Evening dress length

Evening dress length

An ideal evening dress is a midi dress. Having a classic option in the wardrobe, we can assume that you have a spare version of the solemn image at hand.


Evening dress medium length is considered universal:

  • They can choose to women of any age, a set and type of shape. The main task is the right choice of style+
  • This is a sophisticated outfit, with light elegance, tenderness and ability to successfully emphasize the feminine sides of their owner+
  • Do not need a reason so that you can wear a dress to your knees – the celebration of any character is suitable: Corporate, business meeting or date.

The mystery that makes the evening Miyi dress popular, hides in perfect, perfectly twisted length. If the knees were bare, the line between beauty and vulgarity would be broken. With an enlarged length, the demonstration of beautiful legs and a sophisticated figure will be impossible. And only the length of the midi is the “golden middle”.

Tips for choosing

There are several simple tips who will come by way when choosing a dresses with a midi long.


The length of the dress must be carefully selected, the picklight does not hurt here, but only play a hand. There are three more reasonable options:

  • Slightly below the knee+
  • In the middle of the leg+
  • slightly above the level of ankle.

Errors in the length of the dress will spoil the whole image, make a form squat, and the legs are full.


Growth does not really play the values ​​in the implementation of the desire to have a midi dress in their wardrobe. In such an outfit, it will be good high girls, but also a low young lady can also be brill in such a dress. Just do not forget about the optimal length of the dress and shoes on heels.

Increasing the length of the dress and reducing the heel you visually shorten your height. For high girls, this rule can help in the formation of a miniature image.


Midi Dress Model to choose is not a problem, because the available range of outfits is huge and varied.

It is on the last question that it is worth stopping and consider the detailed options for evening dresses of midi.

New Look style

In modern evening fashion, a special place is given to the style of the 50s “New Look”. It can be found in magnificent skirts and clear lines outlining the waist. It is present in the Marchesa, Georges Hobeika and Zuhair Murad collections.

This style is embodied in satin dresses with gold embroidery, air models, bright copies with shiny decor and appliqués.

Dresses in lounge style

Rapidly broke into the world of evening fashion linen style. Fashionistim, he fell like a soul and even stars began to appear in secular events in combination dresses with a midi long.

A successful material for such a style dresses is the thinnest silk that can be messed with feathers and lace. The tender shades of pink and white colors are relevant, which flooded the Nina Ricci collection. Add Intriga to Image Capable Black and Red Models from Zac Posen.


To visit a strict event, which also wants to shine with your impeccable taste, the dress-case is suitable for the knee skirt. Smooth conservatism in this image will help accessories and finishing.

The choice of models is quite large. It is an elegant, moderately strict and only slightly conservative lace dress, and a dress with an unusual pattern and with a textured dense cloth.

Valentin Yudashkin taking the body of body color as a basis and rooted it with sequins.

Dolce & Gabbana designers had a different idea of ​​how Miyi’s case should look like, so they created it from lacquered leather bright color. But everyone surpassed the Miu Miu brand – their midi dresses were created at the expense of thousands of multi-colored sequins, of which brilliant paintings were identified.

Little black dress

We all know about the mandatory element in the women’s wardrobe – a little black dress, which is slightly pushing his knees. This is a universal version that can be given the necessary character at the expense of accessories and decorations.

In such a dress, a business woman will look strictly, romantic nature – modern and even slightly chaste.


Lace is always associated with romance, sweetly and mystery. Such dresses are relevant at any time of the day, anywhere and on any girlfriend. Is that the color can be changed – maybe let the dress be light, and in the evening – dark or in general black.


The relevance of such an evening dress does not fade throughout the year. For the cold period, designers offer a large number of knitted models and knitted dresses, and for summer let light dresses from the air fabrics remain. Surprisingly, the shape of the sleeve can be used to adjust the shape.

With fringe

What was popular in the 20s returns to modern fashion. The main element of the evening dresses of the midi became a fringe. Brand Marchesa devoted a whole collection to this decor. Patterns were created from the fringe, in some models it covered the dress over the entire length, and somewhere sank almost to the floor.

With open shoulders

A very good shaft for dresses with open shoulders serves as a corset bodice with a lush skirt or vice versa – with fitted.

Choose upper clothes under midi dress

Compliance with the proportion – the main rule when choosing the outerwear for the evening dresses of midi. There are several options:

  • Long cloak covering skirt+
  • long coat do not shorter dresses+
  • Short jacket or jacket+
  • Manto, fur coat or vest.


Accessories for the dress are needed, but in their selection you need to strictly adhere to the measure. Carefully inspect your dress. If it in itself is bright and expressive, for example, has flutes or fringe, then it is possible to do without accessories at all.

For a modest black dress, you can choose neat earrings, pearl thread or other laconic jewelry.

If you are not sure about the relevance and combination of accessories, you can always take up certain rules:

  • All colors in clothing and accessories are chosen according to the girl’s color+
  • Universal shoes are classic shoes that are suitable for all styles+
  • The color of the shoe can repeat the color of the dress or make a contrast with a simple single-color dress+
  • brighter than the dress can be clutch, but it should harmonize with shoes+
  • Simple dress allows you to choose massive decorations.


Shoes, or rather the height of the heel is chosen depending on the growth of a woman. Medium and low growth requires a selection of shoes on the heel – it can ankle shoes, shoes or half boots. The last version of the shoes should not be covered with a dressing of dresses.

High girls often want to seem a little miniature, for this it will be good to choose shoes without heel.

Stars and Midi

All star ladies literally pounced on Midi dresses. The versatility of this outfit accounted for many Hollywood film, so they did not miss the opportunity to once again demonstrate their perfect forms, slender legs and seductive body bends.

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