Evening dresses on graduation 2021

Evening dresses on graduation 2021

Graduates and their moms pay huge attention to the issue of choosing a dress. After all, this is an incredibly important event in their lives, the possibility of the last time to show yourself in all its glory in front of classmates and classmates. So it is included in the trends of dresses for graduation? Let’s try to figure it out.

Color and texture

Having studied numerous fashion shows, one distinct opinion was formed – all the evening outfits for graduation are designed to decorate the young person, emphasize its gentle age, as well as the beauty of the young body.

At the same time, the fashion designers in one voice say that in the new season, the taboo on shiny fabrics, excessively lush skirts and a rich decor, which distracts attention too much. But do not think the dress is not obliged to be modest and unspoic, with the easiest version of Cro. Although even this option has the right to exist if you are able to competently pick up fine decorations.

As evaluating specialists, the most successful shades of the current season for graduation outfits are:

  • Wine shades+
  • Pastel shades of the whole gamma+
  • Blue+
  • White+
  • Gray+
  • Black+
  • Turquoise.

Try to create an image of restraint, avoid excessively frank cuts, neckline, even if you have something to boast before girlfriends. Make focus, for example, on an open back, transparent inserts, multi-layered, original finish, interesting details.

Fabrics – exceptionally light, air, with flowing texture, lace trim, contrasting prints. All this will make you a fragrant with its bright perch.

Also pay attention to the velvet. He was always in fashion, but now as if he returned to his top of popularity.

Velvet creates an adult, confident and purposeful person from a young girl, not devoid of a charm of children’s innocence. Isn’t that you want to look at your graduation party?! As for accessories, then they are striking their diverse velvet shoes. Youth, original, allowing to play with different shades.


We highlight a few extremely attractive styles, which will be likewise, by the way for the graduation unit:

  1. Silhouette of fish. Dance in it will not be particularly convenient, but it is significantly highlighted against the background of classical graduation outfits.
  2. Model with american premium.
  3. Shirt models in floor. That’s certainly a spectacular dress that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of young girls. The image is carried out gentle and at the same time bold. The shoes are better to choose with a solid sole, the clutch in the style of the stick on the zipper, and turn the hairstyle to controlled careless curls.
  4. Top with a multi-layer skirt or straight. Such an outfit will not less spectacular.

Be sure to complete your outfit interesting, sometimes even frivolous decorations, and your hair can be laid slightly careless.

Cocktail in floor

Cocktail dresses in the floor of the flowing fabrics create the desired romantic image, appropriate at the prom. The best styles will be an ampir and Greek style of light shades. In the trend decorated corset embroidery, exquisite belt and a slightly slaughtered skirt.

Also enjoy the success of a dress on one shoulder.


But the pleated fabrics are prerogative, and sometimes this salvation for very thin girls. The material creates a certain effect of airiness, amazing lightness and at the same time adds volume. Plus, the fabric hides thin legs, focuses on a thin waist, even if nature has not awarded pronounced bends. Figure becomes feminine and more attractive.

For solemn evenings on the occasion of the school or university, it is recommended to select a bright or with spectacular original prints. They will define the necessary mood and complete a wonderful gentle image.


If you are a fan of ethno-style, then you are very lucky, because the current season has made a big focus on ethnic motifs. The combination of femininity with retro allows you to do something extraordinary, original with graduates. Excellent solution for those who want to stand out on a general background.

Girls who want something extraordinary, but taste does not allow to wear a mini or frank outfit, it is worth paying attention to the model with a strip. Better if it is small and contrasting with basic color dresses.

Not necessarily a graduation dress to be monophonic. Well-proved models have proven well.

Completely unexpected at a high fashion week in Paris became a collection of evening dresses from Rami Kadi with fresh elements. On dresses embroidered spiders, which are in the dark look like cute and harmless fireflies. More original outfit for prom is difficult to find.


This season brought a very interesting solution in the form of a graduation dresses of the A-silhouette musician or case.

Consider this is a pretty brave image that will fit a high girl. Because the length is up to the middle.

Straight Midi Length can be supplemented with original Bas. It gives the image of mysteriousness, fabulous, but it does not allow you to make you too serious and strict. In it, you will definitely feel special, and in a general background will certainly stand out.

Another alternative will be the dress shortened in front of a long rear.


When choosing a short model, you need to pay attention to a-silhouette, pack, model with a skirt cylinder or a baby-dollars dress and of course a classic actual-color case.

Dress with a short lush skirt will decorate any girl.

With sleeves

If there is enough lush figure and large forms, you should pay attention to the dress with sleeves. V-shaped cutout or closed zone decolte, shoulders or handles.

Transparent sleeves entered the list of the most fashionable graduation dresses, because boldly use this option. To hide full shoulders, show your beautiful breasts, as well as form a noticeable and refined image, put on the dress and separately transparent sleeves and connect them on the neck with the help of brooks or fashionable collar.

Retro graduation dresses

Two years ago Retro Style left a big mark in the world of graduation fashion. But this year has shown that this trend is still relevant and lives with a new life.

At the dresses of this format it is worth paying attention to both graduates, and their beloved mothers.

Imagine what will be her admiration when she sees his own daughter in the way, in which herself herself “ignored” on the graduation. Lush skirt, numerous patterns, peas, high hairstyle. What to say, nostalgia. To achieve the effect of retro style, it is not necessary to select a certain color gamut.

Graduation Dresses with Open Back

Immediately note: long or short outfits, the main element of which is an open bare back, can profitably look far away on every girl.

As practice shows, the greatest effect from the latter of the back is achieved when the long-distance. You can show the back and chest at the same time, just follow the measure.

The back zone is decorated with lacing, bright ribbons, wide straps Cross on the cross or in chain format. Complete the neck with a decoration of silver or gold.

Make sure the back looks beautiful, you keep it smooth, otherwise you simply destroy the main effect that is created so outfit.

Remember, this is your day, which means everything should be the way you want. Of course, do not forget about the understanding of the measure and the responsibility that you carry, going on the graduation ball.

As for the choice of dresses, then go on your taste, your figure, as well as the main criterion – comfort. It is unlikely that you want to remember the graduation as a day when you pressed the corset for the whole day or interfered with the lacing on the back. Remember that too narrow skirt will not allow you to freely dance, so you can pick one more dress for the dance floor.

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