models of corset dresses that have a corset transparent, now have become very popular. When decorating the decor, they do not look vulgar, and on the contrary, very seductive and beautiful.

However, put on such dresses are only the beauties that can boast of perfect forms.

Vintage dresses

Dresses with a corset who wore a century women back, adorable, but not very comfortable. They are distinguished by an elegant waist, the presence of lace, upholstery of the lower skirts, dear gold trim and other details. Thanks to such attributes, vintage dresses look elegant, luxurious and festively.

Nowadays, such dresses are mainselves for filming films and participation in thematic events.



Such dresses complemented by corset are a good choice for a celebration or access to light. Black outfit with a corset is not only slimming, but also allows you to choose a wide variety of accessories under it.

Black leather dress with corset – Popular seduction tool.


It is the white dress immediately comes to mind when they talk about the model with a corset. Such an outfit looks most solemnly and exquisitely.

White Corset Dresses are represented not only by wedding models.


A dress with a red corset choose passionate and bold women, because all the attention at the festive event will be attracted by this outfit.


All corset dresses depending on their length shared such types:

  1. Long. This is a classic option of dresses with corsets that worry celebrities, bridesmaid or graduates. Such dresses sew from chiffon, satin, silk and other beautiful fabrics.
  2. Middle length. Such dresses often have a tight silhouette, so they look modestly and restrained. They are complemented by jacket or shawl, shoes with low heels and unshakmatic accessories.
  3. Short. Skirt in such corset dresses is lush or tight. In such an outfit, you can go on a date or a fashion party. Be sure to put the shoes on high heels and bright accessories.

How to lace a corset?

So that the bust looked seductive and volume, it is important to tighten the bodice correctly. You can start staring the product from either side, however, the lacing from the top is more common and is considered to be a classic. By skipping the lace through the top holes, lace the corset will turn, then start tightening the lace from above down. In the conclusion of the lacing, you will definitely make a node on a silk lace, which will prevent it from “getting out”.

Read more in the article, how to properly laugh a wedding corset and look in Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s video – author of the Corset Academy.

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