Evening dresses from lace

Evening dresses from lace

It is difficult to imagine what women would do without lace. This is an amazing invention will never cease to exist and enjoy mad demand. No matter how expensive it is, but for a lace dress, a woman is ready to give any amount.


In majesty evening long dresses created from lace do not have equal among all outfits. Lace skirts in any fas will be luxurious. Feminine in the lines will be present on the lush models and on the fitting silhouette.

Do not neglect the lace dress-case, which, at the expense of a rich pattern, does not require decorations and accessories. Lace fabric is a piece of art that creates skillful and experienced hands of lace.

Lace and can be decorated with dresses. Popular openwork borders, sleeves, inserts on a dress, various ruffles. Here for fantasy designers a lot of space.

There will always be a relevant lace pelterine or flirty openwork bolero, thus you can appear before guests in the form of a stylish, elegant and sophisticated lady.


There are such models that are repeated in each season without losing their relevance. Take at least short lace dresses – this is an inexhaustible fluid for inspiration and creating new models.

Red or black color embodied in a miniature dress will allow to reincarnate to passionate and even a fatal woman who will catch men’s glances all evening. Dress in white or any pastel color will create a gentle, touching and innocent image. For a romantic evening, a more suitable option should not even look for.

As for models, their range can have hundreds of options.

Take at least a breast cutout: Boat, high and closed, V-shaped. Skirt can be pressed in neat assemblies or counter folds, or even in defensions. Lace fabric will be free to bed freely and beautifully intertwined. Even the shape of the skirt may be different: in the form of a trapezoid, half-fastener or have a straight design.

On the waist will look good for a small strap or even a belt from the same fabric as the dress.

As for the sleeves, there are no restrictions here and it all depends on your desire and features of the body structure. They may have different lengths and puff. Lace sleeves highly emphasize the fragility of the female body and the grace of his lines.

Lace is actually no cheap material, so it may be present on the dress just for decoration in the area of ​​the neckline, hem or in the form of inserts.

C lace on the back

Now designers love lace to decorate the back. Such an element will become the highlight that must be present in each female dress. If you want today to try on a lightweight, air and refined image, then unambiguously need to choose openwork lace.

The half-open back on the dress is a win-win version that creates the illusion of nudity. Lace, as it were, opens the body, but at the same time hides it for the veil of mystery and inexpensively.

We choose a dress not only on the style and personal feelings, but also in color. Even a very good dress, which is perfectly sits on the figure, may not fit for you in your color.


Classic eternal, like a black dress in a female wardrobe. At every fashion show, it appears, each designer took it as a basis when creating his new image and every woman it should be. And if this dress is also lace, then the prices just do not have.

Black color creates a profitable contrast with feminine skin of a gentle female body, attracting men with a practically magical effect. No wonder because black lace is actively used by world fashionable houses: Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana.

The latest models represented by these designers are more reminiscent of medieval women: high collars, long sleeves, but the skillful use of lace does its job.


Red and all his shades have always possessed the energy of passion, what to say for the lace of coral color, poppy booth bud or young wine. Very beautifully photographed red lace in new models of Marchesa and Matthew Williamson designers. Narrow silhouettes, charmingly tight body, expressive, exciting ruffles and swans when combined with red lace have a stunningly beautiful view.


Baroque style hand in hand goes with all natural shades: beige, dairy, caramel, creamy and champagne. Therefore, under lace beige dresses, it is recommended to use accessories in such a style.

Recall movies displaying times when there were popular lace umbrellas, unhurried walks in city parks. The dress in such shades serves as a very successful alternative to the snow-white alongside, which hurts the eyes and the eyes blind.

As you can see, the lace is so universal material that is able to give tenderness and sophistication of the evening alongside, and on the other side and piquancy.

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