Evening Dresses in Greek Style

Evening Dresses in Greek Style

Ancient Greece presented the world not only the discoveries and works of great thinkers, but also beautiful legends, realistic myths about the goddesses and priestesses who were inevitably dressed in feet. Designers could not resist the beauty of the robes of the Greek goddesses and decided that modern women were not worse. Now evening dresses in the Greek style stubbornly retain their place in the wardrobe of modern lady.

Features style

Greek dress can not be confused with other styles, since only such an antique fit is characterized by unique features:

  • Fabric – only light and flowing+
  • Lines – smooth, slightly defining contours of the figure+
  • Cra – free, not creating constraints in movements+
  • Waist – necessarily overestimated.

The combination of all these elements and underlies the creation of a Greek dress, which often sews in the image and likeness of the tunic. Such images can still be attributed to the “Ampire” style, in which the main excretory characteristic is overproed to the level of the waist and immediately starting skirt.

Modern interpretations of dresses

Modern designers firmly took up the Greek dresses, made their changes, created a number of new images, added details that were not previously. Even asymmetry successfully wedged into Greek evening style. Each of these innovations is successfully embodied and gives a kind of highlight.

Found good feedback dresses with draped upper or lower element. Chiffon Here exceeds all other fabric options. The embodiment in the model of the lower skirt year makes the dresses so elegant that they instantly understand the admired young lady.

As for the entire upper part of the evening dress in the Greek style, then the variations are a huge and simply unreal set:

  • Single, dual, different widths+
  • Full lack of straps+
  • Availability of sleeves+
  • Festos from lace, embroidery and rhinestones, placed over the entire neckline line and on an overwhelmed belt+
  • Decorations and lacing from ribbons.

The presence of a train very much transforms the girl by adding royal greatness to the image. If there is lace on the dress on top, the image immediately acquires romanticism and tenderness.

If the dress has an open back and this neckline is lowered below the waist, and even decorated with embroidery (preferably handmade) or festons, then more sexual outfit will be difficult to imagine. Well, if hard cups for stability were inserted into the bodice. Sexuality and the effect of such an image will be guaranteed.

In the evening dress made in the Greek style or ampir style, the bodice often performs the main element for decorating. Designers do not store and try to place rhinestones, beads, sequins as elegant. Even Swarovski stones go to move.

This season is gaining its popularity and relevance of the model consisting of not one layer of tissue, and from several. On beauty such a skirt eclipses everything you could see.

It looks original Greek evening dress, short front and long rear. This is a certain modern style interpretation.

Even ball dresses are now done in Greek style. There are several mandatory moments that must be present in such a dress:

  • Bust compacted, expressive, with an abundant amount of decorative elements+
  • Wide chiffon skirts+
  • Unobtrusive flow around the tissues of the maiden figure.

Even for pleating is a worthy place, especially if it is no greater and completely covers the legs.

To whom will suit

There are several unique outfits in the world of women’s fashion that fit all and smooth out the problems in the figure. For example, Indian outfit Sari and, by the way, a dress in Greek style.

  1. Magnificent forms will be drapered, which even for a thin figure will be the opportunity to add a few kilograms.
  2. Having a figure “Hourglass” can not worry at all – the perfect image is guaranteed.
  3. Pregnant women are not in vain often choose dresses performed precisely in Greek style. High waist and light fabrics – what is needed for comfort and freedom, which is preserved at any movement. Even a small belly is not so visible under a freely falling skirt.

No other dress is so profitable and good does not emphasize the chest, making it over sexy. Reasons to dress such a lot – Any galance: prom, party, important anniversary or wedding invitation. Even for the bride, a variety of outfits performed in Greek style was developed.

Shortened models

You might think that the Greek dresses are without that are so feminine and cute that no item is no longer able to make them even more perfect. And here is not! Experiments with a length showed completely different results, presenting the treated Greek dresses throughout the fashionable world.

Choosing a length, reaching the knee or lowering down slightly lower, the girl seeks to show his legs whose beauty does not allow them to hide them for long skirts.

In shortened models, all the free skirts remain, which in overwhelming cases are constructed chiffon. On the waist line, which also remains overestimated, can be attended.

In universality and practicality, Greek shortened dresses are not inferior to leadership positions, especially if the model is selected successfully, it will be possible to put on a business meeting, to go to a party with friends, spend a romantic date or even visit the reception.

Long sleeve woven even in this style, creating a practical autumn version of the outfit from a purely summer version. Shoes for a shortened dress do not have to have a heel, and not the smallest. You can focus on the situation and choose from boats or middle heel. The bag in the form of a clutch is suitable for any image, but to this in particular.


Greek style in evening fashion dictates its rules not only about the style, but even the choice of fabrics is significantly limited to three positions: satin, silk, chiffon. It is the fabric, successfully selected and perfectly selected, will serve as a highlight that should be present in each dress, especially evening.

Where, as not in the Greek dress, rhinestones of various colors must be present, lace complex elements, beads, embroidery, sequins, stones, and indeed, everything is beautiful, elegant and courageous. Of all this assortment of jewelry, which serve as a decor, you need to choose no more than two elements to guarded simplicity and there was no disintegration with ease of fabric.

What to wear

If we are dealing with the classic of Greek style, then the shoes must certainly be easy: sandals, thin ribbons or straps.

With a low growth, it is possible to consider the name of the sandals, but they should also be lightweight, without heavy and coarse elements. Shoes, wedges and massive heels are not a place in the Greek.

But when choosing jewelry, you can slightly dilute a light image with a massive bracelet on hand or a gold kit (earrings and pendant). Hairstyle must be true Greek: rim, braid or miniature diadem. There will be no superfluous handbag.

Do not think that the dress with ancient character is an exceptionally summer option that can be asked for sunny weather. It will not allow to freeze the shawl, the palatine that can be consolidated by a brook. Even a coat or raincoat can be combined with an additive dress in the Greek style or an ampir style, if their length is not shortened, and the style does not have rough lines.

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