Evening dresses for birthday

Evening dresses for birthday

Every day, women torment themselves thoughts about the choice of a suitable outfit for a hiking, on a date, in a movie or at the gatherings with girlfriends. The choice of clothing is relevant always, but it becomes more acute on the eve of his birthday or a person close to us.

Choose the outfit depending on the nature of the celebration

We are with you, dear women, you need to look not only stylish and beautiful, but also to fit the general mood.

Classic style

A classic celebration, which is the anniversary of a relative or just a loved one, requires the choice of something simple, not too patical and strict. An excellent option will serve any cocktail dress.

Unnecessarily long outfit from evening collections with brilliant elements, ruffles and atlas will not be quite appropriate. But a one-photon or matte dress of medium length – just what you need.

If you were invited to a solid anniversary to a restaurant, then the sleeves are preferably in your future. Not necessarily long, but still close the top of the hand they should. You can add your image with jacket. At any moment you can remove it and continue to have fun.

Believe me among the ladies of solid age that will be at the celebration in most, you will feel more comfortable.

Not always the anniversary pass in restaurants. For a celebration that will be concentrated in the apartment, evening dress, especially for anything. You yourself will not be glad to such a gorgeous image.

If you are a birthday party, and the celebration does not pass in the restaurant and not in a luxurious residence, filled with a crowd of servants, then evening dress in the floor will also not be to the place. Care for your guests, serve dishes, remove from the table and dance in a long evening dress – Yes, this and the enemy do not wish. Yes, and who will be able to evaluate your chic outfit if you stay at the table?

But what is really worth paying attention – this is the zone neckline. It should be in the smart one. Necessary deep neckline can put you in an uncomfortable situation while serving dishes when you have to be slightly burning. Think out this situation and select the top of your outfit accordingly.

The feast assumes a large number of toasts and you will have to raise a glass every time, even if you are not going to drink. This moment is forced to complement the image of the sleeves, even if short.

It’s time to go to the choice of fabric from which your outfit will be made. She should not quickly reverse, lose their original look and tighten the shape too.

It is better to select the invoice, the main color and additional colors in accordance with your age. Bright pink, dazzling yellow and children’s drawings – All this will be left outside of your wardrobe.

Dress or blouse with skirt?

Thought is actually good if not one but. Active movement throughout the celebration will inevitably lead to a twice of a blouse that may unbavailable at the most inopportune moment and in the most interesting place. Still the choice of dresses is safer and convenient.

Children’s holiday

Evening dress for the birthday of the child – not always the right decision. A whole selection of suitable outfits serves the film “Stepford Wives”. Your option is the morning version of Lady Like and Light Images.

Remember that mom for a child is his “face”, so it is seriously taken to the selection of the image. Let it be perfect on his birthday, including mommy.

Now very popular Family Look, when mom puts out the outfit similar to the one that her daughter. Quite harmonious and easy solution.

In this image there may be open sleeves, in the form of a flashlight or wings. Only pastel shades, tenderness and femininity, no brilliance and acid-bright colors. You can consider a dress with a floral pattern, from a fabric in polka dot, striped or cage.

To get inspiration, refer to the trendies that reigned in the 50s. Your outfit can be slightly reminded by dresses Heroine Cinemawork “Styles”. But only slightly, because you are not going to the disco.

What to wear dancing and karaoke?

So where you can wear your wildest and frank outfits. Seductive tightening your accurate figure, maximum neckline, minimal length – you will conquer the dance floor in this image.

Holiday on nature

Exit activities are becoming increasingly popular in environment. Well, as not to succumb to the temptation and do not demonstrate your slender legs with a flat tan?

In this case, you can even wear short shorts that will be well harmonized with a short top. Hot summer – the time of such clothes. True, this image will be relevant at an informal party in the country or on a picnic.

You are not enough? Then reproduce in the direction of the sneakers and replace them with heels. This image will be incomplete without glasses and hats, backpack (to shorts) or clutch (to dress).

It remains for small, but so necessary – makeup and hairstyle. Suppose you’re. The coming day and so promises to be rich and difficult, and if you also have a beauty yourself, then before guests will be exhausted, possibly irritated and a little angry.

In the end, this is your day, your holiday and you can pamper yourself. Leave questions of makeup, manicure and hairstyles to specialists, and share the time to go to the spa center, visit the hairdresser, makeup artist and manicure specialist. It will be more correct.

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