Evening dresses with corset

Evening dresses with corset

Any dress, regardless of its style and length, turns into corrective with the presence of a corset. A different way to remove a few extra kilograms from the most problematic area – the waist, they simply did not come up and will not come up soon. The presence in the outfit besides the corset does not require any more elements, the image of the already will be elegant, and male views will be just chained. The secret is hiding in the correct emphasis of the most feminine lines on the female body, the selection of the chest and attracting attention to the thighs.

Choose the type of shape

If the dress has a corset, then it acquires multipoint and originality, like his mistress. Earlier, the versatility of the dress with a corset was already mentioned, but at this moment it is worth staying again. Any type of shape, any height, any completeness and even any age allows you to choose a dress with a corset.

Full girls should generally take into service dresses with a corset, because this outfit is one of the few able to be taken out of extra centimeters, which will only add harmony and even tautness.

Many designers understand all the advantages of the presence of a corset, so each new collection has a model with a corset. They are so beautiful that it is difficult to determine the leader in originality and.


All models of dresses with a corset, no matter how many of them, are divided into two large groups:

  • With a corset that is sewn. The lower line of the corset can continue below the waist, although this option is not suitable for everyone, but only girls with model parameters figures. But if the corset ends on the waist, it becomes quite no matter what parameters are characteristic of your figure. The sewn corset can not be very tightened, because in this case the skirt turns out an extra and very unnecessary fold.
  • When the corset dresses and is worn separately from the skirt. Such a corset can rush under the skirt of any length, shape and style. The main thing is that she approached your figure, corresponded to your type and emphasized the charms of the body. Pay attention to the choice of fabric for top and bottom. They should not “be sled”, but to create perfect harmony. So that when driving the skirt moves and did not live in a separate life, it must be highly secured on the waist under the corset. In this case, the space with a strip of a naked body will not be formed between the corset and skirt. Such a model has a significant advantage that allows you to choose a heavy, multilayer skirt and it will not affect the position of the corset.


Special tenderness and beauty are distinguished dresses with long in the floor and opening.

In a lush dress in the style of a princess or a-silhouette you will look like the heroine of a good fairy tale and can express your personality. The sheath dress will emphasize your slim. This will contribute to the variety of fabrics and colors of matte, brilliant, muted or bright.

The experiments area opens in the length of the layers of the skirt and their form.

Almost always have been popular long dresses with a high neck, exposing one thigh or both. Your sexuality will be overwhelmed, and whether it is worth missing the opportunity to once again demonstrate beautiful legs.

Now everything is returned to everything that relates to the style of the 60s. And without a corset here can not do. In these cases, it will only add subtleties to the waist area. At the sight of such a lady, it seems that she somehow miraculously got into the modern world of the 19th century. With the selection of accessories you need to be careful because modern decorations will be inappropriate and even can spoil the whole image.

The designers and dresses with a seductive style of mermaids will not be ignored.

A short

More interesting and extraordinary outfit than a short dress with the corset top, find it will not succeed.

The most fitting top is well combined with the most different skirts. It can be based solely on your taste preferences and recommendations of stylists regarding the admissibility of this or that style. Free cut or fitted skirt-pen, asymmetry and multi-layered – all this can be combined with a corset.

In a short dress, which is intended to enter the light, a loop may be present, which will in no way create a disharmony with a corset. On the skirt will also be a relevant floral pattern, which will be simply beautiful in combination with a loop and corset.

Corset decoration

Corset itself can serve as a decor if it is made of an interesting fabric in its texture or richly decorated. But it may be a corset and noticeable, practically merging with the skirt.

Designers surprised modern fashionistas, offering them to put on dresses with corset, open shoulders and neck cutout.

In the corset there may be also straps with not quite ordinary and even intricate form.

Various variations with decolte will solve any problem that has a woman (small breasts, small or on the contrary, too pronounced the shoulder belt line). Decor can only be on the corset or spread to all the dress.

There are no such outfits that would be equal to beauty and grace dress with a corset. Grace and ability to tempt men get a woman choosing a dress with a corset.

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