Evening dresses for bride girlfriends one color or different shades

Evening dresses for bride girlfriends one color or different shades

Now more and more attention at weddings is given the role of brides girlfriends. Therefore, choose for them suitable outfits – the matter of honor for the bride.

Nuances selection dresses for girlfriends of the bride

If you have already decided that the bride’s girlfriends will be dressed in similar dresses, when choosing an outfit, take into account the following nuances:

  1. Start with the length of length – short or long options. The long version is solemn and more elegant, but, of course, more expensive. Short models create the effect of ease, but they look more democratic.
  2. Now think about the style. There are a lot of options, therefore it should be carefully examined by each of them.
  3. Do not seek to use identical dresses for all girlfriends. Do not forget, each has its own features of the figure, their strengths and weaknesses. Own all the same, you can emphasize the charms of one, but to concentrate attention on the disadvantages of another girlfriend. It is unlikely that she will tell you for this thanks. Let your friends independently define the style that is ideal for their figures.
  4. The question of the shade is far from last. Gentle colors are suitable for summer or late spring. If the wedding is planned for autumn or winter, then the girlfriends are better to wear in dresses of darker shades.

Same color

This option is considered pretty categorical and strict, but will provide wonderful photos.

And even in the case of the same color of the dress for all every girlfriend will be able to stand out and look individually if:

  • On girls there will be dresses with the same length, but the top of everyone will be different+
  • All dresses will be different style.

Different shades of one color

Pretty beautifully look girlfriends, dressed in dresses of different shade of one color. This option will help simultaneously distinguish friends from other guests and combine them, but at the same time allocate each girl separately.

If the dresses are in different plates, you can combine girlfriends by offering them outfits in one front. For example, the shade of dresses will be different, and the texture of the fabric and the length of the outfits will be the same.

Multicolored with drawing

Motion outfits of girlfriends will become an excellent choice for the event, in the stylistic of which prints are included. Fantasy in choosing such outfits is not limited – girls can dress up in a cage, peas, dresses with flowers and other pictures.

If various styles and materials are selected for girlfriends dresses, then combine girls can be combined with the same belts, bracelets, bouquets and similar nuances.

In floor

Such dresses are suitable for traditional celebrations in the restaurant. Picking the long dresses of the bride’s girlfriends, it is important to pay attention to the style. A-Silhouette will be a good choice. If you choose outfits with a lush skirt, it will help to hide the shortcomings of the shapes of girls.


If the outfits for girlfriends pick up short and lush, then they will look at ease and fun. For a strict classic wedding short dresses for girlfriends better make straight cut. Dresses with a little bit below the knee is very elegant.

Should not be chosen for girlfriends too narrow and short outfits, let the dresses be comfortable and do not interfere dancing. Very deep neckline is also not welcome, but cut-out on the back can turn into a highlights of the outfits.

Top 10 colors

Lilac, purple and lavender shades

Why not stay on lilac or lavender evening dresses? These shades are most popular when choosing outfits for bride’s girlfriends, since these are restrained, but at the same time interesting colors, allowing to emphasize the importance of the event, focus on the chance of the celebration.

Lavender dresses of the bride’s girlfriends perfectly complement the wedding in the style of Provence.

Especially good for a similar role fit lighter shades. They create an atmosphere of solemnity of the event, while not focusing on their attention to the detriment of the main actors of the event.

Hairstyle It is advisable to add alive colors, preferably pink, purple or white. As for the decorations, here the ideal solution is precious metals. And it does not matter whether it will be silver, or gold.


This color is very juicy, so it looks in the wedding ceremony very winning. Tenderness and romanticity will add such shades as pale turquoise, aquamarine, cyan and others. Best Tint Dresses Turquoise Looks On Tanned Skin.

If the celebration is scheduled for nature or on the sea coast, you select flowing silk or chiffon turquoise outfits for girlfriends.

As decorations, offer your girlfriends to wear white bracelets, and hair grab white floral hairpins. Shoes for turquoise dresses worth choosing white, classic black, beige, bright pink or silver.


The outfits in this color look light and warm, so they are ideal for wedding celebration in spring and summer.

Such dresses on girlfriends look especially successfully if the outfit is not classic white.

Peach in girlfriends outfits are harmoniously combined with a green palette, for example, with mint tone.


Such dresses for girlfriends in combination with snow-white outfit newlyweds look especially effectively.

The bride will be able to wear a red belt and red shoes, as well as supplement the image of a bright red bouquet. And bright wedding with colorful photos is provided.

Gorgeous on girlfriends will look long red chiffon dresses or short dress of bright red shade, who have a lush skirts.

Also spectacularly watch the dresses of wine and burgundy tones.


This color is now very in demand and is often used in the design of the wedding – both summer and winter.

Mint shades – Fresh and joyful. They are perfectly combined with a gold tone.


Such dresses look gently and sunny. Yellow will emphasize the beauty and youth of the girlfriends. It will be the best choice if there are a lot of blondes among girls.

Check out yellow girlfriends outfits will help white, blue, green and gray. The best shades of the yellow palette for dresses of the bridesmaid can be called the lemon, pale yellow, amber, golden and mustard. Ideal material for yellow dresses will be lace, glossy fabric, silk or tulle.


Such dresses look calm, cool, air and light. They will be wonderful to look at very young girls. If you combine blue tones with gray or gold, then such dresses on girlfriends will have a noble and elegant look, and if you add a blue pink, beige or white tint, it will turn out very dary and very playful outfits.

The best shades of a blue palette for dresses of girlfriends can be called azure, aquamarine, cornflower and heavenly blue. For summer celebration, blue dresses should be light and flowing, and in the case of a winter celebration, outfits should be supplemented with blue woven or knitted cape.


This color is rightfully leading in a pastel palette for weddings. He emphasizes femininity and tenderness, and also comes to any appearance.

This color is most often choosing if it is decided to wear girlfriends in a different shade dresses.

Gentle pink tones refer to peaceful and calming down, and bright shades (neon, fuchsia) are more configured for fun.

Pink gamma is wonderful combined with blue, blue, gold, chocolate and mint color.

The best choice among the tones of the pink palette for the outfits of the bride’s girlfriends will be powdered and raspberry shades, as well as fuchsia and coral tone.


Choose this color for girlfriends outfits is quite bold, because it can confuse others (it will be more difficult for them to highlight the bride).

So that white dresses of girlfriends did not compete with a wedding outfit, for such outfits choose another fabric texture, another shade, as well as often short length. A good solution is to wear all girlfriends in absolutely identical dresses, then the bride will easily find among the guests.

Successful solution will be white dresses with prints.

The best shades of the white palette for dresses of the girlfriends newlyweds will be milk, iovory and cream, as well as the tone of the egg shell and ivory.


Such a color is considered presentable and solid, but not so strict as black. Blue dresses look elegant and while combined with most types. They will be especially a good choice if a classic white outfit was chosen for themselves.

Girlfriends in dark blue worth give bright colors bouquets. To make blue not so cold and heavy, it combines it with white, sandy, coral, blue and yellow. The best tones of blue for outfits bride’s girlfriends will be sapphire, denim, ultramarine, azure and sea wave.

And, finally, a selection of multicolored dresses for bride girlfriends. It looks too impressive, is not true?

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