Evening dresses for the new year 2022

Evening dresses for the new year 2022

New Year always brings with me turmoil, care, pleasant troubles and mood, which is inherent only to this holiday. And have you forgotten for all the cases to choose for yourself that outfit in which you meet the main holiday of the planet? We tried to facilitate the problem of choosing an evening dress. So let’s get to choose the dress of your dreams.

Choice of figure

The new year of each woman is able to shine with its beauty and paint in the wonderful outfit from all the wardrobe. It is clear that the dress should be perfect in all respects, especially this applies to the combination of style and the figures of its owner.

So, choose an evening dress for the New Year’s Party Figure.


For lush figures You can not choose a narrow dress that will make a tight body. But too free outfit, too, can not be – nothing to hide gorgeous forms behind balachons.

Successful examples are the dresses with a smell and dresses-cases with a semi-shot silhouette that emphasizes everything to emphasize.


For the pear-shaped (triangular) figure, it is necessary to select such outfits, with the help of which the volume would be added at the top of the body, and in the bottom – the extra centimeters were removed. Thin waist at the same time needs underline.

Ideal suitable models with American premium or keen on oblique, attracting attention to shoulders or chest. Drapets, drawings, Buffs, Ryushi are important elements that create the required volume. A good addition will be bolero or pellery.

Inverted triangle

With wide shoulders and narrow hips, on the contrary, the volume should be done in the hips area. Outfits of a-silhouette will come to the rescue and ampir style. Without flute, drapery, basks and lush skirts, such as a skirt-cylinder, do not do here.

Wide shoulders visually reduce V-neck. Square cutout and straps are not desirable.


When narrow shoulders and hips, first of all you need to highlight the waist. All decorative elements (beads, fats, appliqués) – Your. Ideally, you need to create volume and in the upper part, and in the lower.

For low

For low girls, designers created short models of evening dresses of all sorts of variations. One of these is an overwhelmed waist and bright color solutions.

The skirt must be straight or slightly curved. From a large pattern and complex cut should be refused.

Dresses in the floor are also allowed if the skirt closes the heel, and the silhouette.

If you add high heels to the image, no one will notice your little growth, and you yourself will forget about this little feature of your complex.

Choice rules

Not only on the features of the figure worth paying attention, choosing for yourself an evening outfit. There are a number of nuances that can help in finding a perfect dress.

We picked up a list of tips for you, following which, it is easy to become a queen of the New Year’s Eve:

  1. The choice of the outfit should be repelled from the format of the upcoming event. Evening dress is traditionally presented in the length of Maxi, but not every girl she will fit and not for every reason is appropriate. The length of the dress should be harmoniously combined with your complex – this is the first. And the second – it depends on the venue of the celebration. For the club party, it would be good to dress a cocktail dress instead of a long evening outfit, which though it looks gorgeous, but still sacrifies constraints.
  2. Do not choose trouser costumes, even if in ordinary life you do not recognize other clothes. Surprise those surrounding our new way, filled with very new emotions for you. If you are not ready to wear a bold and even sexy dress, that is, many romantic, cute and feminine models.
  3. Do not chase the fashion trends. First of all, you need to take into account the features characteristic of your type of figure.
  4. The game in contrasts and the choice of unusual colors often gives the most unpredictable and striking results. Carefully examine your colorboard – it will help pick up the color of clothing relative to the shade of hair or eye color.
  5. Observe the restraint in the formation of the general image and remember the feeling of the norm. Bold and eccentric outfit should soften a more modest hairstyle, minimum of jewelry and soft makeup. For example, if your choice fell on a stunning and simply an unrealistic beautiful color of the color of noble red wine, it will look good for modestly laid hair and not causing makeup created from the total tones of your image.

Color and style

Not only relative to the length and Leson offer great opportunities, it concerns and the color of your evening outfit for the new year. Although bright prints, at least a one-photon model – the main thing that the outfit is to you like.

Whatever who spoken, but minimalism will never come out of fashion, including from the evening. Such dresses can even be called universal when it comes to the selection of accessories.

Even the choice of material does not provide special requirements and there are no strict restrictions. Moreover, the combination of various materials in one dressing is considered a very fashionable direction. The striking example serves satin and lace, excellent not only on texture, but also in color.


It is impossible to lose sight of the nature of the New Year’s party and general subjects. This applies not only to the comfort and relevance of the outfit, but affects some traditions and signs.


Corporate requires you not only to comply with decency and prudnity in choosing a dress, but also manifestations of future care. It is from what way you meet the new year depend on your future achievements and victories.

To decline good luck and get a new, more interesting job, it is worth choosing a white dress. It will symbolize a new period in your life, which can be started with a clean sheet. It may be an increase in the working staircase, receiving a new position or a cardinal change.

It will be possible to achieve wage to increase the metal brilliance in your dress or presence in the image of precious jewelry (gold, platinum).

Ballroom topics in the celebration of the New Year serves as an excellent reason for choosing a lush dress, which is usually associated with a fairy tale. Just think about how your colleagues will be survived who are used to seeing you in the trouser costumes and strict outfits.

For serious purposes you need a serious preparation. Metye to the post of chief? Then it takes a rigorous, evening outfit, woven from elegance and decorated with expensive jewelry.

A woman who occupies a high position should not choose frankness or teenage carelessness. But also excessive rigor also. Save the riddle, which can be embodied in bare shoulders, long cut to the hip, seductive neckline or translucent inserts. Choose something one and then your image will be filled with harmony, style and del.

Club party

Club Party involves several options for a suitable outfit. For example, in some cases it will be a relevant medium length dress. Although in most cases it is still better to choose from cocktail short dresses that can have a bright print.

If you like more monochrome outfits, then bright accessories will be very relevant.

Meeting in a family circle

In the family circle, many meet the new year, not too puzzling themselves by choosing a dress. Most relevant in this case will be restraint, traditional, easy hint for evening dress code. Length short or midi.

All this is good, it is useful and you need to know every girl, but first of all you need to listen to your heart and feel the body. Whatever the elegant outfit, but he still needs to be comfortable and at the same time insensitive to you, and then all the rest.

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