Evening dresses 50 sizes

Evening dresses 50 sizes

Nonlarity of the figure should not stand on the way to creating a wonderful evening image. Even when many beauties face a shortage of luxurious models of 50 sizes, because they are no longer suitable for standard sizes, but are not dimensions of Plus Size. Few designers work hard to create new models of 50 sizes. We collected some results of their work. With this selection you will be easier to navigate and choose exactly the same dress that will help to fight all others.


The girl with 50 size is still difficult to call full. And abandon her from the styles and styles of outfits, designed for thin, do not. The only thing they must be corrected under her figure. For example, a classic case-case can be supplemented with an elongated jacket, a stomach hide a dress with a smell, emphasize the waist of the belt, but the models with a cutting line on the waist will divide the figure into two parts and will add no required volume.

In the summer, pick up an evening dress for luxurious beauty easily. You can choose from free cut models, a-silhouette, with lush skirts with a length of reaching to the knees. It looks good, combined outfits like a dress-suite, which has a free top and quite a narrow skirt. The bottom of such an outfit may have small drapery or consist of chiffon and prints.

Choose according to the figure

For happy owners of an ideal figure, Reminder hourglass, developed rules of dresses with a-silhouette and cutout “Kare”. It will be good to look a wide belt on a thin waist and a lush skirt on the bulk hips.

Do not throw away the skirt trapezing, which is complemented by drapery under the chest itself. This option also looks good on the pear shape.

Women 50 sizes with small breasts, but wide thighs It is worth choosing a lush skirts and a fitted bodice. The belt is better replaced by an overwhelmed wide insertion. Such a move in creating an image will help redirect the attention with a wide bottom of the body on the chest. For slimness, let the studs on the heel or high fashion shoes.

If your figure resembles an apple, has full hips, a small breasts and a latch-pronounced waist, then your choice should be aimed at those dresses that have been made under the breast or on the waist. The bodice can be draped, and the collar is made by a homutic. Direct skirts do not have contraindications and can also be part of your image.

With a lush chest There are all the grounds for choosing chiffon or viscose dresses with a silhouette in the form of the letter A. Beautiful drawing on the fabric that serves as the basis for the dress, can also be a solution for the evening outfit. As before, a triangular neckline and the top with the smell remain the perfect option for bumpy women.

Drapets may also be present on the bond, they will serve as a beautiful decoration of the whole outfit.

As for the bottom of the dress, there will be a relevant direct skirt, folded or in the form of half.

For all the same permanent owners of the pear or sandy figure, you can choose dresses, in the design of which there is a combination of two tissues. It can be a monophonic stretch at the top and color chiffon at the bottom, lace and silk. Choosing a decorated bodice, look at the bolero with a short sleeve, for example, three quarters.

With a weakly pronounced waist and a 50 size of clothes You can choose a dress with contrasting side inserts. Such an element may be present on a straight dress or summer sundress. Such an outfit will still remain in fashion for a long time, because this reception designers are used when creating not only evening outfits, but also business suits.

It is important to choose the correct insert width for your figure correctly. For example, the same black inserts on a bright dress with a flower print will look worse on the sundress. At the “Apple” Figure, motley dresses are well sitting. Such a move will switch attention from an unnecessary volume, which is present on the chest or hips.

Do not go around the dresses with asymmetry at the bottom. Small drawing, bright prints and color motifs – all this will make your festive image beautiful and original.

Color selection

The girl with luxurious forms special attention should be given to color outfit, because the wrong color or pattern can ruin the evening image. Oblique cage, vertical stripes visually help stretch silhouette.

Flower print is better to choose medium sized. The bright top visually adds the volume of the chest, and the dark shoulders will hide a little bit. This will help to achieve horizontal stripes and elongated ornaments.

Opinion, that white color is full, scares the wonderful young lady. And in vain, because how many successful options hides in itself an evening dress in white. Especially if the summer dress is selected for the celebration. White color has a lot of shades that will dilute completeness. And if a successful print is also present on a light dress, the volume will be broken.

The choice of fabric for such a dress is huge: flax, cotton, viscose… So don’t be afraid of white dresses, just need to correctly use the advantages of this color. To make sure that you can view a selection of photos of full models, dealt in bright models of evening dresses.

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