Evening dresses

Evening dresses

One of the most difficult images in terms of formation is evening. We hope that this article will facilitate this task and make the choice of evening dress not difficult, but a pleasant.

Basic styles and models

We all know that there are universal styles of dresses that are suitable for almost any girl. The most common one is straight cut. With the presence of a slender figure, the fitted dresses in which the skirt is tightens the hips and legs, look very good.

For full women and thin girls equally well fits a dress with a “case”. It is possible to unmistakably find such a dress in a whole crumble that covers the top and bottom.

Always dreamed about a figure like a hourglass? Then wear dresses with the smell – they just allow you to form a perfectly folded figure, which many dreams of. If the dress is selected for a special occasion with solemnation raid, you can choose an absolute length – it will definitely be relevant.

Greek style or ampir in evening fashion is always relevant, especially with successfully selected accessories. Any figure will look seductively in such an outfit. High degree of convenience Greek dresses are pregnant, not fighting movements and not squeezing belly.

When choosing an evening dress, you should always strive to comply with the proportionality of the body. For slim girls – this is a large number of ruffles, and for full – long skirts from wedges or asymmetry at the bottom.

Well, slender, beautiful and long legs simply obliges girls choose short dresses for special occasions.


The degree of frankness of the dress and the nature of its decoration is determined by the format of the upcoming celebration. Designers annually complement the choice of evening dresses, among which there are club models, cocktail, for graduation and many others.

Bright party

The bright image you choose will help become the center of universal attention, cause the envy of women and delight from men. Your plans cover all these moments? Then choose a short, youth dress, such as collections from Elisabetta Franchi, Rubin Singer, Lafemme or Jovani.

In collections from these fashion designers there are many truly bright and memorable models, which are somewhat universal, since they are suitable for any reason.

Many evening outfits are created on “three whales”:

  • Stylish, fashionable cut, thanks to which any woman can demonstrate the advantages of the figure+
  • Workshops Created decor using brilliant elements or lace+
  • Perfect selection of fabrics on texture and color.

Silhouette can be the most different, ranging from the classics by continuing the ampir style and finishing retro. With such a wide and diverse choice in any woman there are good reasons for creating a bright image.

It is not necessary to bypass the side of saturated shades, fearing that the image will not be quite fashionable.

Official event

To visit an official event, the most successful choice will serve as a classic. This direction in evening clothes never goes into the background, remaining relevant and in demand. In any store or salon of evening clothes there are several images that will fit the best traditions of classics.

Take for example the trademark Tony Ward, which represents stylish and expressive models endowed with elegance. In the evening and cocktail dresses from the Lebanese designer there are stars on the carpet tracks.

No less attention is deserved by the IT’smyparty collection, the creator of which is Pronovias Fashion GROUP.

Elegant evening outfit can always be recognized by unchanged items that form the basis of classics. It can be a cutout in the form of a boat, a modest decorative finish for which translucent fabric can be used. Such a solution in creating evening classics allows you to create the illusion of transparency that does not cease to inspire the fashion designers.

There is no single rule in choosing a color to create an elegant dress that will be the basis of the evening image. Any pastel shade with high-quality rod will look as beautiful as colors imitating precious stones.

Special evening

For an event that is really important to you and should be remembered for a long time, the outfit should not be just beautiful, but perfect and exciting spirit.

Such dresses create a trademark Angela & Alison. Here you can meet the most unusual finish, the original color and the most unimaginable cut – and this is all in one model.

With such a dress, the figure will be emphasized, and the image will acquire femininity. The desire to express individuality can be implemented at the expense of the decor, which skillfully combines with rich tones.

Wedding invitation causes sweet excitement and anticipation of buying a new dress. Take care of the outfits from Rosa Clara, for which a unique style, harmony in combination of fashion directions and a retro style notch. And of course the rich shades – where without them.

Dresses from Rosa Clara will look luxurious at any celebration, and you will feel confident.

Going to the wedding as a guest or bridesmaid girlfriend, do not choose catchy outfits not to overshadow the image of the bride. Let the color be expressive, and the cut stylish – this is enough for your ideal image. Rosa Clara in each of its collection offers models with one color solution, but different decor. It simplifies the choice of outfits for bridesmaids.


Color can be chosen based only on your taste. But if your image decided in advance how classic, then the color should not contradict the general concept. For the classics, you can choose not only a black dress, but also brown and blue shades, mustard color, olives, ruby ​​and silver.

Another color choice rule concerns seasonality: light tones are suitable for summer, for autumn and winter – dark. Relatively monotony there are no clear rules, but still for the classic image, colored dresses are not very suitable.


The decor has already been fashionable to do lacy. Such a fabric can be an independent element in the image or to have the form of appliqués.

Became fashionable to break lace beads or decorate with shiny elements. The most recent fashionable stitch steel, which are so close and tightly adjacent to the body, which create the effect of tattoos.

Latest strokes

They areplay a very important role. Without accessories, the image will be unfinished, but at the same time incorrectly selected items and will spoil your dress at all, how it would be perfect. Not to be limited only to jewels that look well in the classic image. Bolero, fur products, clutches, handbags and hats.

Choosing decorations, do not enter the courage. Small quantity, modesty and negros – Rules that will help choose the right decorations under your evening outfit. The use of jewelry is not recommended, as a last resort, it should be very high quality.

Clutch is a win-win version, andIf you prefer my handbag, then it must be small and harmonize with shoes.

A long evening dress simply cannot exist without heels, albeit not big, but still they are obliged. The color of the shoes is determined by the selected shade of the dress. Here you can go in two ways: choose shoes a little darker than the color of the dress, or play contrast. Well, if there are no options at all, choose black or brown shoes – disharmony will not be in your image.

Shoes should not be multicolored, have a large number of fittings, especially if the dress you chose already has two or more color. Do not forget about tights or stockings – without this element evening image simply can’t exist.Do not lower the convenience of your shoes to the background. You will have to spend most of the saturated evening on the legs and uncomfortable shoes will cross all the plans.

Choose underwear better with the dress to immediately see how not it is noticeable and what effect will produce on the figure.

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