Evening dresses from guipure

Evening dresses from guipure

The guipure is an excellent quality and external fabric characteristics, from which excellent evening outfits are obtained. You will definitely pay attention to it. Many famous fashion designers in their shows and new collections necessarily demonstrate evening dresses from guipure or options, the main emphasis of which is a guipure.

Let’s try to figure out all the intricacies of using this material from the point of view of evening dresses.

Secrets of Guipure

Why is the guipure so popular today? What are his main secrets?

In fact, there are no secrets here. The thing is that the guipure dresses look very elegant, interesting, with notes solemnity. After all, it is such an effect and is required when visiting various kinds of events, holidays, the dress code of which involves the presence of girls and women of evening dresses.

The guipure is able to decorate any outfit, create an exquisite, sophisticated image, emphasize femininity, gently circling the line of the figure. It is not surprising that many young people choose the guipure when it comes to buying a dress for graduation in school or the same university.

The guipure makes it possible to work wonders, create a wide variety of models, experimenting with various types of stations. This suggests that any beauty, regardless of its growth or type of shape, will be able to find a guipure outfit specifically.


It is quite logical now will talk about the notes and current trends of this year.

Let’s start with the fact that guipure evening dresses are a symbol of femininity, tenderness. That is, you need to choose exactly in those cases when emphasizing attention you want on it.

Evening dress made of this tissue can have a big length, stopped by velvet, atlas, silk, attract an open back, and also decorated directly by the guipure itself.

Fitted classic with midi and mini

If you have long and slender legs, then choose short models guipure outfits. They will fit perfectly for casual clothes, and will make it possible to look gorgeous on the disco, wedding or birthday.

If you need the most feminine dresses from a guipure, then the choice stop at midi. Best of all they look when using calm paints, such as beige, black, pearl, golden or smoky. But bright and saturated are also possible.

Use a guipure in short outfits is better point. The optimal option is a trim of sleeves, belt, top or bottom. So you most best decorate your mini dress and play contrasting on the fabrics.

Extra long models

Here, special attention is paid to the skins of maxi and asymmetric length, because it is these two style – a real trend of the season. The flowing cloth creates charming lines, so men will hardly tear off their views from you.

Long options give the image of femininity and elegance. They are suitable for any solemn day or event. If you correctly sew a dress for yourself using a guipure, you can adjust the flaws of the figure. For example, the presence of diagonal lines and asymmetry remove excess volumes, and the light lining will suit those who are too thin.

The complexity of the guipure pattern on long dresses suggests that unnecessary intricate lines are not needed here. An ideal evening dress from this type of fabric assumes the presence of a guipure on a lining, a direct skirt, neckline and open hands.

Consider if you choose an outfit for an important event, a responsible event where you should appear in the image of a serious business lady, choose a dress in the floor. Supplement it can be a little scattered skirt. Long sleeves, and the top must be closed. Official Image will give the appropriate cold color.


Such a dress can tighten the shape, hide certain flaws. The properties of the guipure and the facilities of the Famon allow you to choose a similar outfit almost any girl.


Another trend that this year has gained popularity among school graduates and universities. It is simply explained – in such dresses, the image is created by feminine, romantic, without unnecessary vulgarity and even a hint of it. Preference is better to give to gentle shades.

Partially lace models

Not be sure to use a guipure as the main fabric for tailoring dresses. This material is able to superbly emphasize the merits of other fabrics, play the role of insertion, decorative trim.

Similar outfits, by the way, love to choose fashionable girls for everyday use. They are comfortable, but look excellent. The basis that the guipure finish will complement, choose knitwear, silk or atlas.

Pay special attention this season on the dresses with a top of the guipure. They are fashionable, combined with velor, atlas, perfectly harmonized with velvet and knitted cloth. And the models for everyday use and exclusively evening ensembles look equally beautiful.

Such models are presented in many collections of famous designers like Jenny Packham, Nha Khanh, Oscar De La Renta, Rome Acre and many others.

Also deservedly enjoys a lot of Mermaid. Top is desirable to add a deep neckline or a V-neck, and under the guypromalized cloth, lay an identical color lining or to play in contrast. So if you are a modest girl, this option is perfect for you.

If before the guipure was used to sewing complex outfits with a fitting style, then a simple cut came into fashion. Also, the dresses stopped too easy to make a figure, which allows you to wear their girls with imperfect proportions.

Many prefer dresses without unnecessary seams and details, thereby emphasize the naturalness of beauty, play on the attractiveness of the material itself.

If we talk about the sleeves, there are short, long, and three-quarters options are popular here. Although no one forbids you choose the evening outfit, completely devoid of sleeves.

Note that the use of a guipure when sewing the dress eliminates the need for complex accessories. Best outfit looks in tandem with simple, but expensive decorations. So here the choice is worth staying on precious stones, gold, platinum.

Lower Style

Some probably noticed that modern guipure dresses in their form sometimes resemble underwear, which put on no noble ladies. To do this, used a subtle guipure, from which gorgeous shirts, skirts. Alas, then all the beauty hidden for clothes. Although it will be frank, the girl seduced for men, even in such outfits, where and the hint is not on bare.

To create dresses in the so-called lounge style, which emphasize the romance of the image, the sewing is carried out with the help of ruffles and ruffles. And it is not necessary to fully use lace. It will also be suitable for the role of insertion or finishes.

It is important to consider that the outfit must be white or cream. Especially in the summer, such colors emphasize the tan. But it is impossible not to take into account the gently pink, mint or pale blue color, or brighter red, orange, yellow or turquoise dresses. Fashion does not come out and black outfit.

If you follow fashionable shows, then you probably saw how the linen-style dresses are worn directly over the linen. From the point of view of everyday use, it is not very practical. The dress from the guipure is often sewn together with covers, or the case is worn separately. It should be more open than the top of the ensemble.

The color for the case is chosen individually. Best of all it looks in contrast or in one color with the dress. Bright and fashionable examples of this season – black lace and white case, or red cover under white lace.

Color spectrum

Recently, designers are increasingly offered to wear black guipure dress. This is a classic solution, but presented in modern form. Plus, this color is that it is suitable for almost everyone, plus advantageous underlines beautiful accessories.

If you go on a cocktail party, then your perfect color guipure dress is blue or turquoise. Especially winning they look with lengthening from behind and a shorter length ahead.

For parties advise choosing red outfits. If it is competent to choose accessories, the image will be fresh and seductive.

If red you consider too caller, then consider the option with pink guipure or white. For sophisticated natures, modests are the optimal choice. Length can be different, it all depends on its own courage and, of course, the features of the figure.


Wanting to create an image in the classic style, a guipure evening outfit is better to add neat sandals on the middle heel.

If your image is retro, then a great accessory will perform ballet shoes or boats, chasenel jacket, as well as a small handbag or clutch. To maintain a romantic image, you need to choose the plated shoes and a handbag from similar fabrics.

Country style lovers worth paying attention to a bit of rough shoes, skin jackets or some ethnic accessories. If it is the thematic party, the hat in the style of the cowboy will not be superfluous.

Choice rules

Of course, it is impossible to choose just that the dress from the guipure that you liked on the mannequin or on the pages of the fashion magazine.

It is necessary to competently approach this issue, take into account some extremely important nuances:

  1. If you have perfect forms and proportions of the shape, then boldly wear a guipure dress that fits tightly. Otherwise, all your shortcomings will be even more, because the guipure has such properties.
  2. Bold ladies prefer models without lining. One underwear for such cases should be appropriate. Alternative is the case of corporal color. Dress as it would be transparent, but this is only an effect. Much better than trying to pick up underwear.
  3. Fully ladies advised to use guipure only as a decorative element of the outfit. All because this fabric is full.
  4. If you do not like your full shoulders, then the dress should be sleeveless. Holders of lush breasts suitable model with V-neck. Be sure to place the belt slightly above the waist line.

Designer sentences

And what are ready to offer fashion designers this year? Guipure outfits continue to be relevant, and therefore, the mods known for the whole world did not forget to submit their collections.


Thus, fashion designers Brand Proneias prefer cream, beige, as well as refined red and blue shades. When sewing outfits, they used a very thin guipure. Only individual dresses were sewn from dark material.

Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier

But Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier offered to return to fashion on transparent outfits. It has become a very popular trend of coming summer.


Collections from Valentino are made predominantly in the floor, the fabric is transparent, and black. Total presented two types of dresses – skirt in the floor or skirt before the kneel. The upper part was made diverse, from a miniature to an incredibly deep cutout.

Special attention should be paid to long black dresses from ELIE Saab. Dense inserts, bodily lining, dense lace were used here. As a result, the outfit can be transparent, but you will not have to worry about the existing flaws of the figure. They are superbly hidden thanks to a unique tailoring.

We can safely talk about what guipure is a magnificent tissue for tailoring of evening outfits. His obvious advantages, as well as the properties to emphasize the pros and hide the minuses of the figure allowed to conquer world popularity. Of course, focus on your own taste, take into account the nuances of your body. Only so you can pick up the perfect dress. And remember that evening dresses with a guipure look modern and sophisticated.

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