Evening Dresses, Short Front and Long Behind

Evening Dresses, Short Front and Long Behind

It is thanks to existence in the 19th century a cabaret Modern fashion guards got the opportunity to turn into a rather unusual and very seductive dress. Its feature is a shortened skirt length ahead and elongated from behind. It was in such an outfit for the first time a dancer began to appear, the dresses of which should not be shy movements and in the seductive light to represent legs. And let it be at all the top decency, but still the men could not remain indifferent, and it was the most important thing.

In the modern world, do not so strictly refer to short outfits, but the male reaction to the dress is short ahead and the long rear remained unchanged.

Advantages of the model

  • Universality is the first thing worth saying about such an unusual dress with different skirt long. At least a party, although everyday life – the relevance of the outfit remains consistently high.
  • Yes, and relative to the figure here, too, you can not not enough what to say. With the presence of slender legs, this dress will only emphasize this advantage, and with a lush forms, some moments will be veiled.
  • The combination of various lengths in the skirt makes low-speed girls a little higher, and the legs are longer. High heel will only enhance this effect.

For this model, many designers were taken, therefore there are plenty of variations and will not be difficult to choose something under his figure and not to move away from its taste preferences.

There are no age restrictions in order to look stuck in a dress, the bottom of which has a different length. Among the stars there is a yaraya fan of such outfits, which in his speeches loves to fall in short dresses in front with an elongated back. It is Selena Gomez.

Its example followed by many other world stars for which Kuturier and to this hour create fashionable dresses of such an unusual style.

Stylish models

Fashion designers All as one began to create dresses with chiffon multi-layer skirts. Not only differs the length of the front and rear, so also the edges have a ripped shape.

The most desperate and bold fashionista choose short models in which the hem literally spars on the ground. Whaws, bulk floral ornaments and ruffles are used as decor.

With such an extravagant bottom, not every top will create a harmonious image. But the corset bodice and bare shoulders are the most successful option from all available. But some designers still manage to connect the asymmetric long-sleeved skirt.

Modern fashion made its changes to the skirt with a short front and long ass, adding major folds, making a relevant corrugated fabric, embodying hard forms.

Now they have become fashionable not falling ruffles, but creating a good volume due to their “standing”. If you do not like these options, you can always choose actual and fashionable chiffon and silk dresses. Each breeze blow will lead the skirt.

It is worth noting that lace fabric also has proven itself well. The outfit becomes more romantic and interesting.

No restrictions in the choice of drawing and color solution when a dress with asymmetry is created. Here are designers and try to completely demonstrate their talents, creating the most unusual, original and impressive models.

For example, Bensoni trademark embodied in his creation spotted print, which appreciated Olivia Palermo.

Charlotte Caisiragi preference has given a quiet way, choosing a gentle-pink asymmetrical dress from Chanel.

The Michael Corsus, who decided to combine black and juicy yellow, showed very original and brave. Kerry Washington appreciated such a decision. The same designer pleased with the classics in black, which was perfectly embodied in an asymmetrical dress for Rooney Mara.

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