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Every girl wishes to be the most attractive and feminine, especially if we are talking about some kind of event, whether it is a prom, called dinner or even a wedding. For such events, you must have an evening dress in your wardrobe. But what a style? After all, there are so many of them, but not everyone is suitable for your height, figure, body structure, and so on. Today we will talk about the evening dress mermaid.

The name is explained simply – the lower part of the outfit looks like the tail of the sea beauty. To whom this dress is suitable, what is his main features, for what events it is best suited. We will answer these and other issues today with pleasure.

By what occasion

So you want to put on an elegant mermaid dress. But whether it will be by the way on the corporate or on the birthday of your bosses? Hardly. It requires something more restrained, delicate.

Long evening mermaid dress is the perfect choice for a solemn event or a special day in your life. A vivid example of a successful combination of “Mermaids” and events are the graduation ball, themed evening, wedding, solemn reception.

If you were invited to become a girlfriend of the bride, then such an outfit should pay special attention. It can repeat the dress of the victim of the celebration, but have certain differences due to decor and color solutions.


Some ladies for some reason believe that the dress-mermaid is the same type of outfit, and there is no certain difference between different models. Apparently, they never dealt with such ensembles on a personal example.

In fact, “mermaid” has key and characteristic features:

  • If you want to focus on your hands, shoulders and favorite for many men, the neck zone, then your choice is “mermaid” with open shoulder.
  • A similar task, but in a few other format, will perform an outfit in the style of mermaid with one shoulder.
  • A bustier dress will become a real find for those girls who want to emphasize the beautiful elastic chest.
  • Some want to choose such an outfit, in which the waist will look thinner, seductive. In this case, choose the shops of the mermaids with the corset.
  • Pay attention to the execution of the back zone. On Plots-mermaids it can be completely discovered, to perform a cutout of an asymmetric shape, give preference to weave or translucent tissues. Just consider the open spin suggests that the skin will be in perfect condition. Otherwise it is better to close it.
  • The owners of slender figures can greatly use the faces of the Mermaids, if you add one or two cuts on both sides on the waist.
  • To the question of the choice of sleeves should also be approached carefully. One is suitable outfits – a year without sleeves, and the other – a long fitting sleeve. Addition to the last option of the dress can be collars and racks or rounded cuts in the neckline zone.

Options Skirt

If you decide to stop your choice on the Fason’s Mermaid, then definitely pay attention to the skirt. The fact is that the top of the dress can have two versions – straps or open shoulders. As for the skirt, here the choice is huge.

Now designers focus on lush multi-layer skirts made of fate. They smoothly develop from the lightweight breeze, have a long loop.

Also a trend and fashionable solution is a dress in the style of mermaids with airwhals, rushes and frills as decorations. The coquette is complemented by rhinestones, lace cloth, pearls and other interesting decorative elements.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that smooth models came out of fashion. As before, they are in high positions, especially lace models or openwork inserts are well-deservedly popular.

To whom fit

It is no secret that at all times the standard of the female figure was the type of hourglass. Charm Dresses-mermaids is that they are offered with built-in or individual corsets. With their help, the figure is lost, it turns out almost any type of shape to turn into an hourglass.

If you have a type of a type of pear or a rectangle, with the full size of the middle, then the dress shape thromput will make the shape slimmer, pull the visual growth. As a result, this outfit looks great even on those beauties whose figure is not perfect.

But another moment plays an important role here, and more precisely, the feature of the Mermaid. The fact is that the dress focuses on the hips. If you have wide, full and you are uncomfortable feeling yourself in the fitting legs of the outfits, then give up better from this model. Holders Figure Type Full Pears or Apple Sima.

Typewriters Figure type Inverted triangle, too, should avoid outfits in the style of mermaids. This wide shoulders are explained, which, when tosing the hips, stand out even more. As a result, you look disproportionately and not very attractive.

Extracted silhouette – one of the basic requirements for mermaids dresses. Not surprisingly, it is most profitable. It looks at the girls of medium and high growth with slender figures. But the girls below average despair should not be. If you want to wear a dress-mermaid, then under a long heel be sure to choose high heels. Thus, you compensate for the lack of growth.


Dresses Mermaid or Year – this is definitely a solemn outfit suitable for evenings, holidays. For everyday life, they do not fit perfectly, that is, it would be to go to the store for at least stupid.

In this regard, the overwhelming majority of such outfits are performed from diffused under the action of light, expensive tissues. Most often you can meet atlas and silk.

Mermaid models differ significantly from other styles with color solutions. Much depends on what effect you want to produce on others.

For example, delicate white, pink and beige tones create a romantic image, and bright red and black colors – seductive, maybe even fatal. But if you want to convey the true image of the mythical mermaid, then give preference to cold blue or turquoise color of your dress.

Today, according to relevant fashion trends, a very trend solution is a mermaid dresses with special lining, the color of which is different from the main tissues.

The greatest effect is achieved when choosing such a color decoration on one leg. When you go, the incision will be in the tact to develop, open the surrounding eye on the original lining. Believe me, it looks like it is charming and stunning.


An important moment when choosing a style of the year is a decorative finish. Here, designers offer a wide variety, but certain nuances should be considered.

So, for the leaf, the preferred decor is the drapery, rhinestones and stones of the original colors. The back is decorated with intersecting straps, cutouts, lacing or even fasteners.

If you want to decorate and thus emphasize Talia, then the choice should fall on the belt, ribbons or original bows.

Recently, fashionable embroidery with various motifs. It is also a good way to focus on the desired zone. It can be located on the bondage and skirt.

Pay attention to the skirt. Here are welcome appliques with floral motifs, sparkles and stones, which decorated the skirt expansion zone. At the time of its length, you can add a variety of flowers, which will also be very refined and original addition.

Emphasize the fact that your dress is made in the style of mythical creation, help fabrics. Bright and most interesting example – this is a decorative scaly. It is performed from satin, silk. Elements shimmer into the sun, and therefore you will look like the most real mermaid.

Create the effect of sea foam, waves will help lighter fabrics, such as chiffon, guipure or organza. In this design, you will be like a sea beauty that floated to the surface by the belt. Looks, of course, such a finish is amazing. But do not care, not each it is suitable.

With what to combine

This is really a very important question, find the answer to which is extremely necessary.

Each girl knows that little just put on a beautiful dress. It must be emphasized by accessories, decorations, make-up and, of course, hairstyle. At the same time, sometimes some forget about the sense of measure, all the decorations that have fallen under the arm, overdo it with the decoration of hair and so on.

To avoid common mistakes supplement Dresses-Mermaid, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of combination.

  1. To create a delicate image, you should choose neat, small earrings, thin chain or thin bracelet. Massive decorations are not suitable here.
  2. Instead of a big bag, choose a small clutch.
  3. In terms of shoes, high-heeled shoes are suitable, or sophisticated sandals. High heel, by the way, will allow pulling the silhouette of low ladies, on which the mermaid dress looks at such a favorably as in high girls.
  4. Those who want to give boldness, freezing to their image, should choose large earrings, bracelets or necklaces.
  5. The choice of hairstyles in many ways depends on the length of the hair. However, the most winning option is a bit curly curls, loose hair deposited on fragile shoulders. Alternative, but no less attractive option – these are assembled strands on the back of the head or high laid hairstyle.
  6. Probably, you yourself understand this perfectly, but accessories should be chosen into the tone of the dress, and you can only play on minor contrasts. For example, bright or dark stones against the background of a delicate pastel tone dresses.

Do not forget to keep the back to look the figure most attractive in the mermaid dress. It requires not just a competent decoration and a combination with appropriate accessories. You must learn how to properly file yourself, confidently keep on high heels, straighten your shoulders. It was then that the girl becomes an object of increased attention from the surrounding.

Stay always welcome, but do not cross the thin line between femininity and vulgarity. Unfortunately, some often do not see differences, as a result of which an attempt to achieve a gentle image turns into his miserable parody.

Men should not just physically desire you, but to be with you next, chat, enjoy the company, strive for you as a true lady, and not the object of sexual lust. You can achieve this thanks to the magazine of the evening dress mermaid.

Follow pretty simple rules, do not forget about the fit model and your shape, hide the shortcomings, emphasize the advantages and stay always confident in yourself and your attractiveness.

You are the best! Never forget about it.

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