Extra Long Blouses

Extra Long Blouses

In the past it was believed that the blouse is a classic strict version of the clothes of a business woman. To date, this postulate did not lose its relevance, but somewhat expanded: the adjectives of the “daily”, “festive” and some others were added to him.

Modern fashion trends step by seven-world steps, so the model range of the blouse does not cease to amaze not only new stages, but also modern interpretations would seem to be outdated models.

Today we will talk about such a popular fire, as an elongated blouse. How to choose her color and what to wear? What to choose a model to hide the flaws of the figure? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.


An extended blouse has a slightly more variety of styles, rather than a classic model. In addition to various crumb variations and sleeves length, you can experiment with the presence of additional elements, such as, for example, a belt. It is capable of correctly adjust the silhouette, giving the right proportions to the body.

The presence or absence of a fastener on the blouse is also able to play a role when choosing a model. Unbutted upper buttons give the image a special intrigue and seductiveness, and the fastened under the throat demonstrate the seriousness and business attitude.

Free elongated blouses – a great option for the summer. As a rule, they are made of chiffon or other light and flying material, allowing skin to breathe. In such a blouse you will look very gentle and air, and feel comfortable in any heat.

Models with an extended back

Blouses having an elongated back can be performed in different styles. In the business option, the elongation looks very stylish and makes a variety of strict business onions, and in the everyday image gives the image ease and ease.

The cable at the blouse is the most different lengths. Barely covering Blouses can be combined with trousers and with skirt. Such models are appropriate in the office and at an important meeting, since with the corresponding color do not go beyond the rigid dress code.

Blouses that are rear descend almost to the knees, look very extraordinary and fascinating. They are able to hide some flaws of the figure, for example, a bulk or too flat ass.

For such a correction of the silhouette in the first case, you need to choose direct and monophonic, and in the second slightly broken models with a motley print.

The presence of bulk pockets at the thigh level can help hide a narrow pelvis, as well as visually make buttocks more lush.

With what and how to wear?

It would seem that the lengthening on the blouse from the back imposes a veto to wearing it with skirts. But this is far from. When choosing a straight or narrow-minded skirt, a very spectacular combination is obtained, which looks unusual, but it is no less stylish.

Pants with an elongated blouse must also choose not too wide cut, as with such a combination with the image inevitably come “overload” fabric.

Skinnie – a great option. It is important to consider that the length of the pantian must be classic, t.E. close the ankle and reach the heel. Otherwise, your growth will seem much lower than it is in fact, since the elongation from above and shortening is visually very cutting off the silhouette.

Spectacular images

Free Sleeve Short Sleeve Blouse looks very fresh and natural. The combination with blue straight pants allows you to wear such an ensemble and for a walk, and on shopping and in the movies. Black ballet shoes do not attract attention as a short-footing hat of the same tone, and suspension in the form of a large crucifixion on an elongated lace on the contrary, is a bright image detail.

Great Option for Date. The elongation in the form of a romantic Baska gives the image a playful mood, and short shorts whose length allows them to appear only in front, help demonstrate slender legs.

Gray knitted blouse with a loop combined with classic jeans – the best option for every day. Volumetric bag and simple shoes make this bow very convenient for the mad rhythm of life, and the silk headscarf makes a highlight to the image, without which this ensemble will simply lose in the bustle of the city.

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