Evening blouses

Evening blouses

Blouses – Universal Women’s Wardrobe Subject. They can be worn to work, walk, date, in the movies, cafe.

But for some reason, many do not consider the blouse as one of the elements of the evening image. Most of women are confident that only dresses are suitable for a secular event. Yes, the dress is always beautiful and elegant. But the evening blouse in combination with skirt or pants look no less adequate.

What blouses are evening?

Blouses for evening exit possess a number of features.

  1. Dear fabric. It can be silk, satin, chiffon, velvet, guipure. The shiny surface looks advantageously in the light of lights, it is noble overflowing and makes the image spectacular and solemn.
  2. Decorative elements. As decoration, designers use rhinestones, beads, embroidery, painting on fabric, complex collars, swans, ruffles.
  3. Croa. Evening blouses are sewn so as to emphasize the advantages and most attractive places of their owner, as well as hide disadvantages. Popular blocks of blouse – with smell, corset, deep neckline.


Among the fabrics also outlined leaders. Fashion designers use the following types of fabrics:

  • Stowing – silk and chiffon. They are light, gentle, free, suitable for any type of figure. Materials do not pull, so the styles will be either flying or on the clasps.

  • Textured – lace and guipure. Fabrics are shifted, so the lining is used, mostly contrasting colors. Successful Blouse Option – Light Lace and Dark Lining. Thus, attention is distracted from problem areas, and all the views stop only on the game.

  • Dense – velvet. Tan warm, cozy, suitable for the autumn winter period. Models from velvet always look feminine and elegantly, do not require additional decorations.


Evening blouses are popular among fashionistas, especially, you always want to diversify the image, refusing dresses. Designers understood this, and every season whores us with new blouse models.

Long sleeve. Suitable to everyone, but perfectly sit down on ladies with big hands. At the same time, the spin, shoulder can be opened for seductivity. Blouses are performed from chiffon or silk, that is, from flying tissues that make an image by weightless.

Short sleeve. Universal option for any type of figure. It looks good on women with slender tightened hands and narrow shoulders.

V-neck. Among the evening blouse is the best-selling model. And not surprisingly, the cut will focus on the chest. Such a trick use famous modes of fashion and get a huge amount of satisfied and grateful clients.

Blouses with odor. Fabric folds can adjust some flaws of the figure. Such evening clothes are recommended to wear with classic pants and straws on the heel.

What to wear?

Combine evening blouses need to stick to the following rules:

  • Expressive options are perfect from skirts, they will make legs slender. Fragile girls will tend to look in a long skirt. Lovers of original things should look at the skirt pack+
  • Narrow, clash, straight cut, jeans – Evening blouses are combined with any models and fittings+
  • Heel shoes or closed stiletto sandals supplement the image with an evening blouse. You can pay attention to comfortable shoes with a small elevation of centimeter 3-4. But from a flat sole and boots better refuse+
  • Clutches or bags with short handles will well dilute the image, At the time in the handbag, you can put a phone and money+
  • Accessories simply must be in the image. But with them it is worth exercising caution. In priority, sophisticated and small sets of noble metals or pearls. Massive decorations are also combined with blouses, the main thing is not to overdo it.

How to create a festive image?

Festive image with evening blouse – easy! Stock Foto Collection helps to choose clothes for spectacular onions.

Gorgeous blouse made of bright turquoise silk with a beautiful smell emphasizing breasts. It looks great with bright pants, a small clutch and one massive bracelet.

Seductive lace blouse dark blue, whose strap emphasizes the waist – all the eyes will rush to this bow. The image will fit both skirt and trousers. As for accessories, here are complete freedom of choice – either large jewelry, or jewelry.

Blouse from velvet with a bask emphasizes the bends of the waist and hips, and the narrow skirt makes the emphasis on this. The image is not overloaded with accessories – only pearl threads on the neck and bright manicure.

This is only a small part of the images with an evening blouse. Its versatility allows you to create stunning bows, every time I allowing a woman to look different, but so smart and solemnly.

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